How to recover my excel files?


After an automatic HP update, my Excel programs won’t work and my files won’t open.  What caused this and what can I do to fix the problem without losing my files?  I have files that are part of my work and I HAVE to have them ASAP.  Please help.

  • SamerKurdi

    @ Kingmichael; my immediate reaction was to wish you had provided more information: are you getting an error message, what versions of Excel and Windows are you running, etc. From what you’ve provided, though, it seems that the problem is that Excel would not open, not that your files are corrupt and need recovery.

    I did a little research and found that there is a repair option for MS Office. Go to Add/Remove programs, find the Microsoft Office entry, and then you should find a ‘repair’ option on the dialog that appears.

    If that doesn’t work, here’s an article that lists 5 different ways that you might try:

    Here’s a link to another article that lists possible Excel repair interventions by version:

    If your problem still persists, try including more information about the issue in this comments section, and hopefully someone can help.

  • Madhamish

    If you need the files urgently, install a copy of Libre Office and it can access Excel files while you work on a fix for the MS product.

  • Excel file can be repaired manually if it is less corrupted but Open and Repair program doesn’t work if highly damaged due to corruptions. I searched for solutions to repair corrupt Excel file and found one solution which is full of information and provides a guaranteed solution. I am sharing this solution with all the users -Excel Repair Toolbox. Follow the exact steps given in this programm and you will be able to access the data.

  • Prasad

    Please restore your machine to previous restore point it will restore your office do not install that update till that fix by HP. ping to HP support for such problem.