Nothing You Do Deserves Such Praise

‘Nothing you have done deserves such praise’: a game that explores our ‘addiction to praise’

We’re big fans of Jason Nelson’s games as art/poetry (see here, here and here). This latest project, entitled ‘Nothing you have done deserves such praise’ explores our “addiction to praise” both in general and as reflected in video games. At it’s core, ‘Nothing you have done deserves such praise’ is a simple flash game that

GeoGuesser Featured Image

GeoGuesser: may be the best Google maps based game so far

You open your eyes and you’re in an unfamiliar place. You don’t know how you got there, you seem to have total amnesia, and you think to yourself ‘Where the *bleep* am I? No, not the plot for some 70’s B-movie, but my attempt to infuse a little drama into‘GeoGuesser’, a browser based game that

Kongregate App Featured Image

Kongregate Arcade App: brings TONS of free cool flash games to Android

If you know Kongregate (an excellent site for free flash games), then let us introduce the Kongregate Android App, which brings you over 600 free games playable on your Android device absolutely free. Kongregate for Andoird is organized as an app market, and lets you choose and download from a wide range of games and

Tetris comes to life2

When videogames come to life (fun videos)

Imagine that you’re pressing the buttons on your keyboard or on your touchscreen, or moving the little joystick on your game controller — but instead of controlling pixels and sprites on a screen, you’re controlling actual physical objects and actual human players in the physical world. No, I am not talking about what corporate CEO’s


More excellent free Android games: ‘Super Stickman Golf 2’ and ‘Start The Rockets’

Despite the fact that the iOS gets a lot more games releases, Android games are not only on the rise, but the quality of free games is up as well. This post is the latest in our continuing series of ‘Free Android Games’ articles; two great games this time around: ‘Super Stickman Golf 2’ and

Flow Game ScreenShot00333

‘Flow’ is a pretty, simple, and strangely compelling free game

Do you enjoy strange, off the wall games that most people might consider ‘odd’ because they don’t follow set conventions for modern gamers? If so, you’re going to love ‘Flow’, a free browser based game. It offers a very pretty game environment, simple but compelling game play, and can be installed as a Chrome App

Wartune ScreenShot00296

Explore a huge fantasy world in ‘Wartune’, an RPG/strategy hybrid MMO

Do you love fantasy gaming or anime? Are you sick of the most popular and well known MMOs and looking for a new world to conquer and explore? Well look no more because Wartune has arrived from Kabam Games, a massively multiplayer turn-based RPG and Strategy hybrid that, unlike some of those ‘other’ fantasy epic games, will

ACE Online ScreenShot00218

Get fast pace flying combat and RPG action with ‘ACE Online’

Do you love dog fights and high speed flight? Are you an avid RPG player or MMO fan? If you answered yes to these questions, you may wind up loving ACE Online. ACE Online is a free to play action-based Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that has excellent graphics and fast and furious game

Exile ScreenShot00002

Hack n slash through a magic world for free with ‘Path of Exile’

Did you enjoy Diablo and the other hack n slash dungeon crawls that it spawned? Did you love the multiplayer aspect of Diablo? If your answer was yes to either question, you may be very interested in checking out Path of Exile, a great MMO that is very reminiscent of Diablo with some modern spins

Get a pure combat adrenaline rush with ‘Robot Rising’

Do you like robots, explosions and fast paced combat? If so, and you also love the free price tag on a game, you will find Robot Rising to be one of the best games this year. It runs on the Unity Engine so it can be played in the browser, and is also easily connected


Get awesome undead action for free with Zombie Shooter

Do you look forward to the day when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives and we can all go hog wild slicing and dicing our former neighbors when they become blood-thirsty moaning shufflers intent on consuming your grey matter? If so, then Zombie Shooter may be a great game to hone some of your Zombie smashing strategies

Jogobox feat

Get tons of awesome games FREE, with Jogobox for Windows

Do you love games and like an easier way to find and play new ones? Jogobox could be the answer for you, as it offers free games of both the browser and installable variety, as well as constantly offering new content,  all at no cost! Jogobox is a new way to play and store your