How to delete embedded Gmail-Photos


how can i delete embedded images in Googlemail?
I do not mean attachments.
In HTML-Mail some people use this option.

I can remember there was a very small standalone E-Mail program /app 10 years ago which shows your E-Mail Inbox with Imap, so doesn’t download them, and you could delete also embedded photo.

Don’t you have the menu point E-Mail?

greetz 🙂

  • Clemens Ratte-Polle

    a “workaround”:
    On Mouseover the image shows at the right bottom 2 options from googlemail where you can move the picture to a google drive folder.
    Now you could create in GDrive a new folder named “to delete” and move the photo there.
    Later you can delete some or all images and objects moved to your folder “to delete” 🙂

    Right, it would be easier Google would implement the option to delete this at once and so archiving Email would be fine 🙂