• Toni

    I really like guitarlessons.com and visited it frequently. (I know, I shouldn’t let my guitar gather dust and keep hanging around on freewaregenius). However, if you are serious about playing, you must get a real teacher. A video will not look at you and correct slightly wrong fingersettings for example. There is a big chance you will learn things wrong, which might not bother you at the beginning, and so you keep doing it. And when stuff gets more difficult, you might not be able to keep up the needed speed. Playing will become very hard and frustrating, and you will get stuck. Really, get an experienced teacher, not some average guitarplaying-friend who will not notice those little but oh so influential mistakes.
    Having sad that, guitarlessons.com makes learning guitar as enjoyable as endless repetition can get!

  • Leonard Greenhall

    Liked the general information on this page but tried to click in the video pictures and they are not live links – would be good to have them as live links as everyone goes for the pictures and images, Learn Guitar