NeatMP3 – Free Music Organizer for Windows and Mac OS X [Reader Contributed Post]


NeatMP3 is a free music organizer that offers advanced organizing and tag editing features. NeatMP3 allows you to easily select all the unorganized audio files from your local drive, edit their tags and move them to a new location of your choosing where they will be organized and renamed according to your settings. And all of this is done in a single processing session.

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Most of us usually download music from the internet and forget to move it from the downloads folder to an appropriate location. Also, most of the songs you download from the internet have incomplete or invalid tags that you usually don’t bother editing. So as time passes by you find yourself with a lot of unorganized music lying around your hard drive. This is where NeatMP3 can come in, move your files and edit their tags.

When it comes to selecting the files you want to organize NeatMP3 makes things very easy by allowing you to do this in three different ways: select individual files, select all the files from a folder or select all the files from a folder including its sub-folders. So if you have a very large folder with many sub-folders that contain files you would like to organize, selecting them will be very easy with NeatMP3.

NeatMP3 allows both automatic and manual tag editing giving you full control over the tag information embedded in your output files. Manual tag editing can be done individually or in batch mode. While manually editing the tags of a song you can also listen to that song using the software’s audio player. NeatMP3 also allows you to skip the organizing step if you just want to use the software for tag editing.

With NeatMP3 you can organize your files by ArtistAlbumGenre or Year. You can also use predefined combinations of these fields like Genre/Year/Artist to make searching for a song in your music collection a real easy task. NeatMP3 also offers a set of predefined renaming patterns like Artist-Title (Year) that you can apply on your audio files and give your music collection a really classy look.

When you organize your music you probably also want to move your files to a new location. This is exactly what NeatMP3 does additionally giving you the option of removing the original files. If the destination folder you have selected does not exist NeatMP3 will create it automatically.

After you have finished setting up NeatMP3 you can save your settings as a profile for later use. This proves to be extremely useful if you intend to organize all the new files that you download/import according to the same pattern.

If you have a very large collection of audio files scattered all over your hard drive then NeatMP3 is exactly what you need to bring it in order. Organize your music collection in seconds with NeatMP3.

NeatMP3 is available for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and can be downloaded from here. For more information about NeatMP3 visit