RBTray: lightweight and simple minimize to tray app


RBTray is a free, lightweight app that provides minimize-to-tray functionality for any open window by right clicking the bottom right corner of the window’s “minimize” button. Alternately you can minimize to tray by right clicking anywhere on the title bar and using a context menu that also provides “always on top”, and Window resizing functions.

First off let me note that the version of this program that I am reviewing here is a modified version of the open source program with the same name that I downloaded from this site. More notes on this program below:

  • What it does: minimize-to-tray on demand, from the title bar.
  • How it works: does not install any buttons on the title bar; rather, it can minimize to tray by right-clicking the lower right corner of the minimize button (see screenshot above) or through a context menu that appears on right-clicking anywhere on the title bar (see image to the right).
  • Memory use: is very small. Memory use seems to vary across a range, 500K to approx 2 megs.RBTray Screenshot1
  • No install: simply unzip and run. To have the program start with Windows you will need to add a shortcut to the startup folder manually.
  • Other functions: “always on top”, and a rather puzzling “my size” function which on my machine resizes any window to 1584×948, apparently without giving you the option to customize that size.

The verdict: if you are looking for a minimize to tray app with bells and whistles this is not the one you are looking for. However if you just want a tiny, straightforward utility that does not

RBTray Screenshot3

take up a lot of memory (and does not need to be installed to boot) you will probably like RBTray. If there was one thing that I would ask for it would be to remove the strange “My size” option altogether.

Version Tested: 3.3 modified

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista.

Go to developer’s page to download (middle of the page) – approx 69K.

  • Blaise Parker

    Just tried it. Dead handy! Thanks!

    This one’s a keeper.

  • T.

    I use hotkeyP to do this.
    You can in this software create a shortcut as wel.

    Another similar one as RBTray is Tray It!

  • David

    Downloaded this, converted to VS2008 and compiled it. The “My Size” option makes the window fit the desktop work area with a border of 1/35 at the sides and 1/28 at the top & bottom. For me it would be better to fit the whole screen so I may just change it to do that.

  • anand

    there is a similar utility called “power menu” which has some more options …. have been using it for a long time mainly for the always on top or minimize to tray feature…in that ine can also set the transparency of the window and its priority !!!

  • Toni

    Programmer makes some strange choices… Why the pixelhunting by having to click a corner? It uses rightclick so it could have been the whole button all the same. Also I agree the ‘my size’ function is strange. Idea for the program is nice though.

  • Samer

    @David: can you remove the “My Size” option altogether and send me the modified version? I would appreciate it (and post it for download in the review).

    @Anand: I actually looked at Power Menu last week. It adds transparecny and priority, but lacks the ability to right click on the minimize button to minimize, which personally makes me prefer RBTray.

  • Blaise Parker

    @David, and if you do send the program in to Samer, it would be great to make the whole minimize button right clickable instead of just the small corner. Otherwise, love this little app.

  • Very slick, I know there are plenty of apps I’ve wanted minimized to the system tray. This looks as easy as it gets.

  • Buckethead

    WinRoll does this and more, and is totally free and very small.

  • john

    I like rbtray the best of all ‘to-tray’ aps. However it does not work with all windows and therefore I found myself using it practically not at all.

  • I made RBTray Vista/7 and x64 compatible, removed the application menu additions altogether, and fixed the small target on the minimize button with XP theming (that was not intentional BTW). It’s on my site and on the official RBTray SourceForge page as well (the original author, Nikolay, added me as an admin since he doesn’t have time to maintain it).