Search and apply for jobs by VIDEO resume with JobOn


JobOn is a relatively new web site that allows you to search for jobs and apply for them with your own video resume.

There are thousands of jobs available and the whole system is very easy to use.

When the Internet first started to become popular one of the first things that started to spring up were web sites that allowed you to search for jobs.

Later, as the Internet developed more new capabilities, those same web sites began offering the ability to apply for jobs online.

Now the next evolution of job searching on the Internet has arrived.  JobOn is a site that allows you to search for jobs and apply for jobs but it does so in a new way.  JobOn a allows you to record and send a video resume to prospective employers.

JobOn Screen 2

Now, the idea of submitting a video resume to a prospective employer may seem a strange and even daunting at first but JobOn makes it easy, painless and fast. To begin using the site the first thing you must do is register an account.  This process is familiar to most of us and while he’d can be time consuming it is absolutely necessary for this type of web site.  Once you have finished registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail and then you will be able to fill in your resume information.  So far, not that much different from other job sites, right?  This is where it begins to get interesting, however.

JobOn Screen 4

Once you have completed the basics of registration and answering your resume information, you have a few different options for what to do next.  The most basic option is to search for a job listing using the search bar that is provided on the front page of JobOn. You can search by job title, location, or any other key word. JobOn is a new web site at the time of this article so not all cities and states are included on their site just yet, however, as the concept of a video resume becomes more and more popular I’m sure this will change.  In any case, once you have found a job that you wish to apply for you then have two basic options for how to apply.  You can go the vanilla route of any other job site where you fill in an online job application and then send it to the employer. Alternatively, you can send a job on a video resume as well or instead.

JobOn Screen 5

After choosing a job that you want to apply for all you have to do is click the “interested?” link on that job’s page. Each employer has the option to provide specific questions that they would ask in an interview to the JobOn web site, which then passes those questions on to you. You can then click the “record answer” link for any of those questions, which will bring up a java based window accessing your web cam.  Of course, the first time you do this, you will need to provide permission to the page in order to access your web cam feed. Once you have done so the web cam will begin recording your answer.  Once you have finished answering the question you can then move on to answering the other questions if there is more than one. When you have the answer to all the questions, or all the questions you wish to answer, you then that pressed the button that says “Send to Employer” and the video responses that you provided farther and sent to the employer along with any other pertinent resume information. It’s really that simple and easy. So much so, in fact, it makes one wonder why we have not had similar sites available before now. There may have been other sites like this but I have not heard of them.

JobOn Screen 6JobOn Screen 7

As mentioned before, the JobOn web site is still fairly new but even so I did not find very many problems were bugs and certainly none worth mentioning.  If you’re looking for a job or even if you’re just curious as to what looking for a job could be like in the future JobOn is possibly the website for you.  Give it a try and see what you come up with.  Personally, I found the entire site to be helpful as well as very professional, which is something that you definitely want to see in a web site devoted to helping you find a job.

Until next time, my friends.

Check out the JobOn web site here.

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  • I personally cannot see this catching on. The whole point of a resume is it gives an easy way for a potential employer to see what your skills are. With a video they would have to keep going back and forth through the video to find the relevant sections plus there will always be the first impression problem. With a paper resume (CV) they only have the facts and no personal judgment can affect their decision.

    • George

      So basically they need a brief overview of the persons background on the screen.
      HRs waste a lot of time reading a pumped up CV, only to see the person they invite for a talk is a misfit personality wise. CVs have weaknesses as does a video. Some people are good infront of a camera. Both also have loopholes for discrimination.

  • B.C. Tietjens

    I admit that I was very skeptical myself when I first began looking into video resumes and JobOn in particular, but after going through the process and finding out more about it from beginning to end, I have to say my opinion has changed, which is evident in the article, I suppose.
    Addressing your specific points: JobOn offers employers both CVs and Video responses to specific questions. That fairly eliminates the going back and forth for relevant sections and the video responses to specific questions should be direct and to the point, I would think. Just like your paper resume. You don’t put a whole bunch of extraneous details in your paper resume so why would you do so in the video response portions?
    The people who most often get hired by using JobOn are the ones that enter both their paper/electronic resume information as well as the video interview questions. Have you ever been hired on your resume alone, without meeting the employer first? Nearly any prospective employer is going to ask a job seeker to come in for a one on one interview after reading their paper resume, so first impressions are always made one way or another.
    If an employer sees your paper resume, and decides without personal judgment to ask you to come in for an interview, you’re still going to meet face to face and make first impressions, and personal judgment will come into the picture at that point. JobOn just makes the whole thing faster and easier, and isn’t that what the Internet does best?
    Personally, I can’t see how this kind of thing wouldn’t catch on. In fact, if you go through the process at JobOn yourself, you’ll probably have your mind changed. I have researched many of the employers and the ones I was able to talk to said they have had nothing but great experiences with JobOn and they plan to continue using it. Thanks for your comments Carbonize, it’s always a pleasure to converse with you.