three rss aggregators you should know about (illustration)

Three awesome online RSS aggregators that you (probably) didn’t know about

Now that everyone is looking for an RSS aggregator to replace the outgoing Google Reader, there’s been a host of articles published on the best services that you can migrate to. Aside from the usual suspects that everyone is talking about (Feedly, The Old Reader, and Newsblur), we wanted to showcase three lesser known alternatives:


Three Reasons why Google Reader shutting down may not be such a bad thing

You may have heard that Google Reader is being phased out, and will be out of commission by July 1st. And although I like Google Reader and was disappointed to hear the news, there may be a silver lining. Here are three reasons why Google Reader’s imminent demise is not necessarily a bad thing. 1. Small

Good Noows - Blog Blocks Style-thumb

Read RSS feeds in a wide range of AWESOME layouts, with Good Noows

RSS subscriptions are a great way to catch up with all the different sites and blogs that you like to follow. If you are looking for a great way to aggregate and read your feeds in a single place then check out Good Noows, which offers multiple reading layouts to choose from, such as Twitter

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Readefine may be the best desktop-based Google Reader client

Let’s face it: Google Reader is the world’s foremost RSS aggregator. If you do use it, you may have seen a number of desktop clients and browser extensions that tweak it’s layout, attempt to beautify it, and make it more accessible via a newspaper style interface. That, in a nutshell, is what this free Adobe

Google Reader Inline feat

Read Google Reader feeds in-line on the same page, with “Google Reader Inline” Chrome extension

Do you use Google Reader? If so, did you ever wish that you could click on a post and view it right then and there without without opening separate Windows? If so, then check out Google Reader Inline (aka GRIwsome), an extension for the Chrome browser that enables users to view RSS posts as popup


Desktop Google Reader: brings Google Reader to the desktop, integrates with Read it Later, Instapaper, and Twitter

Desktop Google Reader is a free app that can launch your Google Reader feeds right on the desktop, including popup notifications for new posts in the system tray. What’s interesting about this particular app is that it offers both “Read it Later” and “Instapaper” integration, allowing you to quickly add posts or items from your