Yahoo launches a beautiful FREE weather app for Android and iOS

‘Yahoo Weather’ is a free weather app that displays beautiful pictures from Flickr for the place you are checking the weather for, and that reflect the weather and the ‘mood’ of the moment.

The app displays the kind of information you would expect: temperature highs and lows, the general state, as well as the projected weather for the next 4 days, but it can also let you set up multiple locations if you want to know what the weather is like in different places with a single flick of the screen. For Android, it offers a weather widget as well.

This is an excellent piece of software that manages to combine function and form. The images are very pretty, and this alone will likely win it a permanent spot on your mobile device.

Yahoo Weather Screenshot2Yahoo Weather Screenshot1

Those who want even more weather information need only turn their device horizontally and a lot more information instantly appear.

Yahoo Weather Screenshot4 - more data

The Android version also features a nice desktop widget in a couple of different variations, of which we will show you one below.

Yahoo Weather Screenshot3 - Android Widget

The Verdict:

If you’re looking for a nice FREE weather app, then look no more. The one thing that worries me about such apps that update periodically is their potential impact on battery drain. We did not see this at all in the Android version we tested, which after a few hours use showed no impact on battery usage.

Get Yahoo Weather for Android / Yahoo Weather for iOS.

Samer Kurdi

Samer Kurdi

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  • Carbonize

    Apart from the changing background I’m not sure how this i any different from any other weather app.

    • Samer Kurdi

      The Twitter images correspond to both the weather conditions and the time of day, individually for all cities or locales that you are interested in. So, for example, if it’s night and cloudy out there, the Flickr image will be night and cloudy as well. Perhaps this is not quite revolutionary, but it is quite nice.