Learn Foreign Languages

Five fantastic tools to learn a foreign language for free

Want to learn a foreign language? The web is full of resources to help you do so, and in this post we will showcase five of the best resources that will help you learn and improve the language of your choice and have a ton of FUN doing it. The tools mentioned here are somewhat English-centric


Learn to play guitar for free with Instinct

Ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but don’t have the time, money or patience to get a professional to come to your place to teach you? Well now you can solve those issues with Instinct, a brand new way to learn how to play, and it’s totally free! Most of us have,

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Improve your typing skills for free with Type-Fu!

Do you type less than five words a minute? Do you hunt and peck like a chicken looking for seed in a desert? If so, you can improve those typing skills, up to and including being able to type without looking at the keyboard, using a great web service called Type-Fu. Best of all, of


Explore the human body for free with ‘The BioDigital Human’

Are you a student or a fan of biology and the human body? The BioDigital Human is a great free resource that can provide education and fun by giving you a new way to look at and learn about the human body in general and even specific systems. The BioDigital Human. Sounds like a modern


Exercise and expand your brain for free with FitBrains

Have you ever wanted to see if you could get any smarter than you are now? If you’ve been paying much attention lately to the television, you may have noticed and increase in the number of ads for products and services that are supposed to increase your brain power. The idea is that exercise makes


Two of the best Wikipedia-based games that are free to play

Wikipedia is a very popular source of information on the Internet, arguments about accuracy notwithstanding. Did you know, however, that it can also be a source of entertainment? There are tons of great ways to use Wikipedia sites as games and this post will cover two of the absolute best. The Wiki Game is a

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Learn to meditate with OnlineMeditation.org’s free online meditation courses, videos, and MP3’s

Onlinemeditation is a great site that will help you get into the larger universe of meditation and self-discovery and improvement. It costs absolutely nothing and is a veritable bottomless well of information on meditation, methods and practical advice. Have you ever watched someone meditate? Those who are very good at it can appear to be

free online courses

Ten of the best FREE online education resources that you should know about

We recently published an article that listed the free online learning resources offered by the best 40 colleges in America (here). In the process of doing so, we came into contact with all of the major, most important and professional FREE online education sites on the internet. This article will present you with ten of


Learn a new language for free with Duolingo: a FREE web service with innovative new teaching methods

Duolingo is a new, free web site that helps you to learn a new language. Based on tried and true methods of repetition, visual recognition, and modern speech recognition technology, Duolingo offers a no-cost way to become fluent in a fun and stress-free way. In today’s world of fast-moving technology and global business communication, the

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Learn Ruby for free with HacketyHack

Hackety Hack is another great site that teaches you how to program, for free. Specifically, it teaches the Ruby programming language. There’s tons of lessons on there already and they are constantly adding more. Hackety Hack is available for Mac and Windows. Hackety Hack is another great site that teaches you how to program, for


Teach your children to read using phonics – for free – at ReadingBear.org

Reading Bear is a completely free website that teaches you (or your children) how to read. It uses the most basic and simple parts of reading, called phonics or phonetics, to teach them not only how to recognize words but how to read new ones without looking them up in the dictionary. When I was