Support Donationcoder: 2012 fundraiser underway


If websites were judged on (a) the quality of their user-contributed content, (b) the extent to which their users were engaged in the topic, and (c) the likelihood that someone using the site was going to get value-added responses to their questions, then free software site DonationCoder would be ranked right up there.

DC are hold their annual fund raising event, and when they do, we like to ask Freewaregenius readers to support them. You can do so right now, by following this link.

Super N.A.N.Y: aside from the many software titles that they release, every year Donationcoder holds a N.A.N.Y event (New Apps For The New Year), where they ask programmer from within and without the DC community to come up with innovative and original software ideas. If you want to browse some really cool FREE software, then check these out. Here are the NANY links for 6 year’s worth of cool apps.

Donationcoder 2012

As I write this they were close to their fund raising goal, so please help put them over the top, their fundraiser only runs through April 15th!

  • Thank you so much for all of your support over the years, Samer.
    We really appreciate it.

    -mouser from

  • Toni

    I just love Donationcoder! So many good apps. And the donation idea remembers us that freeware may be not more than to you than a 1-click download, but there are people behind it who put lots of work in it.