• Hi,

    You have made realy very much for the free-sw community. Congraulation and thanks.
    I have a single question only: From where in the hell can I download a program.


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  • Nother Reader

    very nice site. one thing you may consider adding would be to create a quick and easy sort by operating system, so that one could quickly grab all that run on a given system. i say this because I work on different computers at different times and all seem to have different operating systems on them, old versions, new versions, stupid versions, confounding versions, etc. Course, no “easy versions” as all are so full of holes that you pretty much spend all your time “supporting” your operating systems by just keeping an ever vigilant watch for new problems…… anyway, great site.

  • Rogeriosu

    My company uses Sametime for secure IM, however it can be very slow and seize up the PC. Being an IT tech, I wanted to try out Pidgin in this environment, and I found it to work very well. It’s relatively fast and never freezes up the PC. However, my concern is with security. I understand that Pidgin has an encryption plug in but it will only work with other Pidgin users. Is there any other form of encryption inherent within Pidgin, or is there some other way of “encryption-izing” Pidgin?

  • Rogerious

    …Encryption that would be comparable with Sametime, if possible. R

  • JK the Fifth

    I am a regular reader, but have visited this sitemap for the first time 😀 , after reading your click map analysis. Actually, I didn’t even know sitemap was actually an archive (or a list) of all posts on the website. Nice !

    • Dobbs

      Been about a year or so since I came to this site. At first I was horrified at the new layout…but after cruising around a bit it is actually much easier to find stuff. Kepp up the good work! I guess I have been lucky the past year…this is the first place I go to when I have a problem on my comp (I can trust everything here or linked here) or when someone asks me to do something that I just do not have the resources/software for.

      Thanks again sir.