Any recommended calendar sharing/syncing app?


Have you come across a good, working calendar sharing/syncing application? I need to be able to share my calendar across several different devices using different software.

My work uses Outlook – this is where the bulk of calendar entries will be made. As it’s a work PC, the app would need to work fine through a proxy server;

My home email uses Outlook too;

My home email’s webmail service uses SmarterMail;

My Android phone;

My Ipad;

I have a hotmail account and while I don’t use that calendar much, it would be good to have it synced;

And finally I have a gmail account, although I only created that to use Google’s calendar sync, which no longer works, or is only paid for now, or is no longer supported, or something… While that worked, it wasn’t perfect – it would lose any of the colours of entries from Outlook.

If you know of anything I’d love to hear about it! Thanks