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Donationcoder is having their 4th anniversary fundraiser this month. Please support them.

If you’re not familiar with it, Donationcoder is one of the web’s best sources for high quality, free and donationware software. But’s its more than that: Donationcoder is a community of coders and software enthusiasts, a site that been successful in sustaining an ongoing, intelligent conversation about software for years (including some of the most in-depth and high-quality software reviews on the internet).

Since their inception four years ago, Donationcoder have been a part of a bold experiment in alternative funding based entirely on member donations. Not only have they proved the skeptics wrong by surviving, they have succeeded in thriving and in delivering a constant stream of applications and attaining s deserved reputation for sophisticated, intelligent discourse. Check out their best-of blog here.

One thing I also want to mention are their periodic “coding competitions” that have produced some of the most unique and original ideas for apps that you’ll ever see. And speaking of unique and original, check out Skrommel’s page of one-hour apps.

Click here now to support Donationcoder and to become part of the Donationcoder community. Click here for more about them, their philosophy and history.

Here’s a list of Donationcoder-affiliated programs that were reviewed on Freewaregenius:

Here’s another list for Donationcoder apps not mentioned above that you should not miss!

Did I miss anything?

Note that you may need to register with a valid email and obtain a free registration code for some of the titles listed above


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  • Nice one Samer
    Donation coder really is a fab place to be!
    I use the forum often for finding freeware which i just cant find anywhere else!

  • Toni

    Oh yes, donationcoder is great! You can also do a request for an app and if you’re lucky someone will pick it up and create it for you.

    There are many good apps there. I like Process Tamer very much, one of those things which should have been standard in Windows…

  • RG

    It is a great place, donating this year and have added an article on my own site as well.

  • [email protected]

    I too like DonationCoder very much.
    Notice their last paragraph:
    >Our 100% Happiness Guarantee

    We want you to be proud to be a supporting member of DonationCoder! Should you ever become dissatisfied with our site, at any time, for any reason, please allow us to promptly refund your entire donation, and absorb the payment fees, no questions asked. And you are welcome to keep the lifetime license key in case you decide to try one of our programs again in the future.<



  • Tekzel

    Mouser is a top notch guy and a great coder. I couldn’t live without his FARR application these days. I’m a member and have never regretted donating to them. I am trying to free up the cash to donate again during this drive, but I am out of work and struggling to make my bills so its not looking great. Awesome place with awesome people!

  • Transcontinental

    I love Donationcoder and I support them, but frankly, I’d rather say a melting pot of good and average programs rather than an eldorado of high quality software. And that’s their point : think, create and inspire vocations.