StreamTransport: download videos from Hulu as well as other encrypted or unencrypted media sites


StreamTransport is a free video downloading software that can download media from video sharing sites such as YouTube as well as encrypted media (video or music) from sites such as Hulu.

It can browse and download media from sites using HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, and RTMPTE protocols, which covers most video and media sharing sites.

While there has been a general proliferation of video downloading apps and “YouTube downloaders”, only a handful of these are actually able to download encrypted media (video or music) from anti-leeching” websites that use encryption such as Imeen, Pandora and

Two that can that were mentioned previously at Freewaregenius are TubeMaster++ and Orbit Downloader, but even these are unable to download from Hulu. I have tested StreamTransport and can confirm that it can download from Hulu as well as other encrypted sites.

I have been keeping an eye out for a video downloading service that can download from Hulu for a while. The best contender I had come across was the command line, open source app “Get_Iplayer“, which supported Hulu downloads for a while until that support was dropped. Other Hulu downloading apps were typically quite restricted in their free version, and/or would stop working as the Hulu encryption kept changing.

While StreamTransport can download videos from Hulu, it is quite possible that the Hulu encryption might be tweaked or changed at some point and would require StreamTransport to be updated to keep pace, but at least at the time of this writing it is working.

More note on this program below:

How to use:

  1. Use StreamTransport’s built-in browser to find and play your media. Simply navigate to it as you would any browser, or use the “visit Hulu” button on the top toolbar.
  2. Once the video starts showing, it will appear in the list of URLs. You should be able to identify the actual video vs. the ads and other unrelated content because (a) it will have a title that makes sense that often starts with “Hulu -“, and (b) it will show a significant duration in minutes as opposed to the few seconds duration of the ads.
  3. Note that you will download a single file for the entire Hulu program that you want. You will not have to worry about ad interruptions.
  4. Download speed: it is normal that download speed will fluctuate greatly with Hulu videos, and that downloading will take a very long time. This is likely a function of negotiating the encryption, and you will notice that downloading from other services is much faster
  5. Once a video starts downloading, you can navigate and start downloading other media. The video does not have to be playing in order to download.

Note on downloaded Hulu FLV files: while I was download and play these, fast-forwarding was not possible, which made me think that Hulu videos by design do not have keyframe objects in them. (This is probably due to the video itself, not the downloader). To fix I used a utility called FLVMDI that could inject metadata and include keyframe objects into FLV’s (this is a command line utility but there’s a GUI on the site). Sure enough after adding keyframe objects I was able to fast forward using The KMPlayer without problems.

The verdict: not only can this free app download from Hulu and other sites with encrypted media, it has a fairly nice interface as well. I only hope that when and if the Hulu encryption is tweaked that StreamTransport is updated to keep pace.

One thing to note is that while I tested this successfully with Hulu, YouTube, and Imeem, I was not able to get videos from to play in StreamTransport’s integrated player, which suggests that while this app is a valuable tool, esp. for Hulu, it may not be a one-size-fits all media downloader.

[Thanks go to user Yashino for tipping me off about this program!]

Version Tested: 1.02

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 2.79 megs). If site is down you can download ver 1.02 here.

  • Scott

    This is going to sprout lawsuits like the sides of an Atlanta freeway sprout Kudzu. I give it 6 weeks to 6 months before it’s either permanently blocked or somebody gets sued.

  • Zero3K

    Heh, that has a smaller chance of happening than you think since they’re based in China.

  • Sérgio Dias

    You rock man. I’ve been trying to find a way to download’s South Park episodes for a long time and now I can! Thanks.

  • Zero3K

    Check out the forum for it at

  • Jim Carter

    Great find! I’m on Hulu downloading episodes of St. Elsewhere…one of my all-time favorites! So far….so good. Even if the plug is eventually pulled, I’ll still be thrilled!

  • kesongpinoy

    crappy built in browser >.< can't browse sites properly :p

  • Zero3K

    A new version of it has recently been made available. A bunch of bugs were fixed in it.

  • ahmad

    you are sucha wonderful person , the programmer who developed this utility

    Ahmad – Cairo.Egypt

  • Walt

    Why is Malwarebytes blocking your site?

  • ultraviolet

    Many thanks for the article. This program was able to save video while other programs and browser addons failed.

  • Streamsport is NOT free. It may be free to download, but it says it’s expired as of March this year every time you try to download something, then asks you to buy the full version. WTF?

    • Samer

      @ adam smith: at first I thought maybe they changed from free to paid but I just downloaded and installed StreamTransport and it is free. If you have a screenshot of a prompt to buy the paid version I would appreciate it.

      But in any case, Hulu seems to have recently undergone changes (as of Mar 2011) and StreamTransport does not seem to be able to download. I am hoping this is resolved sometime soon.

  • alleyrulez

    keep getting the expired message, too, says I need the full version. is it even possible to download HULU videos anymore?

  • Anonymous

    The last version it `s not work with a lot of sites , Stream Transport have to take the Adode polity and that version dont have RTMPE , the version before is better !

  • Kammy

    I downloaded it and it worked better than any of the ten other ones i tried, But i seem to not get the last 50 or so MB of the video that im downloading, is there a reason why or something i can do? I am missing the end of each movie. Its very possible im doing something wron as im kind of out in left field with this . Just randomly thougbt id try it and dont know alot about it. thanks

  • nicole

    Hmm, trying it now and the urls of the ads come up, but not the episode I am trying to download on hulu. 🙁

  • Rtmpexplorer now succeeds where Stream Transport fails.

    Rtmpexplorer does not have the kind of slick, polished interface that Stream Transport has. In fact it is just a front-end GUI to a command line tool called rtmpsuck. But the command line tool is useless to anyone without a lot of technical knowledge. The GUI makes it transparent.

    Download the zip file from this link:

    The program can be found elsewhere also, but some of the other archives don’t contain all the necessary files in one place, as this one does.

    After downloading, unzip the entire archive into any directory.. Then run rtmpexplorer.exe.

    Two windows will open: The command prompt and the GUI. The GUI is a very bare bones web browser. Use it to navigate to the video you want to capture. When it starts playing, the command line programs will take over and try to download the file. It could take a lot of time, and depending on the particular site you are downloading from, the movie you want might be broken up into several files with obscure names. But they will all be FLV files that you can play in many of the popular video players.

  • sahil

    I am able to download some streaming videos using StreamTransport. Is there any way for website owners to come to know that someone has downloaded the video from there website. Can they track it. If yes then how can we download the online streaming videos anonymoulsy. Please respond since I am in need to download some educational videos.


  • mrvysl

    hello everyone.
    i’m writing from Turkey. i was using internet download manager till some time ago for downloading videos or music. then i could not download some videos with rtpm or rtmpe sites. so i researched downloader programs and finally i found this stream transport. it is 100 free and i have been using it even though we are in the middle of march in 2012. but let me tell something: the download speed of stream transport is very slowly. for example, it download a video with 150MB by 20kb/s, 35kb/s, or 80kb/s at the fastest speed. that is, stream transport download a video with 2 hours’s length within 2 hours, a video with 1h 30m length within 1hour and 30minutes. i have experienced the same result at the same time. no setting properties in stream transport i could not check speed or something like that. today i have found hulu downloader and i tried the trial(demo) version of hulu downloader. it worked but it stopped to download the half of the video and hulu downloader asked to buy its full version :)) if i want to continue to download the related video :)), i have researched crack, key gen, crack or freeware of hulu downloader but i could not find. it has just shareware version on web.
    does any one help me about stream transport or hulu downloader =
    thanks in advance…

  • Zero3K

    There’s a newer version of it available. You can find the link to it by going to its Facebook Page which is