Right click to merge, convert, and edit PDFs, with ‘Debenu PDF Tools’


If you work with PDFs, you may find it very useful to be able to simply right click one (or more) of them to perform operations such as split or extract pages, images or text, merge PDF files, convert PDFs to images (or images to PDFs), add or edit bookmarks or metadata, and perform a slew of other functions.

There are free and paid versions of this program, and at the time of this writing you can get the paid version for free, in return for a like on Facebook.

Some operations really lend themselves to being launched right from Windows explorer, such as for example when you want to perform an operation on a number of files collectively, or if you want to merge a number of PDF files or images into a larger PDF.

Debenu PDF PDF Tools Screenshot

Right clicking each operation will display a little dialog with a lot more options, giving this program a lot more depth that rivals most programs of the kind that we mentioned previously on this site.

Other operations are less mature; for example, the cropping function, while perfectly good, is not as sophisticated as the standalone freeware Briss, but they do get points for being so ambitious.

The verdict: this is an all-in-one swiss army knife of a PDF editor that offers some very ambitious functionality, is very comprehensive in scope, and generally does a spectacular job. Add to this right-click integration into the Windows context menu and you can see it’s great appeal.

There are some functions that are missing in the free version, but as mentioned you can get the pro version for free in exchange for a like on Facebook at the time of this writing, which I highly recommend.

Get ‘Debenu PDF Tool’ here.

  • suja ram

    I am already using this software-a grreat one

  • Kell

    $59.00 (Pro Version) is too much by far, but not as much as having to “like” it on Facebook. More and more Facebook is required for deals and freebies. What does that tell you about the value of “Likes”? It tells me they mean nothing . . . and less than nothing.

    Yes. Briss is free, free of charge and free of coercion. A better application in every way.

  • my-tman

    I agree with Kell. Joining facebook just to get their program isn’t worth it. More and more I see this happening
    and they are wrong to discriminate against those of us that don’t use facebook. It actually makes me think they are not too bright to pass up their other possible customers.

  • A&L

    glad i’m not the only one that doesn’t use facecrook

  • To all those who dislike Facebook: I do not disagree, but it then it costs you nothing to create a Facebook account, and you don’t need to fill in any personal information if you don’t want to.

  • jod

    As for me, this App is just what the doctor ordered! simplicity and productivity come true.

  • Adele Bessemer

    I appreciate the functions of converting PDF to images, like pdf to tiff image.