Looking for a Personal Information Manage like InfoCentral a.k.a. Corel InfoCentral 7


I recently came across your site while looking for a new incarnation of what was the best Personal Information Manager ever.  It was semantics-based, in that it placed a lot of importance on how various things were related to each other.   Details about the bit between A and B.  It also stores ad-hoc metadata about each node and each connection; creating connection and reverse connection-types and node-types on the fly.
The last traces of this software are archived at http://www.macros.koenecke.us/InfoCentral/
This show an example of it in use ( but unfortunately, not in English )

I’m wondering if you happen to know who was the original programmer/software designer of that system  and if there is any more newer software that does the same thing.

  • Mylk
    • adarshmadrecha

      Liked it. Thanks for sharing

  • sirpaul2

    ‘REL’ is a relational based database: http://reldb.org/

  • Doug Carroll

    Many many moons ago…
    I worked for Wordperfect then Novell then Corel (as the WP software changed hands).
    During my time at Novell, I was on the InfoCentral development team.
    InfoCentral was an excellent product that was considered part of a consumer product line they were trying to build. They also purchased a excellent fax product. With InfoCentral and the Fax product they also entered a multi-year agreement with product developer to assist in further product development requests.

    The entire product home product line was made up of apps purchased from small software development companies. – The worst of the lot was a set of games weren’t that great to begin with and never caught on.

    Anyway, InfoCentral was developed by a guy out of California whose company was called Jetson (Jetson Systems or Jetson Industries? – cant remember the full name.) The product ideas were all his and he had a remote developer who made most of our code change/update requests.

    For a long time I kept a “dev team” signed/shrink-wrapped copy of InfoCentral (w/3.5″ disks) but after it appeared that Corel would let it die I finally took it to a thrift store hoping someone could find a use for it on an old windows machine.

    Every few years I search the web again hoping someone has resurrected the app or reinvented the information linking technology and interface. This happened to be one of those years, and yesterday I contacted Mike Koenecke to see if there was something I missed.
    Sadly, it looks like another year without IC – AND my current Linux Web team uses Macbook Pro laptops exclusively – so I am really out of luck.

    Kind Regards,
    Doug Carroll