Resize images via right click with ‘Free Image Resizer’


If you need to resize images quickly, right from Windows Explorer and on the fly then this software is for you.

Free Image Resizer is a free Windows tool that lets you select any image or images in Explorer and resize them instantly via right click.

Free Image Resizer allows users to select multiple images at once for batch image processing. Resizing can be done using a number of predefined size profiles or by manually entering the size in pixels. It can also convert your images to PDF.

Free Image Resizer Screenshot1

This program is self-explanatory and there’s not much to say about it. I will comment on a couple of quirks though:

  • Installs TWO context menu entries: ‘Resize Pictures’ and ‘Resize Pictures Pro’. Don’t worry, the ‘PRO’ reference is not an ad for a paid version; rather, the first context menu will prompt a simple dialog with pre-defined size profiles, while the second ‘Pro’ option will prompt one with more options (pictured below).
    • I like that it allows for specifying one of the two ‘width’ and ‘height’ values and keeping aspect ratio.

Free Image Resizer Screenshot2Free Image Resizer Screenshot3

  • Can export to PDF: from the ‘action’ dropdown, which is interesting (it’s the last option in the dropdown in the screenshot below).

Free Image Resizer Screenshot - create pdf

Wish list: a few suggestions that can make this program even better.

  • The option to save in a different image format. Strangely absent
  • The option to remove one of the two context menu entries (I only use the ‘pro’ entry, and wish I could remove the other one).
  • The ability to save custom profiles that can be accessed from the first context menu.

The verdict:

A great, simple image resizing tool that gets a lot of things right, but can be improved. I kind of prefer this one to others previously mentioned on this site (e.g. Image Resizer PowerToy Clone, and VSO Image Resizer, which is now called Light Image Resizer and is still free for personal use).

The export to PDF option is interesting, although I do wish the few items on the wish list could be addressed, which would make this program a LOT better.

Go to the program page to download (Windows XP, Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7. 32 bit or 64 bit).

  • Jod

    I Wish I could resize-rename pictures simultaneously + delete selected EXIF tags, Now, that would be productive automation for digital camera users (all of us)!!! No one has ever thought of it, I guess!

    • Samer Kurdi

      @ Jod: indeed, that would be a nice addition!

  • boris

    Shows memory error and refuses to start.

  • I use & like XnView Shell Extension 🙂

  • probeany

    This is not freeware. After installation the userguide tells you it is 30-day trial shareware.

    • Samer Kurdi

      Probeany. Indeed the help file states that it is a 30 day trial, however, this is in contradiction to what is stated on the website, and in the program “about”, where it states:
      “3. Free VERSION. You can use this software free of charge. All rights not expressly granted under this license are reserved by iWesoft.”
      and then “4. REGISTERED VERSION”. And in this section, nothing. Blank.

      But what I did was change the date on my system to 3 months into the future, to see what would happen. Nothing happened, the program was as is, fully functional. No watermarks or restrictions.

      So my guess that the 30 day trial thing in the help file was probably some legacy thing, where the author wanted to release it as payware at some point. Or perhaps they have plans to switch it to payware in the future. The current version seems to be free though.

      • probeany

        Thanks, Samer. It checked out as you said. It’s a really nice program and it would have been disappointing to give it up.

  • Nice resizing program–works exactly as you said in Win7/x64. Anybody know of a good context-menu editing tool? LOL!

  • Avi

    I prefer Image resizer, it resizes image keeping the original image intact and you can resize image to any dimension keeping the aspect ratio of the image intact.

  • Daniel G

    I just installed Light Image Resizer and discovered why it’s free, and why ObviousIdea are unscrupulous. It installed a whole bunch of crapware without asking me–Babylon, 2YourFace, Search GBY–and changed my Firefox home page.

    • Samer Kurdi

      I just want to make it clear to other readers that “Light Image Resizer” which you mention is not the program being reviewed here (Free Image Resizer), but rather a similar program that is mentioned in the ‘verdict’ section.

      Having said this, I installed Light Image Resizer and, yes, it does attempt to install crapware. However, it DOES give you the option not to install it, but in a roundabout way, with the crapware-installing dialog coming right after the actual program instllation in a way that makes it very likely for users to just click ‘next’ and accept it. However, you can stop at the screen below, click ‘custom installation’, and uncheck everything under it, and circumvent the crapware.

      Light Image Resizer crapware installation screen

      However, there is a nag screen when using Light Image Resizer for personal use, although it is very brief (about 1 second). All in all I prefer to use Free Image Resizer, and hope that it gets better.