Upload Images via copy and paste, with Snaggy

There are many services to upload images to the internet, but none are as easy and simple as Snaggy, a very web useful application that allows users to capture the screenshot by copying it to the clipboard on a PC then paste it directly to the web to upload it. It then provides a URL

Convert your 2D photos to stereographic 3D for free!

Remember those old 3D movies like Jaws 3D? Want to make some of your pictures into 3D in the same manner? 3D Pic Converter is the answer and it’s supremely easy to use. Best of all, as always, it costs nothing! There’s been a rather large influx of 3D tech in the news and in

VarieDrop feat

VarieDrop makes resizing and converting images as easy as dragging and dropping

VarieDrop is a FREE image resizing tool that lets you batch resize and convert images in batch via drag and drop. It features a simple interface with four different areas, where dragging and dropping your files on each of the different areas results in different resizing or converting operations, such that you could give each

Add Tilt-Shift effects to your photographs for free, with ‘Tilt-Shift Maker’

Do you enjoy experimenting with photo filters and editing? Tilt-Shift Maker is a great, free online service that produces some absolutely wonderful looking photographs based on your input. It’s loaded with options but it is also easy to use and the end results can really be kind of mind-blowing. Tilt-Shift style photos are, essentially, photographs

instagram downloader feat

Download Instagram photos easily with Free Instagram Downloader

If you want a quick and easy way to download your Instagram pictures or even those of your friends, then check out  ‘Free Instagram Downloader’, a free program that can download Instagram photos with a few simple clicks. Introduction As the name suggests, Instagram Downloader allows users to download photos from instagram user’s profiles. All


Get wonderful, user-curated wallpaper images with Desktoppr

Have you ever wondered why YouTube contains every video in the world that you could think of? The reason, of course, is the fact that users do the all the work of curating and uploading. Desktoppr is a website that, similarly, lets users upload and freely share hi-res wallpaper images. It connects with your Dropbox


Find and delete duplicate images with Image Comparator

Image Comparator is a nifty little program that lets you search for, identify, and manage duplicate images on your hard drive or drives. It searches for similarities on a pixel by pixel basis so it can discover duplicates even if they have different file names or formats. With a program like this one, my first


Two FREE tools to grab images in batch from any website: OWIDIG and ‘Image Collector Extension’ for Chrome

Ever wanted to download multiple images images from a page all at once? There are a number of good utilities out there for this purpose, and this post will present two of them:(1) OWIDIG (Online Webpage Image Downloader and Image Grabber) is a free online service that will process any URL that you throw at