Any recommended Webcam Barcode Reader for Windows?


After getting used to having android/ios recognizing barcodes (in my bank’s app) I got weary of typing them in Windows. So I went looking for a freeware utility that could:

  1. Use my laptops’s camera to capture a barcode
  2. Translate that barcode into a string
  3. Copy that string to the currently selected form field (or else to the clipboard)

I have found bcWebCam at

I just tested it and, though it was supposed to do all three, it would not recognize the barcode I was holding in front of the camera.  Maybe my webcam is low quality (I have a Sony Vaio VPC-Z1, from 2010).

Has anyone tried that, with bcWebCam or some other utility? Any success?


  • MikMik

    I haven’t tried it, but QZxing seems like a good candidate. It’s a port to the Qt framework of ZXing, the library used by Android app “Barcode Scanner”

  • Ben

    Struggling to remember the name of the program – fairly large open source project that I’m pretty sure is now abandoned… Don’t have it on my hard drive at home any more – it was cataloging software that included a barcode scanning app which could run independently. I used it for some teaching at school – I’ll have a look through my drive there and see if I still have it somewhere. It was the only one that reliably worked on almost any barcode I threw at it with a fairly low resolution webcam.

  • I’m using this barcode reader library, it can only decode barcode images so you might need to obtain the barcode image first. But it works good, supporting many barcode types, like QR Code, EAN & UPC codes we see everyday.