• FredThompson

    WTH is with all these automated replies to help other sites’ search engines lately? Can you block them?

  • etim

    A fun little program to play with, but it doesn’t seem to do much more than the Downloadhelper (Firefox) already does.

    I was disappointed that it wouldn’t catch many of the vids in its video search list. For example, on Hulu et. al. it only captures the adverts. The several sites that I tested that it did pick up were also caught by Downloadhelper.

    Oh well, maybe that will improve after it gets out of beta. Till then, I’ll stick with Downloadhelper.

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  • nicbot

    Dude, some spam blocking is needed here baaaaad. Reading through comments is annoying as hell, to say the least.

  • Fred Thompson

    Yes, the autoposts are getting overwhelming. Too many people trying to be carried on Samer’s back. Captcha isn’t too strong, either. Samer’s aware of the problem.

    I tested Tubemaster Plus Plus on History.com and it failed. I far prefer 3 methods; Video DownloadHelper for Firefox, URL Snooper with Streambox VCR and Replay Media Catcher. There are very few freeware utilities which are good at the “hidden” links. It seems a little odd because WinPCap is available so identifying the source of most streams (other than newer MOV) should be relatively easy. WebVideoCap seems to have great potential but it’s not quite there yet.

  • ficod

    I’ve tried Tubemaster++ for downloading videos from REM HQ. Fails as all the others I’ve tried so far….

  • A very, very good software !

  • Rob

    I’ve been impressed by TubeMaster so far. I downloaded it today and tried it out, and it’s worked fine for me.

  • sam

    I cant get to download it,someone help pliz