Send large files up to 1 GIG on FACEBOOK, with ‘PIPE’

Pipe is a free Facebook app that lets you send or receive large files up to 1 GIG in size from other Facebook users that use the app, a perfect tool to send large media files to your Facebook community of you grandma, for example, who is not really sure what the difference is between

Send large files article

The best FREE ‘send large files’ services: 16 file hosting options compared

Services that can help you send large files are everywhere, it seems, but for some reason I find that I always blank out on which one is most appropriate to use when I actually need one. This post aims to provide an at-a-glance reference for ten of FREE file hosting services, most of which you’d


Send large files up to 2 gigs with WeTransfer

WeTransfer has to be one of the easiest, least involved and complicated FREE services for transferring large files on the internet. Simply drag-and-drop files up to 2 GB (one file or many, it doesn’t matter), and add the emails of up to 20 of your friends, who will receive download links (without seeing or otherwise