How to repair a MS Word document on OpenOffice


Yesterday I was working on a very important Microsoft Word (2008) document, when it suddenly crashed. Upon trying to reopen the file MS said that the file was corrupted. I have tried all of the other methods of restoring it, such as opening it in a different program, or opening it and choosing “open and repair” in MS.

A friend suggested that I download OpenOffice in order to repair this file. Any suggestions on how I would go about doing that?? Simply trying to open the document via OpenOffice did not work. ahhhh this is going to drive me crazy!! Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated!!

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  • SamerKurdi

    Honestly, without having a corrupt Word file to play with I wouldn’t know how to do it. My only suggestion is to try a freeware like Doc2Rtf to see if it might be able to open it/convert it to rtf format.

  • SamerKurdi

    One more thought: if you happened to save the document you were working on on Dropbox, you can go to the Dropbox site and grab an earlier saved version, as they keep several iterations saved on their severs.

  • busterholl

    Try this. You have to change the “.doc” to “.odt.” It’s a simple procedure.
    Then open your file in OpenOffice or LibreOffice for that matter, both excellent, free alternatives to Word.

    This is a useful bit of “Windows” knowledge that helps in lots of different ways. Good luck.