WizTree is a LIGHTNING FAST utility to find the large files and folders hogging your hard drive


If you don’t know where all of your hard drive space went and are struggling to clear up large files, this terrific FREE program can help.

You may be thinking ‘but I’ve already seen excellent programs like this on this very site’, but WizTree has a special feature to recommend it: it is extremely fast. Your hard drive, no matter how large it may be, will be processed in a manner of seconds. The downside? It supports NTFS drives only.

The reason this program is so fast is that rather than scanning your hard drives it instead obtains information on your files from the hard drive’s Master File Table (MFT) directly, which logs all changes made on an NTFS drive, similar to previously mentioned desktop search program ‘Everything’. The MFT is a feature of NTFS drives and not FAT, which is why this program only works with NTFS formatted drives.

WizTree Screenshot

The verdict:

This program has considerable appeal: it’s portable, so you only have to unzip and run it, and it’s extremely fast, so that you get the information that you are looking for almost immediately, without having to wait for a long, drawn out scanning process of your hard drive every single time you want this functionality. It also has a nice, tabbed interface that is simple and straightforward.

WizTree Screenshot2

I mentioned elsewhere that my favorite program to identify large files and folders is SpaceSnifffer, which employs a very nice visual ‘Treemap’ representation of files and folders, but WizTree is on my hard drive to stay, because it’s hard to argue with speed, especially when your hard drive is completely clogged and you just want to quickly delete something to allow that download to continue. The one thing I would wish for is a Windows context menu extension that lets you right click on any folder and analyze the size of it’s contents (something that is found in Ridnacs, a similar utility, but without the speed that WizTree brings).

Get WizTree here (Windows).

  • mmg1818

    Glary Utilities Pro

    Everything Search faster with fastest indexing solution

    is ok.

    • Samer Kurdi

      Yes as I mentioned above it uses the same technique as ‘Everything’ search, which produces lightning fast processing,.

  • Thanks for this tip, Samer! WizTree turns out to be really handy and indeed super fast, and its being portable is an extra plus. After a first try, I’ve right away added this one to the USB stick that I use when analyzing/virus-checking/cleaning up my friends’ computers.

  • Max

    Well that was disappointing. I have 2 NTFS drives, one SSD and one HDD. Clicking SCAN on both in WizTree portable does absolutely nothing. Running as admin: Nothing. A snowballs chance in Hell I´m gonna try the install version. I´m sure the DONATE button works though.

  • mike

    Wow. I’ve been using Jam’s TreeSize Free for years, but looks like it’s about to be replaced. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      TreeSize HAS BEEN replaced. Thanks.

      • Anonymous 2

        Care to elaborate, Mr. Anonymous?

  • Zen Render

    I installed and ran it (Win7_64b) and while it was super fast (good) it was also wildly incorrect in a few cases. Files that were less than 100MB were coming up as 55TB+ in the size columns, throwing off the ability to sort. Aside from that one major problem (which is probably just a bug), it looks like a great little program.

    • Samer Kurdi

      Hmm. Strange. I ran it on Win7 64 bit and had no such problem (as you can see from the screenshots). I am guessing it must be some sort of bug.

  • Stéphane

    Very nice software! Fast and i like the interface!

    Thank’s Freewaregenius!


  • Perfect! I was waiting for something like this to appear—analysing drive space based on directory tables—, and it works very well! Thank you.