Read Ebooks on your MP3 player using "Ebook to Images"


“Ebook to Images” converts ebooks in most formats (.txt, .html, .htm, .lit, .pdf) to images that are custom formatted for reading on a mobile device.

The idea is that while most portable devices such as MP3 players will not allow you to upload and view ebooks, many of them allow for image viewing on their screens.

Hence “ebook to images” will convert the text from ebooks into images suitable for viewing on your particular portable device.

This program doesn’t print documents into images in the manner of a virtual printer (such as PDF Creator or SWF Printer Pro). Rather, it will extract the text from an ebook and reformat it as per your settings. You can tweak all aspects of the output images, including their size (resolution), the font used, font size, orientation (e.g. flip by 90°, 270°), text color, background colors, anti-aliasing and a number of other settings.

You can add also a background image if you like as well as page numbering, and you can set the number of output folders to distribute the resulting images to (useful if you would like to upload separate chunks of the ebook at a time).


To test this, I tried it out on 2 ebooks. I chose 320×240 Jpegs as the image resolution and format, which would be just right for viewing on my Iphone. (You can output to GIF and PNG if you want). The first ebook was a text file/ebook downloaded from Project Gutenberg that was a 653K text file, and the resulting folder of images was 50 megs (873 images). The second book was a 350K PDF file which ended up being 7.9 megs (107 images) when converted. (I might add that the converted text file fared considerably better in terms of text formatting than the PDF).

The bottom line is: “Ebook to Images” is a very efficient and quick solution to putting ebooks on your portable device, provided the device allows uploading and viewing images.

Version tested:

Compatibility: WinAll. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 528K).

  • Fred Thompson

    This looks very interesting. I’ve been thinking about exactly this same idea except the final output was to be DVD so the ultra-cheap portable DVD players could be used because the screens are much larger. Great find! Thank you.

  • avagee

    Interesting! I have been looking for something like this for a DS for my kids.

    A while ago I found where you can download free public domain and creative commons books for free to read on your cell phone.

    I have a ‘dumb’ phone (not a ‘smartphone or iphone) but it runs java games and that is all you need for these books. If you have internet access on your phone you can install direct from their mobie website, otherwise you have to go through your PC.

    Sure the screen is small, but I forgot about that in a few pages. The real benefit is that I always have the phone in my pocket – so now I always have a few books as well.

  • why don’t you give and show examples?

  • Pedro

    Really nice for my psp, thanks!

  • lu

    on the iphone its so annoying to use because the sensors flip the text sideways when upright and then vis versa. any way to stop the flipping

  • That is a new info for me…thanks..ebook to images will help me in my mobile presentation…

  • This seems pretty interesting. Now if only I had some eBooks to test…

  • That is a new info for me…idea is very nice……..ebook to images will help me in my mobile presentation…I have been looking for something like this

  • Zeebra

    awesome now where did my phone go?

  • Gymnast

    i hav a riptunes mp3 playler u think i could do it on there? <3 gymnastics

  • Jose A. Ortiz

    Where in the hell is the link to download?

  • Jose A. Ortiz

    All the ebooks that I downloaded I can not read them because I don’t have a program to

    open the ebooks, They are all orphanes

  • Jose A. Ortiz

    I downloaded a epub reader but won’t work,don’t open epub ebooks. I wonder where

    is the problem w/me? Everybody download ebooks and they can read them but w/me

    don’t work