Retrieve a list of the last internet searches performed on a PC using “My Last Search”


Freeware My Last Search” reveals searches performed on the major internet major search engines for both IE and Firefox.

If you’ve ever needed to recall searches performed on your PC (“now let’s see… what was that fantastic free program I was looking for the other day I can’t seem to remember!” or “what was I searching for on Freewaregenius the other day?”) then “My Last Search” is for you.

How it works: simply run it and get a list of searches. For each entry you get information as to the search string itself, the search engine, the type of search, time, browser and number of “hits” (not sure what this last one is; not number of results clicked on but something related to it).

Here are more notes on this program:

  • Search engines supported: I tested it and it works on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and Alexa (search, not traffic comparisons).
  • Portable: just extract it anywhere and run. You should be able to plug in your USB drive on a PC and get an instant list of the latest searches.
  • Quick Search: you can re-perform the search query in the same engine using a single click.
  • Reports: You can save an item or items from the list of searches and/or generate html reports for these from the right-click context menu.

OK cool. Now tell me how to get rid of search info on my computer: to do this manually, follow these instructions; for IE7 (Tools, Internet Options, General tab, click “delete” in “browsing history” then “Delete forms” and confirm). For IE5/6: Tools, Internet Options, “Content” tab, Click “Autocomplete”, click “clear forms” and confirm. For Firefox: Edit-Preferences-from “Privacy & Security”select “Forms”- “Manage Stored Form Data”-“Remove All Saved Data” and confirm.

Version tested: 1.10

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 47K).

  • This seems like a handy application.
    Will give it a try, however in the wrong hands..

  • You really ought to make the download link more prominent, making it smaller than all the other text, with a gray link /encourages/ people to skip over that line.

  • CT

    I’ve been using Nir Sofer’s [NirSoft] programs for years, and love them! Very small & efficient, work very well, safe, almost all are ‘Portable’ – I’ve actually downloaded all 100 of them, and keep a set on my Tools USB Flash Drive – They often come in handy!

    Seriously, ALL of you should cruise over to (make sure you go to ‘Dot Net’, not ‘Dot Com’), and take a look – I’m sure 99% of you will find one or more Tools you ‘Can’t Live Without’…. All FREE (of course)!

  • TB

    Agree with CT’s post of March 13th, 2008. i’ve downloaded and successfully used several of NirSoft freeware, easy and very portable to use. my only complaint for this (only) particular piece of software is that you can not selectively remove a search entry. what if i don’t want to remove ALL search entries as in deleting forms, but only a selected few? there is no way to do this inside this software and i haven’t found a method yet.
    anyone have any clues?