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WinSplit Revolution Screenshot

WinSplit Revolution is a utility that can quickly move, resize, or arrange your open windows across your screen. It resides in memory and is invoked using on-screen controls (see screenshot) or hotkey combinations. Also works with multiple monitors.

Not to be mistaken with a file-splitting program that has a similar name, this program can do 4 different types of actions: quickly reposition/resize a window, fusion of 2 windows (a side by side split-screen), automatic mosaic-like tiling of all open windows, as well as provide a hotkey for the instant closing of all windows. Here are some notes on this program.

  • 4 quadrantsReposition/resize a single window: you can either use the on-screen pad or hotkey combinations to do this. If you imagine your screen divided into 4 quadrants (as pictured), you can easily send your active window so that it occupies any one of these quadrants, the top half of the screen (1+2), the bottom half (3+4), the left half of the screen (1+3), or the right half (2+4). Or you can do fullscreen.
  • Note that these actions are performed on many (but not all) Windows which do not enable resizing. For example, I was able to set to full screen the window for a flash game which did not inherently have resizing or maximizing enabled (although, of course, this did not change/increase the visual area of the game across the screen but simply created a window with a lot of empty space).
  • Windows fusion: this simply aligns 2 windows so that they are laid side by side to occupy the left and right halves of the screen and meet right in the middle. A slider enables you to move the point at which they meet to the left or right.
  • Mosaic: will split the screen into 9 equal parts and place an open window in each part. If you have less than 9 open windows it will make some windows larger, while if you have more it will tile the first nine and ignore the rest.
  • Close all windows: will close all open windows (surprise!). Can be very handy indeed. Hotkey set to Ctrl-Alt-C by default but can be changed at will.
  • Hotkeys: each window manipulation described above is invoked by a hotkey combination. By default these make use of the number pad keys but, if you don’t have a numpad rest assured that all of the are customizable at will.

I like this program because it is (a) original, (b) potentially very useful, and (c) very nicely implemented. If you have multiple monitors you will surely find it a godsend especially in those cases when a window is dispersed across multiple screens (inwhich case you can quickly send it to exactly where you want it).

Version tested: 1.6

Compatibility: Windows 2000, 2003, XP; no info on VISTA.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 1.09 megs).

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  • Mitchel Tyrell

    You are my hero for finding this. Awesome work.

  • Deof Movestofca

    Maybe there should be a poll to see which freeware title would make the best band name. I think WinSplit Revolution and Widdly would both be good candidates.

  • do

    avg reported that it contains Trojan Generic10.BEGD

  • kX

    yeah, I get that Trojan Generic10.BEGD

  • Em Fernandez

    This app caught my attention since i’m only a single monitor user and maximizing the display estate to it’s fullest ia a concern since multitasking is a “pane” (pun, intended). But after reading i found out that windows actually can do this ever since i could remember (as far as win98Se, i think).
    when there are apps on the taskbar you can simply hold “CTRL” and choose the apps you’d like to be arranged automaticaly on the desktop and right click on the chosen apps and a pop up will reveal option such as:
    •Cascade – it will automatically do a floating windows arrangement.
    •Tile Horizontally – it will divide the chosen apps equally on a horizontal layout.
    •Tile Vertically – it will divide the chosen apps equally on a vertical layout.
    •Minimize Group – (DUH?)..minimizes chosen apps.
    •Close Group – (double Duh?)..need i say more?
    As freeware goes ..i like apps but there are times that i find funny that somebody installs software that windows can already do.