Clean up your browser and your PC with ‘Click and Clean’ for Chrome and Firefox

Are you sick of cleaning up the various leftover bits and bytes on your system manually? Click and Clean is a handy FREE Chrome and Firefox extension that help you to get rid of all the garbage on your system: your history trail, caches, cookies and whatnot with very little effort or time spent on

Firefox social features

Facebook built into the new version of Firefox

Do you use Firefox? Do you use Facebook? Then there’s good news for you! As of version 17 Firefox now comes with “Social API” which will make it possible for social network features to be accessed straight from Firefox. Right now it only does Facebook but should eventually include most other major social sites such

Toolbar Cleaner

Remove unwanted browser toolbars and BHO’s in one fell swoop, with Toolbar Cleaner

I have an older brother who is not very adept with technology, and every time I need to use his computer I am surprised just how many toolbars and custom search providers have found their way onto his PC; I am further surprised by how labor intensive it is to clean that stuff out. And


Backup your browser easily with BrowserBackup Pro for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Chromium

There is is so much information that our browsers hold, that if the system crashes or if we reinstall or upgrade to a new OS or PC, we stand to be greatly inconvenienced if we lose them. I am not just talking about saved passwords, bookmarks, mail and contacts, but even speed-dial, notes, skins, sessions,

Adblock video feat

Skip introductory video ad clips with AdBlock Video Firefox plugin

Everyone is familiar with the ad clips that are a mainstay of video/news services such as Hulu or NBC, that are shown before the actual programming. Typically 20 or 30 seconds in duration, these are no major nuisance in small doses; except with more and more people increasingly consuming TV programming, news and video on


Lazarus form recovery: never lose any text or comment typed into an online form again

Ever spent a long time typing in a review or a comment or filling out a long form on a website, only to lose your text unexpectedly when you encounter an error or accidentally move off the page?. If so, this software can help. Lazarus is a free browser extension (for Firefox, Chrome, Safari) that


Bookmarklet Combiner: consolidate many bookmarklets into one

If you use a lot of bookmarklets, you might want to check out “Bookmarklet Combiner“, a free web service that will consolidate as many bookmarklets as you like into one, and then either display them in a popup window or alternately run the list of bookmarklets in batch. What can you do with a single,


Twelve must-have bookmarklets

“Bookmarklet” was once a very exciting word in the world of the internet. The little Javascript apps packaged in a bookmark and placed on your browser’s toolbar are able to provide one-click, value-added functionality that can greatly enhance your browsing. These days most people (myself included) prefer to install browser plugin or extensions that can


KwiClick – Firefox addon delivers a host of quick tasks right at your fingertips

KwiClick is an Addon for Firefox that simplifies multi-tasking and allows for some cool picture-in-picture style browsing. Ideally it makes your browsing more efficient, particularly if you’re not one to browse linearly. Often times you might be browsing along and need a word that you’re reading defined, want to know if there’s a trailer available


SkipScreen for Firefox automates downloading from file hosting services

Anyone who has every downloaded files from file hosting services such as Rapidshare or Megaupload is well familiar with the ritual “dance” involved in the process, which consists of waiting for on-screen counters to count-down then moving through multiple screens until at long last your download link becomes available. (Not to mention having to re-do the


PageZipper: consolidate articles or listings spanning multiple browser pages into one

PageZipper is a free Firefox extension and IE Bookmarklet that can merge articles or listings spanning multiple pages into a single browser page. It is useful in situations where you are interested in grabbing a web-clipping or exporting the entire article or listing to another application in one fell swoop, or simply if you would


InvisibleHand Beta Invites

The people that brought you Firefox extension “InvisibleHand” would like 200 of Freewaregenius readers to be among the first to try their new version 1.8 beta. Just go to this page and use the access code “invisibleGenius”. Firefox extension “InvisibleHand” is an on-the-fly comparison shopping tool designed to instantly retrieve and display the best prices