Take archival snapshots in time of any web page, with Peeep.us


Ever wished you could take archival snapshots of a website, such that you could always refer to and see the exact content of the page at that particular moment in time, no matter how it may be changed later on? (Could be useful if browsing the site of a particular Republican candidate for president).

If so, we present you with Peeep.us, a free service that will keep snapshots of any page you want at any particular point in time. Simply add your desired URL (or use the Peeep bookmarklet), and it will generate a shortened URL that will display the page as you saw back when you took the snapshot.

Peeep can be useful for archival and documentation purposes, as well as a quick way to retrieve articles for later reading, without too much trouble.

Peeep is not only easy and intuitive, but you can use the service without having to login or register an account; simply copy and keep your shortened URL and you’re good to go. Note, however, that any pages you Peeep will be publicly available to anyone who has the URL. You can use the URL to share the page on Facebook , Twitter, or other social networks.

Peeep screenshot

You can, however, login with a Google account to access a list of all previously stored webpages, or remove pages so that the URL will not display the page any longer.

Peeep screenshot2

What makes this service attractive, aside from the fact that it delivers precisely what it promises, is its minimalist simplicity. We like and recommend it.

Check out Peeep.us

  • This seems incredibly pointless. There are plenty of read later add ons/extensions. Also I first thought you were offering it as an alternative to http://archive.org/web/web.php

    • Jakeukalane Milegum Firisse

      peeep.us can be useful when you can’t archive directly to archive.org. So you first archive it to peeep and then you archive the peeep in archive.org. For example, for saving flickr pages…

  • Samer Kurdi

    @ Carbonize: this is not another read it later extension. Rather, it takes archive snapshots, much as the wayback machine does. For example, this link (http://www.peeep.us/67ece4fd). Is this not clear from the review?

  • kell

    I thought it was pretty cool until I saw this in their FAQ page:

    How long will Peeep keep my data?

    Virtually forever. Nevertheless, we retain a right to remove content which has not been accessed for a month.

    So – like everything in the cloud. It can be there today and nowhere tomorrow. 🙂

    • Wow. If pages are deleted after a month of inactivity, it becomes almost useless. Too bad, it was a nice concept.

      I use Toread dot cc, which automatically sends the entire page to your e-mail address as a html message. That means the entire page is saved inside your Gmail, and you can read it even if the rest of the Internet goes down. The only (slight) disadvantage is that sometimes the layout is changed a bit, and not always for the better; and images are loaded from the original page, so they might die if the original dies. But then the main reason why you want to do this is normally to save the text of the page, which will always be there.

      If you need to really capture the entire content of the page, including images, use one of those Firefox extensions that saves a page as PDF. Then you will never lose it. There may be some lay-out changes, though.

      • Mark

        Um, where does it say pages are deleted after a month of inactivity?

        I’ve been using peeep for over 4 years and I’ve NEVER had an old (years old, sometimes) link (which saved in some docx file of mine for later reference), deleted – ever! And this is links both created with a logged-in google account and as a non-account user.

        I think you just made that up.

  • Fletch

    I just use the Scrapbook extension to save webpages on my computer exactly as they are.
    It’s useful if you’ve just bought something, or booked a ticket etc, so you can save the confirmation page.

  • Mark

    So good to finally see peeep gain some attention! I’ve been using this quiet, little, but brilliant service for over four years, it’s run by some russian dude who faithfully keeps paying the hosting bills for it to keep going, I don’t know how he makes money with it as I use adblock so can’t see whether he has ads but however he manages to run it, I’m extremely grateful! (I’d donate if he had a donate link!)
    Two other services to also mention which have popped up in more recent times:
    – bo.lt – it’s mainly intended as a pinteret-like social page sharing service, but you can set your account to keep your saved pages private (i.e., unlisted, only those with the url can know about it). It also can successfully copy from private (logged in) pages with its bookmarklet – a la peeep.us. EXTREMELY useful (this function, in general), for sharing pages with people from inside some member-only site who don’t have access to that site.
    – pastehtml.com – even more recent. But not as full-featured as the first two.