Toggle the internet on and off from the system tray, with InternetOff


If you want to be able to turn the internet off (of on) quickly and easily then read on: InternetOff makes this a one-click affair, right from the Windows system tray.

Why would you want to turn the internet on and off? The reasons are varied and many, for example, to prevent programs from calling home or from updating, to prevent your computer from receiving email or social media alerts, to conserve paid bandwidth if that an issue, to name just a few.

How it works: right click on the InternetOff icon in the system tray menu and then click the Internet Off (or on) button. You could schedule on-time for 5/15/30 and 60 minutes if that’s useful, as shown below.

InternetOff Screenshot

The verdict: a nice, lightweight app that consumes less that 5 megs in memory. If you find that you need to turn the internet off and on at times then check it out by all means.

InternetOff Screenshot2 - turn on

Get InternetOff (Windows). [Thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip about this program].

  • kell

    I downloaded this little app a while back and then forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Terry McMorrow

    I tried internetoff, It did a great job of turning off the internet but I could not get it to turn internet back on. The tray icon would not display a menu to turn it back ob. I ran a second copy which the program allowed (not a good idea). The second version displays that i can turn the internet off – which was already off. Seems the program has an internal toggle that tells it if internet is on or off, which is not a good program design. I had to reboot and use Microsft wizards to get intenet working. Needless to say I have removed from my system.

  • Alonzo

    Worse experience than Terry McMorrow’s on my XP Pro SP3 32 bit machine. Could not connect to internet even after reboot. Was forced to 1) uninstall and reinstall ethernet card driver and 2) uninstall and reinstall PPPOE protocol. Of course I had to reboot several times along the way to recovery.


    I purchased and am satisfied with Zentimo xStorage Manager from the same Russian software company, Crystal Rich, but was extremely disppointed by this product.

  • Samer Kurdi

    @ guys: I emailed the app developer and hopefully he can respond to these issues.

    But I will say that I was surprised, because I didn’t encounter any of these issues.

  • BioBob

    This batch file works for me:

    No memory usage, no tray icon, just a simple 1K batch file.

  • Alonzo

    @BioBob: Well, I suppose the batch file you mention is better than InternetOff because it doesn’t trash my network connection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t disconnect me from the internet either when I run it in an administrator account.

    I ran it a few times while watching an refreshing my network connections. I could continue to browse just fine after running the BAT file. No matter how many times I ran it, an odd or even number of times, I stayed connect to the internet.

    So it goes.