Wartune ScreenShot00296

Explore a huge fantasy world in ‘Wartune’, an RPG/strategy hybrid MMO

Do you love fantasy gaming or anime? Are you sick of the most popular and well known MMOs and looking for a new world to conquer and explore? Well look no more because Wartune has arrived from Kabam Games, a massively multiplayer turn-based RPG and Strategy hybrid that, unlike some of those ‘other’ fantasy epic games, will


Solve complex puzzles for science with Foldit Beta

Foldit is a great free puzzle game that actually helps scientific research when you play it! The whole game is based on learning and exploring the different ways that proteins can ‘fold’, and the results can help research into cures and treatments for a whole host of medial problems. A long time ago, I took


Learn to talk without words in "Way" – a game of co-operation and silent communication

Way is an intriguing little game with a very unique and interesting objective: to learn to communicate without words. You’re stuck in a cave, and your only way out is to take instructions from someone in a similar situation. It’s strange to play and even stranger to describe, but it’s a blast. When I first


Play the original Minecraft Classic, solo or with friends – for free!

Minecraft has become a rather big sensation among avid PC gamers over the last few years, and the game has finally ‘gone gold’ and offers a retail version now. That being the case, the classic version is now available to play, for free, on the Minecraft website. Back in 2009 a smart guy named Markus


Marble Arena 2 – Marble mayhem and multiplayer madness for free

Marble Arena 2 is a great sequel to a well done original. It’s a free game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a marble in competition with other marbles for collection of energy in the form of stars. Marble Arena 2 features some great, well-textured graphics, realistic physics, and some imaginative gameplay in