Secure your USB port with USB Disk Access Manager


USB flash drives are a security concern for many not just because they can carry harmful viruses, but because it is very easy for someone to quickly and discreetly slip a Flash drive in a USB port and transfer data illegitimately from a PC.

Disabling the USB ports completely is one thing, but doing that can limit the functionality of your connected devices.

A better option is to use “USB Disk Access Manager”, a very simple FREE tool that lets you do three things; ‘Allow Read & Write’, ‘Allow Read Only’, and ‘Disable USB Disks Detection’ altogether.

Update: if you are looking for this functionality, a better option may be another program called URC Access Modes.

USB Disk Access Manager 1


The three options are as follows:

Allow read and write: will allow USB devices to function normally.

Allow read only: will prevent users from downloading or uploading any data to the PC, which is great if you only want people just to be able to read stuff from their USB flash drives and not be able to write anything to them.

Disable USB Disk Detection: is even more useful as it prevents flash drives from being discovered by the PC, a good option if you want to completely keep your PC away from flash drives.

The verdict:

USB Disk Access Manager is a great tool. Not only is it completely free, but it provides peace of mind and the knowledge that you can leave your PC alone without the risk of people using flash drives inappropriately and/or infecting your PC!

Let us know what you think of this one in the comments section below.

Download USB Disk Access Manager (Windows)

  • amir


    It is time that Flash will be available to anyone, but do not know
    Whether the data is copied to itself

    I am looking for software that
    Information regarding the copying or insertion or deletion made ??in Flash Memory
    To be able to store, for example, in a text file

    Can you please introduce me to such software?

    • Samer Kurdi

      @ Amir. What I understood is that you want a software that keeps a log of the operations that take place whenever a USB is inserted, correct? I think Windows Explorer does this (although it does a lot more than that)

      • amir

        Thank you Samer Kurdi

        But the software that was introduced
        My work does not
        Just like the software that is intended to act
        I want software to be installed on flash memory
        And as soon as you connect to any system to be run automatically
        Operational and that happens to store
        For example, to copy or delete files and insert it to, etc.
        After being removed from the flash memory of the current system and connect to other systems
        That actions can be found in the previous system.
        This software works with Windows Explorer can not be made
        And the only change made ??in the system.

  • Higgy

    The download link for this program does not work for me. I get the message “Could not connect to remote server”.