Help with Internet Explorer 8 problems


I seek help regarding problems I have started experiencing since the last few weeks while using Internet Explorer 8 BroIntewser. I have Windows XP  OS installed on my desktop. The problems I am facing with IE8 are as follows:

1.  A few minutes after opening IE8 Browser page I start getting frequent and on an annoying basis security warning message  which reads ” Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?”

2. After working normally for a few minutes, the browser page “hangs” or freezes with the cursor changing from a pointed arrow to an hourglass. This condition does not change as the browser stops responding. I have to resort to Alt+Ctrl+Del to come out of this state.

Though I have also installed Mozilla and Chrome Browsers, I need IE 8 as some programmes still require the use of IE 8. Can someone offer me a solution?