Phone trouble – no space to install apps


I try to download  from apps but my cell phone keeps telling me that I have no space I have deleted all pictures. Some unwanted apps but its still telling me that I have no space to download the apps that I want

  • The space where you install apps is not the same as where you save local files (like photos, videos, etc).
    Your phone has a limit of RAM to install apps. Ensure you uninstall unused apps to free some space.

    • Yes, there is RAM and ROM. But the problem is : if you don’t take care, Android saves files in RAM and not in ROM. For example, the photo app always save to RAM by default. You have to manually instruct it to save on ROM.

      If you have an SD card it’s possible to save files on it, instead of RAM or ROM.
      It’s even possible do save applications on SD card but :

      1/ you must have an Android version => 4.4 (Kitkat)
      2/ not all applications can work on SD card.

      Sad but true : the heaviest apps are from Google (the boss of Android, difficult to avoid on Android smartphones) and Facebook. And they refuse to work on SD !
      Facebook, for example, can take alone 200 mb of your ROM ! If you accept all main Google apps, that can be more than 1 Gb left for your ROM !

      That’s why the amount of RAM and ROM, and presence of an SD card, are very important when choosing a smartphone.

      • I’ve no more such problems : I’ve bought the Zenphone 2 with 4Gb RAM and 64 GB RAM ! If it’s not enough I’ve a 32 GB SD card too.

  • SamerKurdi

    Aurora … you didn’t specify what OS your phone is, whether its an iPhone, Android, or something else.

    I can offer some help if it’s Android: use an app called Diskusage to figure out where all the space has gone:

    Otherwise, for tips on how to *really* clear up space (on Android), check out this article:

    If you remove some images you should have enough space for apps, unless the app is a large game or such. One thing to check right off the bat: see if perhaps you have large videos that are taking up all the space. A few videos a few minutes each can really occupy space.

    • I agree; Diskusage is very efficient to clean a smartphone ROM.
      But, about RAM, if it’s limited, you have to choose which applications to install. And, except if you root your phone, you have to do with factory installed applications. And some bloatware…

  • chaoscreater

    Link2SD. You’re welcome.

  • bruno pagis

    I had been facing this issue on my Android phones until I installed CleanMaster (available in the Play Store).
    This app comes with annoyances, but very much bearable compared to what my life was before installing it.
    In a nutshell, Clean Master:
    – clean up your phone from unwanted junk files (exactly solving your issue)
    – boosts your phone by stoping running in the background
    – improves your battery life
    – helps you move installed apps from RAM to TOM
    – and more
    The annoyance comes fom the in-app proposals to install other software. I have to say, however, that this is never too intrusive.

    Hope this helps. Bruno.