Mouse Recorder Premium – Freeware Macro Recorder [Reader Contributed Post]


Mouse Recorder Premium is a freeware macro recorder to automate repetitive tasks. It is is as easy to use as a tape recorder: It records mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes and playback the actions infinitely at customizable speed.

The built-in macro editor allows users to enhance their recordings with powerful features. The pixel color detection, for example, can pause macro playback until a specific pixel changes to a certain color. Applied to browser automation, Mouse Recorder will wait until a web page is completely loaded before proceeding with the browser automation.

Advanced recording algorithm senses changes between record and playback conditions, such as moved or resized program windows, providing accurate, reliable and trouble-free Windows macros.

Mouse Recorder analyzes the recorded actions and combines mouse movements, mouse clicks and text input into editable actions. A visual mouse path overlay display makes it easy to identify parts of a mouse automation.

Jerky mouse movements can be streamlined into smooth swipes, allowing users to create beautiful software tutorial videos.

The separate Text Expander “PhraseExpress” can import Mouse Recorder macros to provide powerful extra features:

  • Macro triggering by hotkeys or text abbreviations
  • Macro management in a customizable folder structure.
  • Macro sharing with a professional client-/server architecture and SQL server support.
  • Macro synchronization via Dropbox or any other cloud storage solutions.

Mouse Recorder Premium is freeware for personal and commercial use without feature limitations.

 Visit the Mouse Recorder page for more info, or download here.
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  • Hmm..I don’t trust it. Why does it say ‘configuring firewall’ briefly during installation…smells fishy…It should even touch my firewall as it’s not supposed to send or receive any internet data…

    • Mouse Recorder

      Mouse Recorder configures the firewall only to allow passing optional software update online check. We are a registered German company with a real business address and we provide software for more than a decade. You probably agree, that the software wouldn’t bother to inform you about the firewall configuration if it would have bad intentions. Why not use “Wireshark” network protocol analyzer to verify your concerns. You will realize that nothing bad happens and it would give you the warm feeling of being somebody who is not spreading unsubstantial fuzzy rumours on the internet.

  • astral_cyborg

    I have tried various applications with similar functions, but never heard of this one.
    So far, I only worked with AutoHotkey, but it is only with commands.
    I’ll give Mouse Recorder a try. Thanks for the info