39 is a sister website to which aggregates all MP3 files that the users of MP3Tunes have found on the web and “sideloaded” into their MP3Tunes lockers.

Sideload allows you to search MP3s, listen to them and/or copy them into your own MP3Tunes account.

This review will adopt the question and answer format:

Q: Where does this music come from? What is Sideloading?
A: Sideloading refers to music files that users of find on the net and ask MP3Tunes to download straight into their MP3Tunes Locers. This is done from within the browser using either the Internet Explorer or Fireforx extensions of Oboe, MP3Tunes’ music management/uploading software. For more info on MP3Tunes check out the Freewaregenius review here.

Q: Can anyone use the service? Do you have to have an account?
A: Anyone can use the website to search for and listen to music. You can also download files to your hard drive or transfer them into your locker. You can get a locker for free on the website

Q: What kind of music is available? How many files does the service provide?
A: There apparently are more than 250,000 files available on Sideload, from every conceivable genre.
Q: Is this music legal?
A: Sideload is populated by users, and’s policy requires that no anauthorized files be Sideloaded; unauthorized tracks are “removed upon notification”. From the website: “ does not store any music, but rather links to files publicly available other places on the net. respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same”.
All of this notwithstanding, you will find that all kinds of music is available, the great majority of which is probably not legal.

Q: Do the mp3 files have proper tags and artist information.
A: It all depends on what files people Sideload; Some do and some don’t

Q: Any last words.
A: Yes. Sideload is coo!. Browsing the most popular sideloads is a great way to be exposed to new, (mostly) good music.

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  • I believe you CAN download these files without a locker.

  • nerkel

    Yup. The service is mostly illegal songs, and its apparant that the creators of the site are too lazy to deal with the piracy themselves 😛

    Its a pretty good site, nonetheless. Also, you can use DownThemAll firefox plug-in too quite well for downloading the songs without a locker.

  • Samer

    WillamC; you’re right, you can download without a locker. I’ve changed the review accordingly.

  • jay

    I think Imeem makes far more sense, because they’ve cut deals with the record companies and will pay them a portion of Imeem’s revenue based on the number of plays. That’s a legitimate business model where everyone benefits.

    It seems to me that sideload is more of a thing that will survive only until someone comes after them. Unless they pay the producers of the music, eventually they’ll run into legal trouble IMO.