Is rampant cheating destroying Facebook gaming?


Cheating on Facebook games is a hard subject to tackle because it takes several forms, from the more ‘acceptable’ form of creating several accounts (which is not the one we are concerned about here) to the proliferation of ‘cheat engines’ that mostly operate locally, on the user’s individual machine. These are designed to change variables such as increasing one’s gold or resources, or accelerating repairs or upgrades so that they take seconds rather than weeks. Strangely, these cheats somehow manage to make their way from the individual browser into the game’s central database, and seem to be either hard to detect by the developers,  or they simply look the other way, perhaps having accepted that cheating activity is part and parcel of Facebook gaming.

What is clear, however, is that cheating is so rampant that ‘legitimate’ players, in order to remain competitive  – or simply to stay in the game – have to either engage in it or at least devise ways to deal with it, such as investing time and energy in detecting and reporting cheaters, and in some cases spending thousands of dollars trying to fight hackers off. And while you would think that a cheat-filled playing field might spell the death of a game, with gamers deserting it in droves, this does not seem to be the case. This article aims to shed light on why this is so, as well as the implications of cheating on Facebook gaming in general.

How this article came to be (and a disclaimer):

This article is based on the experiences of a friend and colleague, whom I will call Adam (not his real name). An avid Facebook gamer, my friend has spent an average of 8 hours per day for more than two years playing “War Commander”, and other Facebook games. Together, we have witnessed the various forms of Facebook cheating evolve, and have had discussions over the implications of these to the Facebook gaming in general.

A valid question is whether this discussion of cheating in Facebook games applies to some or most Facebook games. What we are claiming is that insofar as the main ‘cheating engine’ tools used in Facebook games support most or all games on Facebook, this problem is pervasive and endemic. However, it may well be the case that the in-game dynamics and the response of the developers to cheating in their games varies, and that the phonemenon plays itself out differently from game to game. It may be that “War Commander”, which is the case study here, is a unique case; and it may be that strategy MMO’s might have different dynamics than other games (and if so, please let us know in the comments section).


With its ability to connect large numbers of gamers together across the globe, Facebook is the ideal multiplayer gaming platform. According to figures from Facebook released in early 2013, more than 250 million people play every month, and the number keeps growing. In fact, while active users on Facebook seems to have plateaued or is stabilizing, growth in the number of Facebook gamers seems to continue unabated.

Large communities of hardcore gamers have formed over some of the most successful games, and large numbers of gamers can end up spending large swaths of time playing, attaining higher and higher levels and becoming very powerful, and some gamers will spend large amounts of money on in game items and powerups. Teams will form, mostly (but not necessarily) along national lines (e.g. German team(s), Pakistani team(s) and so on), and then blur over time as alliances shift and friendships form etc.

In most MMOG’s (massively multiplayer online games), there are really two kinds of game going on: the game itself, and what we will call the ‘meta game’, which is the very human business of forging alliances, influencing other players, and so forth. This is a large part of the draw that these games have, and one thing that we will examine in this article is the notion that cheating may simply be part and parcel of it, just as it may be a part of life. We will explore this concept further in the ‘meta game’ section below.

The many forms of cheating:

The underlying concept is this: if you can hack into the game – typically flash based – in the browser and determine the codes/variables that govern the various game elements, you can change these at will. You can change the amount of gold you have, the number of troops/tanks/planes/etc. and can change weak units into the most advanced units in the game. You can even pretend to be someone else, if you know their user ID, and trick the server into replicating their base or what they’ve built or accumulated for yourself.

Facebook Cheats Screenshot2

The average user can do this using ‘cheat engines’ that are in most (though not all) cases available for free. However, cheat engines need to be ‘fed’ certain codes, as it were, in order to work: to change anything you need to know which values to change. These codes can be hard to find, but not too hard. Typically, they are plastered all over forums or Facebook, or shared by players and their friends. Somebody needs to go in and hack the game in order to find these codes, of course, but in general they seem to be be prepared to share the codes they find quite readily.

Aside from cheat engines, players can sometimes discover and exploit loopholes that are occasionally found in the games. Someone will discover, for example, that if you start building a certain unit or resource, then cancel it at a certain point in it’s development and exit to the map screen, that the item will have been built the next time you re-enter your base, or something similar to this. Typically, news of such a loophole will be shared quickly amongst friends and member’s of one’s team, and the developers will eventually fix it. But these loopholes are short-lived and players are not sanctioned (or only sanctioned lightly) once the loopholes are discovered and/or fixed, and are not what really what we mean when we talk about cheating in this article.

The distinctions between different kinds of cheating that we list below are somewhat arbitrary, but can be informative. (Note: this list is not necessarily exhaustive; there may be more forms not mentioned here).

  • Increasing your gold: by simply giving yourself a lot of money, you can buy everything that you need. Tends to be less labor intensive than other forms of cheating and relatively less disruptive to the game dynamics.
  • Changing other game variables: i.e. giving yourself more resources, advanced units, more of a certain unit than is allowed by the game, etc. This tends to be more labor intensive than simply grabbing a lot of gold,  since you have to identify and tweak individual codes, etc. This can be very disruptive to the game dynamics, because players who have been in the game for two days can suddenly have the same privileges that normally take legitimate players two years to access, for example.
  • Repair’ or development cheats: which is to say, accelerating the time it takes to repair your units or develop new techs and weaponry to a few seconds rather than days or weeks. May be less evident or more easily concealed than other forms of cheating.
  • Deactivating other player’s items/weapons: imagine, say, launching a missile at someone, waiting for the countdown to impact, and then… nothing. This is what happened to my friend, without explanation, when battling another player who had a hidden bag of tricks up his sleeve.
  • Designated ‘cheating’ accounts: which can be used in order to reap some of the benefits of cheating for your ‘legitimate’ account without suffering the consequences of being banned. For example, you can attack resource depots or other targets with your cheat account, then withdraw at the last second and  move in with your real account to complete the job and get the benefits (or let your allies and friends do so). If and when the cheating account is banned, your ‘real’ account is unaffected, or so you hope. I will say, though, that most serious players keep cheating accounts as a laboratory in order to experiment with and keep up to date with the world of cheating, because many of them feel that they have to.
  • Cloning someone else’s identity: sometimes known as ‘base clone’, this is not a taking over of someone else’s account, but rather tricking the game into thinking that you’re someone else and being able to obtain an exact replica of their base and the items they have in your browser.
  • Denying legitimate players access to the game: imagine that your base is under attack, and that you rush to your laptop in order to defend it, but that your login attempts keep failing and your access denied. Cheaters manage to do this as well.

You may assume cheaters in any game to at least outwardly pretend that they’re not cheating, but many cheaters in a Facebook MMOG do not seem to have this concern, and can be identified through a not-too-thorough examination of their base and/or units. You will immediately notice, for example, that the person possesses units that are only legitimately granted at a much higher level than theirs, or that they have multiples of a unit of which they’re only allowed to have a maximum of one, etc.

Facebook Cheats Screenshot1

In fact, cheating can change the entire game experience. The sudden emergence of cheating teams on the scene (yes, there is such a thing) can feel like the Mongol invasions of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, in that these hitherto unknown people seem like they are coming from outer space with much superior militaries.

Despite all of this, players seem to cope and do NOT seem to be leaving the game in droves (at least not the serious players who play most days of the week). In fact, they are more likely to complain loudly about a change or tweak of the game rules, units, or elements than they are about obvious rampant cheating becoming more the norm than the exception.

Detection and policing:

If, like me, you would have assumed that cheating can be instantly detected by a self-auditing central game server, you will be surprised to learn that this is far from being the case. What seems to happen is that cheating accounts thrive and survive for a very long time before they get banned.

Far from having a technological solution for finding cheaters, game developers seem to rely primarily on other players reporting it before they take action against cheaters. This is by no means the only way that game developers counter cheaters though; occasionally they’ll be ‘waves’ of weeding out accounts where cheating has been identified, but these are not as frequent as you might expect, and the phenomenon is so resilient and widespread as to seem  – from the perspective of an outside observer like myself – to be actively tolerated (more on this below).

Below are some interesting notes that have to be mentioned in this section:

  • Free vs. paid accounts: the sad reality is that game developers treat cheaters differently based on whether they are paid of free accounts. They will ban both types of accounts, but generally speaking paid accounts can and will be unbanned after some time has lapsed, whereas free accounts are likely to be banned forever. Even the notices that different types of accounts receive can be different, with paid accounts told to contact a game representative while free accounts brusquely informed that ‘cheaters will not be tolerated’.
  • Flagrant vs. hidden cheating: you are more certain to be banned if your cheating activity is a flagrant and obvious than if it is hidden and subtle. This may be a good metaphor for and similar to cheating in life in general, but it is nonetheless strange to think that you can get away with any kind of cheating in a computer game.
  • Policing as a tax on legitimate players: what would you do if all the work you put into a game playing 5 hours per day for more than two years is being jeopardized by someone who joined the game a week ago and is encroaching on your turf via cheats? You would spend considerable time and effort on taking screenshots of their units and bases, sending emails to the game developers, and lobbying your friends and allies to do the same. What just happened here is that the time you spend playing the game has just increased quite a bit on account of policing activities which are more properly dealt with via computers and/or a central authority. Essentially, you are doing the developers’ job for them, free of charge.
  • Sanctions are most effective on legitimate players who have something to lose: the threat of having your account be banned DOES work, as most people who have invested time and energy building up their account would be extremely loathe to lose it. However, it is a lot more effective on legitimate players who have something to lose rather than hackers, who simply create a new Facebook account every time it happens.

The Meta Game:

Here’s a question: imagine playing a game of cards and knowing that one or more of the people you are playing with is cheating, even if you might not know who it is; would you stick around and continue playing? My guess is that most people would say that they would not, that they would leave the table immediately.

You would think that it would be the same with these Facebook MMOG’s or any other game, but it is not, at least not for long time players, who mostly soldier on, and seem to try to cope as best they could with cheating almost as if it was part of the game itself.

Which brings us to the concept of the ‘meta game’. You could think of this as the human drama that encompasses the game itself: the discourse and communication that goes in these games, and the truces, alliances, and influence peddling that takes place. If you’ve played any MMOG you know that you will spend a lot of time chatting with other players both publicly and privately, trying to convince them to cooperate with you or share resources or to become your allies, taking screenshots of the public chats that other players in the game engage in and spinning it to other players in accurate or misleading ways that you perceive to be to your advantage, and so on. Creating multiple accounts that you use in a game would certainly fall under this category. Would cheating not fit in it as well?

Could it be that players don’t leave because hackers are making the game environment more interesting? There is a sense that cheating has a Robin Hood effect, which can be explained as follows: while spending $200 dollars on a couple thousand virtual gold coins is not a very big deal if you’re sitting in the US or Europe, in many countries that contribute thousands of players to the game this is a small fortune and is utterly inconceivable. Cheating, in this sense, can be looked at as indirectly providing legitimate players with strong opponents they would otherwise not have.

In other words, could cheating not be part and parcel of the game, something to be coped or dealt with much as cheaters exist in, say, every market economy or for that matter any conceivable human environment, system or endeavor?

The last word: our opinion

While you would think that rampant cheating by hundreds or thousands of players would completely destroy a game environment, massively multiplayer games on Facebook seem strangely resistant. Why?

One likely reason is that a player who has invested months, even years playing a game, who has accumulated and built up their in game base/units/perks, who has nurtured a community of friends and allies (and a reputation) that in some cases is closer to them and more like-minded than his/her real-life friends, and who has possibly spent hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of dollars on a game – you would think that this person has a lot more vested interest in tolerating cheating, and less of an option to simply walk out of the game in disgust than someone sitting at a table for a game of cards.

In other words, it may be that most players don’t leave because they’re a captive audience who have too much invested in the game already to be able to do so. (And the one’s that do leave don’t show up on the radar, because they were likely never much involved in the game in the first place).

In fact, the large scale existence of cheating in MMOGs presents a number of troubling moral issues:

  • It may actually be beneficial to the developer’s bottom line: this in two ways (1) by forcing legitimate players to spend a lot of money in order to counter the strong and belligerent cheaters encroaching on their turf, and (2) by inducing a lot of people who either want or feel like the have to cheat, to become paid players, in order to protect their accounts from being irrevocably banned if and when they are found out, since paid accounts do grant some sort of immunity. In other words, game developers can be implicated in a way that makes them look at this phenomenon not as hackers hijacking their game, but as something that benefits them financially that they are not entirely incentivized to get rid of. Imagine if your local police department stood to make money from the crime activity that takes place in your community.
  • It forces legitimate players to become cheaters themselves: imagine that you’ve spent weeks, months or years playing a game (and perhaps hundreds of dollars) building up your account, only to see that others who joined the game last week are stronger. How much of a sucker would you feel for spending all this time, energy and money? Your likely reaction is to immediately open designated cheating accounts to experiment with cheating yourself and figure out how to go about it undetected. This was not your intention, of course, when you signed up, but you feel like you have to go this route in order to compete and protect what you’ve legitimately built up.
  • It simply is not fair: it takes away the game from people who’ve spent years playing it. I also pity new, eager players have no clue what they’re getting themselves involved in.

Rampant cheating in an online game is definitely not what people expect, and not what they signed up for when they initially started playing. Nobody was told ‘hey, by playing this game you will encounter rampant cheating by other players at a much larger scale and faster pace than the developers will deal with, but it’s ok just consider it part of the game’. Perhaps game developers should have such a disclaimer, but as things stand now legitimate players are, in a sense, victims of a large bait-and-switch, where they think they’ve signed up for one thing only to find later on down the road (and once they’ve got too much time, energy, and money invested in the game) that it is something else.

I asked my friend ‘Adam’ mentioned above, who provided me with his excellent knowledge of Facebook cheating for this article, how he would feel if cheating on his favorite Facebook game became a thing of the past. He responded that it would be ‘the best thing that could ever happen’, because ‘battles will finally become fair’. ‘But it will never go away’, he continued, because the company wants it to stay, because they make money off of it’.

To me, the quote above speaks volumes, because it suggests that gamers do not trust the game developers anymore, and see themselves as set apart from them (rather than partners with them). Captive audience or not, the future of Facebook gaming seems a lot more uncertain to me than outward appearance and growth in numbers might suggest. The world seems ripe for either a better platform that can fix and prevent some of these problems with rampant cheating, or better games where the developers act more responsibly, that eager gamers might migrate to and choose to spend their time there instead.

  • Mike

    The Game cheats are also used in Battle Pirates that also is a game on Facebook from the same people as War Commander.

    • john

      battle pirates is one of the warst balanced games out there even if peopl are not cheating its impossible for people like me level 33 without the special ships they have to defend my base or get anything worth anything plus i get level everytime my shield sdown the games unplayable now if you dont have any special event ships dont even bother with it

      • john

        sorry im level 50 at level 50 i cant gget a thing

  • T S

    War Commander is a bit resistant in that there isn’t a direct alternative game out there that is as good, or at least there hasn’t been. There is a certain amount of inertia to a game that players have enjoyed and invested time. Even at that, player numbers are consistently dropping month over month.

    • Forest Gump

      To be honest I hope the game FAILS!!! EXPLODES!!!

    • CLK

      I’m done. Been playing for a year and a half and I am out! How can you defend from a hacked Titan, Viper, Spec combo that takes 100% of res once base is leveled? SO what, I farm it again in or hit one of their ridiculous thor depots and in two days it is taken again if not spent. The game is crap! First they eliminated micro-heal of air, then these ridiculous units came, then hacking was out of control, and now a messed up A.I. and super gunners that make HS useless! Yea, Kixeye can choke on the turd they created!

      • T S

        The only way to legally “defend” now is to stay bubbled (surrounding your base with platoons of Titans seems to work pretty well for the hackers).
        With the HH45’s I no longer care about infamy, but I don’t want to give the hackers the satisfaction or lose 8 hours of research because I was hit just after I left for the day. At least so far they haven’t figured out how to hack through a bubble.
        Like most players though, I’m actively looking for another game.

        • dad

          actually my friend says hes been hit while in bubble , so thats not impossible either

        • b s

          cheating should not be happening, kixeye don’t care or they would solve problem fast, they are banking for now but how about tomorrow?

  • Radu

    good analysis, true and accurate! tx Samer!

  • Jack

    Cheating is cheating, any way you look at it and it’s wrong. I’m playing War Commander. In our sector we do not tolerate cheaters/hackers. As soon as we ID them, we put them on a sector hit list. We’ve had to modify our strategy in order to deal with them, but we’re working through it. I does seem to take Kixeye a long time to ID hackers and ban them, but it does happen. So, the cheaters are classified as enemy and it’s “us against them”!! 🙂

    • Ken Sparks

      Cheating and hacking are a sad part of the gaming experience. While in the short term people may appear to stay in the game(s). There will come a time when the players leave in droves and less and less join to fill in the holes. Facebook and the various gaming sites have done little to correct the problem because to them, it prompts the honest player to coin( buy gold ) which of course is a win win for both War Commander and Facebook. What they fail to realize is the eventual backlash the honest players are going to have on their bottom lines.

  • Darryl Mills

    Samer…wow! Well-researched, well-written and powerful stuff. You have captured the feelings and frustrations of the many of us who refuse to cheat! Great job. I hope Kixeye is paying attention. My guess? Kixeye has read this already and laughed…all the way to the bank.

    • Forest Gump

      They cashed a few of my checks… 🙁

      • Joann Whitman

        I agree 100%. I have spent almost 2 years playing wc, and to know that I have made friends as close as family, had many dollars spent, time accumulated, and good times playing as well seems like a huge loss to just walk away. I am a lvl 32, let me tell you I have never hacked and cheated. I have friends that started close to the time I joined and have the mindset that “if you can’t beat them join them”……however it makes me sick to know this thought needs to even cross their minds….these are other honest people like me and they have been let down by a company that picks dollars of players and that to me isn’t right not one bit. Your tight though Darryl, they see this kind of thing and laugh. Our tickets dont mean shit, maybe 1 out of 300 that we have put in actually get banned. If i could find a game comparable to wc, and i knew my friends that I have met would be interested I would walk away, to me it is deeper than a game. It is enjoyable time for me to escape the hustle and bustle of life for a couple min here and a Friday evening with my husband and boys who also play. I mean at my house this game has became our modern “family game night”. My father even plays, he is the reason I stared playing, now I watch him play with his grandkids, that’s why I play.

        • Kelly Welsh

          I have played War Commander for about 1.5 years now and sadly have to say it is true. I know 100’s of people who play every day and some are going to the darkside because it’s obvious that Kixeye doesn’t care about cheaters. But on the same note you are talking about a software/gaming company (Kixeye) that intentionally puts bugs into it’s game to make those who have the time/money invested and dont want to fall behind spend even more. Kixeye representatives who post on the forums constantly contradict themselves and openly lie about issues. They will see a post about an item that has 99% hate posts, 1% favorable and then they will post saying; Well from the posts it seems everyone likes this change. I’ve seen this happen many times. Kixeye continually adds items to the game which are half thought out and poorly coded that take constant attention from developers to fix over time, time they could be spending to make improvements. Bugs which are well known to developers have been in game and un-addressed for over a year now in favor of adding new items that simply are unwanted by players and do not work as stated. The recent rework of the targeting system was a complete and utter flop. Although developers have worked on it for for a week solid now, it is worse than it was the day it brought live to the servers yet developers continually post on the forums that XXX were fixed but they are not fixed. The game has become virtually impossible to play now and is definitely not a “free game”. if you want to be able to play then you HAVE to pay for repairs because of all the bugs and glitches. If you don’t pay to play, you will get maybe 10 minutes play time per day. I understand the feeling of protecting what you have built up and spent so much time and real money on but that is quickly passing for me. Things get to a point where you realize you’re just banging your head on a wall, wasting your time and money and it’s time to let it go. Many people I know and had met through the game this last 1.5 years have already left. You can only take so many lies before you lose faith and realize it’s better to get out now than down the road when you’ve doubled your time, money and effort. The idea and concepts of War Commander were an awesome idea and well developed in the beginning although slowly. When it was bought out by Kixeye it became a money grab and the game is not even close to what it was 1.5 years ago when everyone loved it. What used to be a war game of skill and strategy is now nothing more than a constant grind for resources and upgrades. leaving no time for the average player to even consider going to war. By the time you get a unit (ground/air/turret/missile) unlocked and upgraded to where it is actually useful it has already become obsolete. There is no more strategy or skill involved, it has become a battle of the honest players against the hackers with the hackers outnumbering the honest players by a longshot. It will only be a matter of time before more lose interest and realize they are in a losing situation with no hope. Kixeye caters to a very small group of it’s biggest spenders instead of the general populous in hopes of bringing in more (cash spending) players. This small group they cater to are people playing 12-18 hours per day, not the casual players. Their vision for this game is very short, they will continue unabated on the path to destruction until nothing is left of this game so many loved.

          • Johnny

            If someone is playing for 12-18 hours a day, when do they have time to work to pay for this game?

        • Crappy Khan

          i had made a lot of friends just like you did. i kept playing until i was lvl 37 and then i gave up. apparently, almost all my friends left the game because it was giving too much stress instead of entertainment. i gave the account to a friend and moved on to the real life. it feels so much better. i keep in touch with those friends on facebook and enjoy my real life at the same time

    • T S

      One thing that I don’t really get: When games like World of Warcraft are struggling to find players at $15-$20 a month and games like Skyrim are available on sale for $5, is there seriously anyone that orders things like the 2000 gold for $200 pack for a game like WC?

      I can see throwing $5 at it and did that myself to support it, but $200? Thats a year of WoW, a few new stand-alone titles, or several years playing time of older titles which are still much more in-depth, have better graphics, and overall have much better gameplay than the “free” games.

      Overall, I think the players will eventually wise up and the “free” games will go back to being niche market or player-produced on sites like Kongregate.

      • HP

        its starts like that you think , ahh i will just spend $5 on this, but the more time you invest in the game and the more committed you become to playing it. such that it would rival the amount of time one would play on a regular RPG or MMO the likely hood that you invest more money in it is inevitable. so what was just a $5 dollar game has now run up a $200 bill. especailly when its $1 at a time. the justification in your mind becomes ” ahh its just a dollar.” i had a colleague who spent $200 in just a month just because she didnt realize the ” ahh , its just a dollar or 50cents” added up quite quickly.

        • Papi

          Two hundred dollars in a month isn’t all that bad. I think that boils sown to just over $6 a day. Less than some lunches cost. Certainly there are other things the money can be spent on. In the end you have to ask yourself, “did I enjoy the use of that $6? Did I have fun?” If the answer is yes, then it isn’t wasted. If not, then I’d say it’s time to reevaluate where entertainment money is spent.

          • Johnny

            It isn’t? Compare it to the price of a gaming console. That is a new PS4 or xbox in two months time. Buy three games in another month. Those three games will have much better graphics, reliable gameplay, etc than any flash player game ever will.

            • Papi

              Some people spend more that $6/day on cigarettes. And no, it isn’t. Read what I wrote. Spending money on a game like WC isn’t about buying the game, it’s about entertainment, like an arcade that you drop quarters in. If you are having fun spending 24 quarters a day in the arcade, the money isn’t wasted. Again, read what I wrote.

        • justanotherbraindeadPirate107

          It’s ok, As prices, demand, pay intelligence and everything else fall, so will the salaries for the support staff. I think you will probably be competing with Mc’Ds to see who gets those top jobs in Fry-Cookery or Supporting a game getting, what? 50 cents per sub when they pay if they have jobs and have an attention span long enough to let you interview an employee before they quit. More likely they will just cheat, leave a huge e-penis footprint amazing you all with their incredible skills and speed and move on to the next game or bong hit, whatever’s more important at the time, I would guess bong hit’s…can’t actually pay attention to one thing very long, it’s hard!

      • Papi

        I have always looked at it like any other hobby, or going to an arcade. A few bucks here and there is no big deal. Sure it adds up over time, but if I get another 5 min of fun for a $1.50, I see no reason not to spend it. Dropping $200 in one sitting though, might be a cause for concern.

      • Tommyweiser

        Made for Hardcore Gamers…. that’s Kixeye’s line! So all us console and PC players must be 2nd degree gamers under those who play Kixeye’s so called free game

      • Crappy Khan

        you will understand it if you had started playing like 3 years ago. its not world of warcraft

        • T S

          I actually did start a couple years ago, pre-map, and didn’t do much at the time and moved on to other games. That was kind of my point. This is far less game with far lower development costs — If WoW was just the battlegrounds it would still be more of a game, yet certain players fork out far more money for WC. Even WoW seems to now be moving to a free-to-play, pay for premium content model now.

          As far as the original topic, it is good to see that Kixeye finally seems to be taking cheating more seriously.

          • Crappy Khan

            doesn’t matter. WC has gone too far down the drain to attract casual gamers. as playing this game can’t be a profession either, there are only the stupid ones left to enjoy in exchange of money. i guess its not very hard to earn the money these days

  • Scad

    I would like to know why people cheat? There is nothing of value to gain, everyone know’s who they are so there is no respect involved. What is a cheaters psychological profile? I’m guessing a real life loser who has finally found a way that he/she can finally win at something.

    • john

      nothing of value people cheat so as not to have to lose anything of value ie real money also to not have to wait for things like the rest of us who dont cheat

  • Volodymyr DjStalin Kolychev

    Great Article, posting on

  • Guest

    Bueno este hack ya está arruinando el juego, pero no es su culpa que hay tramposos en este juego de ” War Commander ” … Kixeye es el culpable de la creación de estas unidades únicas y poderosas que es favoritos de los tramposos. “Titán ” y ” Viper” es la peor cosa que podría aver creado y que la culpa va hacer si es la razón por la cual el juego es una mierda de la falta, por lo que ayudan a los tramposos del juego que caen por debajo de los más tramposos allí , uno se anima a unirse al lado oscuro para jugar al igual que un jugador debe hacer todo …… Tengo que reconocer que también me olvido tambien yo trampa pero ciertas razones, y para avanzar en algo que es una mierda esperar 11 días y 7 8 11 días de espera para la mega- tanque tienen que subir de nivel ……….. se le anima a hacer trampa una vez, larga espera a veces no vale la pena … unidades “Unique” ruina el juego y tramposos admiran esto hace Kixeye , Kixeye y sigue creando más y creo que van a crear más que ver como el juego entra en querer que la gente a comprar más oro para ganar dólares, cuando en realidad baja y está disminuyendo sólo tramposos disfrutan más que comprar realmente son ….. tiene que reiniciar el juego por varias razones:

    1 – Se están multiplicando las unidades individuales ” Titans 8 ” ” 10 Viper”

    2 – el Spectre ha hecho que el juego ha perdido tantos jugadores el juego perdió algo de la fama

    3 – Los nuevos controles para la lucha contra muchas personas no les gustó lo que quiere controles antes y es una razón más para dejar el juego que

    4 – Si el jugador ataca a un enemigo, el enemigo aún puede destruir por completo su base que recientemente ha fallado 100 %

    5 – Hay muchos errores que Kixeye no se ha dado cuenta y no han arreglado y es una molestia para los jugadores en el

    6 – Kixeye continuará perdiendo partidarios si regresan varias cosas

    7 – Kixeye no debería seguir actualizando el juego, muchos prefieren el viejo Comandante Guerra

    ya no y muchos más el juego es interesante y perdieron el interés en el juego , además de los tramposos.

    • Swit Grace Roxas Medina

      sad to see that…many players had to work hard to improve they bases to win to this game..but others are make this cheat to show to us they are strong than us…but hopefully soon as posible kixeye see this or all cheaters and make him banned all of them…

  • Guest

    Well this hack is already ruining the game, but it’s not their fault that there are cheats in this game of “War Commander” … Kixeye is to blame for creating these unique and powerful units that are favorites of cheaters. “Titan ” and ” Viper” is the worst thing that could aver created and will do if guilt is the reason why the game sucks the lack , so help game cheats that fall below of the cheats there, one is encouraged to join the dark side to play like a player should do …… I have to admit that I also forgot trap but also certain reasons, and to advance something that sucks to wait 11 days and July 8, 11 days of waiting for the mega – tank have to level up ……. …. you are encouraged to cheat once , long wait sometimes not worth … “Unique” cheaters ruin the game and admire this makes Kixeye units , Kixeye and continues to create more and I think it will create more to do as the game enters want people to buy more gold to earn dollars, when in fact low and is decreasing only enjoy more cheats to buy really are ….. have to restart the game for several reasons:

    1 – are multiplying individual units “Titans 8″ ” 10 Viper”

    2 – The Spectre has made the game has lost many players the game lost some fame

    3 – The new controls for fighting many people did not like what he wants controls before and is one more reason to leave the game

    4 – If the player attacks an enemy , the enemy can still completely destroy your base recently ruled that 100 %

    5 – There are many mistakes that Kixeye has not been realized and have not fixed and is a nuisance to the players in the

    6 – Kixeye continue to lose supporters if they return several things

    7 – Kixeye should not continue updating the game, many prefer the old War Commander

    many more and no play is as interesting and lost interest in the game, plus cheats .

  • Jorge Manuel

    Well this hack is already ruining the game, but it’s not their fault that there are cheats in this game of “War Commander” … Kixeye is to blame for creating these unique and powerful units that are favorites of cheaters. “Titan ” and ” Viper” is the worst thing that could aver created and will do if guilt is the reason why the game sucks the lack , so help game cheats that fall below of the cheats there, one is encouraged to join the dark side to play like a player should do …… I have to admit that I also forgot trap but also certain reasons, and to advance something that sucks to wait 11 days and July 8, 11 days of waiting for the mega – tank have to level up ……. …. you are encouraged to cheat once , long wait sometimes not worth … “Unique” cheaters ruin the game and admire this makes Kixeye units , Kixeye and continues to create more and I think it will create more to do as the game enters want people to buy more gold to earn dollars, when in fact low and is decreasing only enjoy more cheats to buy really are ….. have to restart the game for several reasons:

    1 – are multiplying individual units “Titans 8″ ” 10 Viper”

    2 – The Spectre has made the game has lost many players the game lost some fame

    3 – The new controls for fighting many people did not like what he wants controls before and is one more reason to leave the game

    4 – If the player attacks an enemy , the enemy can still completely destroy your base recently ruled that 100 %

    5 – There are many mistakes that Kixeye has not been realized and have not fixed and is a nuisance to the players in the

    6 – Kixeye continue to lose supporters if they return several things

    7 – Kixeye should not continue updating the game, many prefer the old War Commander

    many more and no play is as interesting and lost interest in the game, plus cheats . by:xllJeorgesllx

    • john

      itys not thier fualt the cheats are in there but itas their fault for letting them continue

      • john

        i garrantee kix knows about most of thier probs but they dont fix because it benefits them to leave the problems rather than fix them

  • David

    All players true and honest players of WAR COMMANDER should either 1 all get a page going and picket the game until they fix it…they cannot make money if we are not playing and buying their gold….2 go to Hacking …..if we all did it would break kixeye!!! Why not they do not care for us honest players…….guess its our true values that wont allow us too!!!! But after 3 yrs of about 6-8 hrs a day of playing upgrading and meeting new ppl its about to come to a head. I really do not use FB for much other than playing WC. So beings kixeye and or fb cannot prevent these ppl from, hacking on wc or obtaining another players acc….both are to blame…….i think its time we all take a stand and not play the games!!!

    • Joann Whitman

      I know that people have tried in the past, I dont think it was very organized. I would be willing to bring this issue up in out meeting from sector 58. It would be a shell shock when a high percentage of players just didnt log on for a few days, maybe a couple weeks

    • john

      prob with the above is the cheaters already playio g will continue playing cause they got nom reason to stop especially if they are paying

  • James

    Well written. However, there is additional information.

    Cheat engine allows a player to alter their own progress. There is another program called Hack Tool which allows access to game code from the server and release the new codes to everyone.

    It also allows people to adversly affect the progress of other players. More recently players I knowin War Commander have had all their units set back to level 1 via hack tool…

  • some-one

    Best revieuw and tru ever write. because kixeye ay 2 year fix this and that. 2 years afther more cheat and hack, also clone base never fix, Kixeye take dollars for fat food and cars. tey shit on players. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ number one. but beter game be low price lol.

    greets Theo

  • Lawrence Callen


  • Liz

    Great article! Very thorough.

  • SnakeEyes

    Cheating = Use drugs

  • Of course, one could argue that the answer to any question which begins with the phrase “[i]s rampant cheating destroying…” necessarily must be “yes.” I would further argue that that that would be true even without the word “rampant” in it.

    Just sayin’.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    Veritas nihil veretur nisi abscondi.
    Veritas nimium altercando amittitur.

  • LDP

    Very well written…and surprisingly accurate capture of what many gamers including myself perceive to be taking place

  • WarEagle

    Can you comment on whether this should be a legal issue for Kixeye?? Is allowing this gaming environment and exploiting cheating to gain profit not illegal? I have played War Commander for over 2 years, scraped and clawed up to level 37, and yea spent well over a few hundred dollars over that time period. And now I find myself totally done and over this game for no other reason than it isn’t a fair battlefield any longer. There is literally 0 point in playing anymore. So sad.

    • law

      are you WarEagle from sector 85 ??

      • WarEagle


    • Dennis Nichols

      A great question bro. I have spent 3 years and hundreds of dollars to get to where I am currently . . and it pisses me off to no end that the battlefield is no longer fair.

      NOT TO MENTION that the spectre and titan so totally tilt the balance in favor of the attacker and events are difficult if not impossible to get ahead in, and its an environment where cheaters say eff it…its too hard, its impossible to do it fairly, so why NOT cheat?

      Zero point in playing indeed….the only reason I havent walked away is the social circle I have developed within the game

    • james

      kixeye has the right to inforce and not inforce whatever they want on thier games because its thier property and cheating is not a violation of anything if they allow it to happen they set what they want in terms of gameplay there is no law involved at all unless they are b;latently stealing money from us and can be proven to be doing so also if they are selling things to people to give them an advantage with real money then they are doing illegal stuff

      • WarEagle

        You are talking criminal issues. I am not talking about that. I am talking about a class-actions lawsuit that claims damages against Kixeye. You don’t have to have broken a law for that. Kixeye has provided a product, and many thousands of players have invested heavily in that product. It is then Kixeye’s responsibility to maintain the integrity of that product.

        I bet a lawyer could have a LOT of fun with that don’t you think?

    • MeanNastyWicked

      WarEagle, i doubt it will be a legal issue, mainly because there are so many different regions that play this game, the only thing that can really be done is to fully ban tha players I.P address. I played this game almost 2 year and I can remember it was not impossible to get resources, now it is not easy unless you coin. I fought to get to level 36 and now these people who are lvl 30 attacking my base and everyone elses base who only instant repair their units. I am also in Sector 85 and i want to quit this game so badly because if i cant get reso easy why play, only to get it all stolen from a hacket.

      • War Eagle

        Don’t you think that it is Kixeye’s responsibility to provide a stable and fair gaming environment? I’m not saying we should be suing the hackers in Turkey or something, I’m saying we should be suing Kixeye in San Francisco who refuse to fix such obvious problems. Ban IP’s! Fix the bugs that allow hackers to so easily manipulate code! For me its such an utterly wasted 2 years of my time and money. I’m a level 37 and I get attacked by a level 30 with hacked units. Then that level 30 has his base surrounded by a level 8 that has 4 titans in each plat surrounding!! I mean that is truly the most blatant and saddest thing a player can encounter.

        I literally can’t play this game anymore because of the environment they are allowing to persist. My investment is a total loss and Kixeye is to blame.

  • death dealer

    I applaud the intellect that was showcased by the author, however in the screen shot of the guy with the cloned vipers, i count 14. think he missed the base defenders. barring that, well done sir, A- because you cheated lol. gj bro

  • klun

    i would love to hear the response from someone in charge at kixeye about this article, or rather what kind of lie they come up with to try to hide the fact that they themselves have realized this along time ago with there other games and have there very own clan of cheaters on the map in order to boost profits.

  • Jack Nicholson

    i hate to say it guys but war cammander is not the only game they rum there are battle pirates vega conflict backyard monsters and so on plenty of these make money they could probably do without one but they wouldnt handle losing a game and supporters so it might work

    • john

      bvega conflict and backyard monsters is bought their only playable games cause they aint as bad as wc or bp prob is they never update and ive not seen to many peopleplay backyard anymore also vega conflict is right now since its still newer as yet still fair play and balanced to boring to play right now though

  • michael

    this is the mistake of kixeye releasing unbelievable toons e.g. viper, titans and etc. to earn dollars for themselves, before i play fair but the one attacking my base didn’t play fair he use cheatcodes..what shall i do? the best i idea is to cheat too ..cheaters versus cheaters..

  • Joe M

    Well written and pretty much spot on… what game development companies need is a good class action law suit… because, cheating benefits the gaming company. The key is keeping the number of cheats down to a level that is beneficial to the gamer’s pocketbook… but, not to great of a reduction in cheaters that it literally ends participation.

    Cheating is an ally to the bottom line of gaming companies…. and there is no doubt this had ethical (if not possibly legal) ramifications.

    BTW, the game you show as an example (Kixeye’s War Commander) is an excellent example of a gaming company using cheats to their advantage and pay just enough lip service to make players believe they are making changes to prevent cheating … but, really only want to keep cheating at an acceptable level. And… they constantly test exactly what the level may be…

    … kudos to their business ingenuity/criminal like behavior – take your pick.

    • john

      the prob with your legal thinking is kixeyes not forcing us to pay its the peopels choice therefor its not illegal buyer beware that what it falls under

  • Daniel Joseph Sherwood

    Even if war commander fails, i know that i will lose my account not for cheating but because of those who did! I have spent way too much time amd energy to cheat. I do have all the codes and everything. Still refuse. I just wanted to see all the crap. Anyways good article. I have also heard kixeye might start doing IP banning. Which i feel would be better then banning just the email linked to the game account

  • Wayne Jacobs

    If you want to put the pinch on Kixeye over the way War Commander has taken your money then you need to write to your state’s attorney general and show proof of how you lost your money playing, why the game doesn’t do what you were told or thought it should do, and how many you kind confirm that lost money in the same manner. BTW the term is merchantability

    :Salable; of quality and type ordinarily acceptable among vendors and buyers.

    An item is deemed merchantable if it is reasonably fit for the ordinary purposes for which such products are manufactured and sold. For example, soap is merchantable if it cleans. In general, a seller or manufacturer is required by law to make products of merchantable quality. In the event that the items do not meet with the proper standards, a suit can be brought against the seller or manufacturer by anyone who is injured as a result.

    MBA- Organizational Development/Organizational Leadership

  • Isla Moha-zero

    Kixeye always saying that they suspended cheaters and they keep tracing
    them because they want a fair playing ….. This is not true… they
    don’t care about fair playing… how come a player have a lot of money
    he can repair instant and other who can’t spent money on the game… and
    Kixeye saying … we need fair playing… This is not fair at all..All
    what they care about is money… only money….a lot of money… they
    didn’t give u a gold in game for free if u passed a lvl or something
    like that…Many games in FB gives you a free coins in some cases and in
    some times.. but Kixeye don’t….This is not free game as they
    said……I am not a coiner but a coiner was attacking me every time and
    when i want to hit back… i flatted him… but i needed about hours to
    repair… he repaired Instant with gold and hit me again….Is this
    fair….Kixeye should say in the 1st this isn’t a free game only rich
    ppl or coiners play it…I wasn’t cheating… but I am a big cheater
    now… I teaching every one how to cheat I have 10 suspended accounts
    till now… but I have many r not …. I am not cheating to hit players i
    am cheating to make Kixeye losing money and i teach all my friends how
    to cheat to stop spending money to this company…. I don’t want Kixeye
    earn money again.. so i’ll keep cheating and teaching cheating…. All
    wat i want is destroy this company and make players not spending money
    in this game…..Do I like this game… yes i like it and still like
    it… but I’l not stop cheating till kixeye change it politic….If they
    make the game is really fair game not coiners game

    • T S

      There is nothing you can’t get in the game for free if you play it well except storage compression and base expansion.

      Storage compression is a little bit of a convenience but not that big a deal (and would be less of one without the changes to air repairs). Base expansion might help in certain situations, but no one needs. Also, Kixeye does occasionally give out free coins and I used the free coins at Christmas to get L1 Compression/Expansion.

      The game exists because some people are willing to spend money to do things slightly faster. That guy who actually spent money to repair his units (rather than either waiting or hacking them) is paying for the game to exist for the free player.

      I understand some people have more money than others, but even for the typical person in the US or EU, the amount most people are willing to spend on a game is going to make very little difference compared to spending nothing.

  • Alaa Alkhazraji

    Good job Nice article Hope Kixeye see that Thanx Samer to help us to kill cheat iam playing this game 2 years ago and i spent alot of time and money at this game to build my account lvl 37 and get good weapon now cheater get it with 1 days its really bad , he David kexeye do you see all ppl knows about cheat in warcommander

  • warren

    well if they didnt charge so much for a stuiped upgrade or repair people
    wouldnt have to cheat 400 to 500 pound to do upgrades hahah on a free
    game so if its a free game meet aswell cheat so u get it free maybe f
    they stop with all the stuiped price for gold it would never have
    happened so i say cheat like fck till they sort out all the glitchs and
    bugs and do what we want when asked u get glitchs allday everydy u lose
    air kixeye dont care but cheat bang u r banned then fix the sht and
    peopel wouldnt need to cheat use dont fix it cause u want us to spend r
    money well i say no just cheat cheat cheat and more cheat if u ask me
    till use fix it if not bann all then use lose ur busniss

  • Richard

    As a developer I can say Kixeye is the biggest Joke of a farce I’ve ever seen. 1 day is all it would take me to implement code into the game to instantly ban hackers the same day. As well as the fact Kixeye actually enjoys the hacks, it makes the paying players coin that much more. This company and David Scott should be charged and sued to the poor house for some of the comments I’ve gotten back from this dumb ass. That day is coming, once my RPG/War/Quest Game launches that btw will be UN-Cheatable, I’m going to be more than happy to throw plenty of the proceeds to see these F’ers at Kixeye pay the piper for their BS of basic conspiracy to defraud honest players.

    • Dennis Nichols

      where do I send my donation to the fund to prosecute them?

      BTW .. if someone can make a game as GREAT as War Commander ONCE was, they would make a KILLING…we have no alternatives that I am aware of that is similar in play and appearance

      • Saab

        I’m a level 34 WC player, and in real life I’m an intellectual property and antitrust litigation attorney. If you really are serious about getting at kixeye through the courts (which I consider during each event or after 5 toons of lv 15 players surround my base with 5 Titans in each toon), contact me at….hold please and enjoy this 5 minute flute solo as I need to set up an encrypted e-mail account so Kixeye doesn’t ban me for whatever they can come up with as a pretext [which, by the way, they tried the last time I mentioned litigating on behalf of a number of players])….O.K., I’m back….hit me up at and I can tell you a little bit about the class action in US Fed. Dist. Ct. I’ve already mapped out against these thieves….It’s like the unnamed software company that creates viruses and malware that attack it’s own products, but makes a boatload of $ when it’s anti-virus acquisition provides a fix…Unfuckingconsicionable!

        • Dakra

          I have a law degree as well and finally quit WC after realizing it was all about the cheaters and coiners. I’d be happy to assist you in any way I can if you decided to take action…dakra at cox dot net…

    • Keith

      Send me a link to your new game… I like it already…

    • Richard, I’m a level 34 WC player, and in real life I’m an intellectual property and antitrust litigation attorney. If you really are serious about getting at kixeye through the courts (which I consider during each event or after 5 toons of lv 15 players surround my base with 5 Titans in each toon), contact me at….hold please and enjoy this 5 minute flute solo as I need to set up an encrypted e-mail account so Kixeye doesn’t ban me for whatever they can come up with as a pretext [which, by the way, they tried the last time I mentioned litigating on behalf of a number of players])….O.K., I’m back….hit me up at and I can tell you a little bit about the class action in US Fed. Dist. Ct. I’ve already mapped out against these thieves….It’s like the unnamed software company that creates viruses and malware that attack it’s own products, but makes a boatload of $ when it’s anti-virus acquisition provides a fix…Unfuckingconsicionable! And send me a link to your game as well….I’m ready to jump!

    • Crappy Khan

      send me a link to your game. i promise you at least one thousand players from my part

    • Gary Canterbury

      I’m always looking for a new diversion. Link please?

    • Bill Friel

      Yes I did none of these things that were listed above I never hacked and I was banned. Never really understood the reason and don’t agree to this day with Kixeyes explanation as to what was their reason for
      their actions against me.

  • Lucky Labzx Yu

    ok .. I’ve read all comment .. sounds fair to each and everyone .. both have their issues .. I would like to ask to all of you guys .. does anyone have a remedy to account that has been suspended due to cheating ?

    • john

      if you were not paying on that acount your screwed

  • CapnCrunch

    this game was fun when there was at least some amount of planning and skill involved in the attack. Now that the game is 100% about Thorium and the “events” to unlock outlandish unrealist corny units, the game is a joke. Add to that, all of the cheating, and IMO Glixeye has made a total mockery of themselves… but, why would they change anything? People continue to pay way toooooo much money. We, aas consumers, have forgotten that WE control the universe. If you dont like something,dont give them your money. But if the money stream doesnt dry-up, why would they change their tactics? Simple math people…. and that is the reason I stopped playing this lame ass game months ago.

    • john

      thats why they need balance by inserting defenses that counter unique units

  • Frank Galindo de Mazariegos

    problea of the hack is hard as you attack with multiple units titan, ahy also players who are level 2 to 14 who have more of a titan lvl 14 and cover asus allies 5 seedlings in which the units do not appear even when you attack and makes it impossible to attack the bases covered … LORENA 08

  • Scab

    Unfortunately this is also a problem in Battle Pirates. By the sound of it it is not as rampant but nonetheless still exists. Kixeye has never been overly focused on customer satisfaction, they tend to introduce new features and each new raid prize makes previous prizes obsolete. This article is well written and informative.

  • Xaibi Rock

    yes good work sir.. so true..

  • tYk

    I’ve played WC for over 2 years. The two previous games I played were both eventually ruined by cheaters, and I expect the same will happen with WC, sooner rather than later. For myself, I can say that I came into WC knowing full well that there were cheaters and that Kixeye was unlikely to effectively police them. However, the game is good on many levels. While I am part of a clan, I mostly just play against the game and socialize. There is little to be gained by engaging against an unbeatable, cheating opponent. Anyone that plays a FB game expecting fair play is in for a rude awakening. My advice to anyone would be to expect cheaters and to invest thier money accordingly. You cannot buy your way to success in a FB game, someone else will get more than you have for free, and you have only yourself to blame for spending money on an inherently unlevel playing field.

  • Rafael Santigo

    First & Foremost, Great Write Up.. Very well put..

    Years ago, when MobWars first came out, i was playing along trying to move up in level & strength but as i am attacking away i see people moving levels far below me to levels far above me within a few mins.. Then you noticed players playing close to 24/7.. Hunting 24/7 making boat loads of cash & having bounties that are untouchable.. I would message someone and ask how they are doing this & i would get a message saying things like, Oh i have a reeeeeeealy fast computer & comments like that.. Then one day i joined a family & thats when i learned about the BOT.. Which made it impossible for me to play because i refused to put real life money into the game.. So i quit.. Now in games like MobWars these days, the devs let the BOTS happen.. even if you report them, they will not be touched because most spend so much real money.. They started another MobWars type game that they at least “Try” to take out the cheats but from what i have seen in the few years playing a few different games, its almost impossible to take the cheat out of the game once its there.. With that said, The moment i find out there is a cheat, i stop playing.. Period..

  • Matt Johnson

    It’s not worth it the hack because to get the hacker program you go thru a maze crap. once you have it it’s filled with viruses, spyware , trojans, and worms made to steal your personal info.

  • WhatsWarCommander?

    The article reads Facebook gaming but only highlights one game while talking about millions of gamers.

    Where are the other games?
    Some of these hacking theories seems tin foil hat theoryish.

    • T S

      Kixeye is actually one of the better developers when it comes to cheaters, or has now turned into one of them. Most other facebook games I have tried are even more full of what appear to be cheaters. Take a look at any of them that have top score listings and you will see dozens of players who either spent $10k’s each on the game or cheated.

  • Dan

    I quit WC because of the rampant cheating and the fact that Kixeye didn’t seem to care. I played several hours a night, but I’m not going to risk having someone hack me for a Facebook game. Too bad, met lots of good people! I was a lvl35 or something when I quit.

    • David Aspinall

      David (MacVaila lvl36)
      I stopped playing war commander in December, due to that fact why play a game where hackers/cheaters/cloning is ruining it for the real players. Pointless playing or spending money if Kixeye can’t control or stop the crap!!

  • Keith

    I have read ALL comments as well as the Article here. I am Dead against Cheating. I think if you cheat, go play solitare and cheat it will make you feel better about yourself… Nevertheless I have played for almost 2 years now and am at lv 33, I have been online almost EVERYDAY to claim my res and to repair. however, as of the last couple months, MASSIVE cheaters online, have stolen this game from me. I will NEVER spend another dime for ANYTHING from Kixeye from here on out. (so nearly 600-800$) it stops for me now. I am disappointed in the company for NOT handling the cheating problems. and I know just as a single person, they just don’t care. Someone mentioned that we bouycot them for a few weeks. My ? to that is, WILL they REALLY fix the cheating if we do that?? and what about us who ARE honest. will be rewarded for OUR Honesty and fair play, even against cheaters and hackers? I am burnt out on doin Kixeyes job in Sending in reports on cheaters, only to see NOTHING done about it… I PAYED for the game and I feel it IS there job to make the game fair for All of us…. At the VERY Least, Ban the cheats and hackers by the IP Addy. THAT will help right there… again this is just my opinion…

  • Francis Abano

    true!!!!! (y) (y) (y)

  • Brian

    Sorry, but it’s not at all difficult to find cheaters, a least not those who do things like multiple unique units. All players’ information, everything they have in their base, the exact placement of each building, the number and level of each unit, the contents of every platoon, the health of every unit, every unit being repaired and how long it’s been repairing, every upgraded completed, every upgrade in progress, how long they’ve been in progress, every coin, every unit of oil, metal, and thorium, every experience point … is all contained in a database on the Kixeye server. You know how I know this? Because every time I log into my account, it’s all right there for me to see, with no changes other than the appropriate amount of progress on upgrades, builds, and repairs. Kixeye developers need only run a simple query, with a criteria like, “Number_of_Spectres > 1”, and it will return the user IDs of every player with more than one Spectre. If, at that point, they want to discriminate between the paid players and the non-paid players, fine, but they are LYING when they say they can’t detect it themselves. Even if the players’ data is stored on their own computer, and not the Kixeye server, Kixeye has to access this information in order for gameplay to occur, and the developers can just incorporate such checks into the game initiation routine. Loading … Authenticating … Finding Sector … Loading Sector … Checking for Invalid units. This is so easy, in fact, that anyone who’s smart enough to not only build a cheat, but somehow get it onto the server, could build a cheater CHECK program and get IT onto the server, thereby taking matters into their own hands and shutting down cheaters since Kixeye refuses to do so. So why hasn’t that happened? Because Kixeye not only turns a blind eye to cheaters, they actively RESIST any honest players’ attempts to stop cheaters.

  • mardy


  • varant tayyar

    hi ,what about this new upgrades attacking mod,im loosing my platoons every time…i like WC,but ..i think im not gonna play anymore,pls. kixeye undo it..

  • Brian Cannon

    OK I have been playing War commander from almost the day of it’s release … close to 3 years now … I have spent money on this game and Yes T.S there are people who throw insane amounts of money at War Commander … and as to War Commander having a disclaimer … it is under the title OPEN BETA GAME … because in order to be considered a closed beta game .. I.E. World of Warcraft , or another of Blizzard’s titles Diablo III … they have to remove things from the gaming element .. I.E. cheats . bugs and glitches … to a certain % … and have to maintain that % … and just this week War Commander developers have gone on a banning sweep … and have also gone to a Zero Tolerance Stance

    Here is their most recent post on the matter

    CM KHaus

    Community Manager

    Joined Dec 2013Posts: 481

    Yesterday, 1:55AMedited Yesterday, 2:08AM

    Greetings Commanders,

    We’ve already taken some steps to prevent cheating, but clearly we need to do more. We take your reports extremely seriously and we are committed to making sure that you’re having the most solid experience possible in the game. As of today, we are taking even more aggressive measures to prevent cheating over the next several days.

    We’ve identified thousands of cheaters and we’re going to be banning all of them throughout the week. It’s time to get aggressive and we won’t settle for anything done halfway. We’re going all the way on this to make sure that you, our most dedicated and helpful players, have an enjoyable time in War Commander.

    We’d like to thank our hard working and honest players that continue to make War Commander the game that it is today. We know that you love the game, community, relationships, and alliances that you’ve built. We want to remove anything that takes away from that experience.

    We will continue to update you here about our progress on cheating.

    And I myself know several Long time players that have walked away from the game in the last month due to what seems the Developers attempt at curbing cheating and picking off random people who are not actually guilty of cheating … there is also a rumor that there is now a Hack were you can Ban another player and make it look like the Developers have done it … which leads me to believe there might be validity in the Ban Hack …. Because there is also a Hack to Un-ban your account …. all there for the Google minded person to find

  • Trevor Hoagland

    it happens i know it happens and I deal with it, but lets put A LOT of the blame where it belongs, ON THE DEVELOPERS!! they claim they want a FREE , FAIR and BALANCED game where all have the same chances and abilities then they do stupid crap like monthly events where you earn XP based on how many waves you do and give little or no XP for the waves and make the best “toys” so expensive that regular payer or the mid and lower lvl plays have no chance to get them without spending hundreds of dollars to buy coins for instant repair and upgrades, WC for 1 used to be about as fair and equal as any game ive ever seen . every one had the same units. now they make MEGA toys that only those willing to coins the crap out of can get or …………….. anyway, if the Devs. would go back to making the game “FAIR AND BALANCED” cheating would go away by attrition! no i dont like being destroyed by a lvl 25 while im a lvl 30+ but i deal with it because i know Kixeye has caused and forced it to happen when they only want pay to play players in the game !

  • korobeniki

    Kind of ironic that one of the units is called trojan while a lot of the fake cheating applications contain them.

  • Tommyweiser

    Fantastic article!!

    I played war commander for the best part of about 4 years. I started when the game was in basic form of machine gun and mortar as your defence, the basic units and no world map; they had a “War Room” instead. Hacking was happening even then, however it was a seriously smaller scale and made it a darn site easier to ban the cheaters.

    I recently dropped the game for several Reason, one of which was the hacking. That’s just got well out of control now as you rightly show in your article. The other reason is the units they come out with now are just immensely powerful and they have increased the difficulty curve of the game to even the playing field. This I can understand however not everybody has these immensely powerful units. The article says “Adam” played for about 8 hours a day, not everyone myself included can put that kinda time into the game. I’d say I put about 4 hours a day into it.

    Nearly all the people I’ve met during my time playing have now stopped or have said they’re very close to stopping due to how insane it’s gotten.

    There is no game like War Commander on Facebook, not even the Command and Conquer game was and the Idea for War Commander was clearly taken from their original games like Red Alert, So I am in two minds to say they know this and therefore abuse the factor or Really have just lost their way.

    If I was to go back about 2 years I would say it’s an awesome game and highly recommend it, It was fun. Now i really don’t see much difference between this and Farmville. The never ending unit levels. when I started playing it was max level 8…. now we’re upto level 14 with some units requiring the extra resource Thorium to progress. If you play the game of WAR Commander as it’s ment to played i.e attacking people and war then forget upgrades hence why i likened it to Farmville now, cause that’s pretty much all you can do.

    It is a shame to see such a good game deteriorate so drastically, but if people aren’t hacking the units they’re hacking “Gold” which is just as bad cause you can’t stop someone with unlimited gold. Alas how do you decide if someone is hacking gold or coining?

    A few years ago Kixeye (formerly Casual Collective) were given an investment of $19 million, that should have put them on a pretty high pedestal to carry on the great game they made, but in my opinion they got greedy and it’s backfired.

  • Bob

    I would like to add to the above article: Being cheated. I have been a long term player of War Commander (reaching level 35).
    The ultimate ‘cheats’ in my experience are Kixeye (aka Suxass).
    Server overloads and connection issues make the game virtually unplayable: 10+ mins to log in, disconnections during attacks, lost units, frozen screens requiring re-boots etc had me sending regular complaints to developers. I was constantly being told the problems were with my Flash Player(s) even though the exact same problems were effecting other players living in my area (UK).
    For one particular period of over 2 months we were plagued by these recurring problems which made the monthly events (and the lead up to them) ridiculously difficult. Earning the newest units during these events wasn’t supposed to be easy, but with ‘technical issues’ to contend with as well, it was impossible.
    Next, Kixeye decide to remove the newest unit from the prize list (I refer to the Spectre), leaving those of us who were unable to attain it in a position where we could no longer compete on an even playing field with others. Players who hadn’t suffered ‘technical issues’ now upgraded easier, advanced faster and fought harder.
    This ruined the game. As I said at the time: ‘This isn’t like being thrown to the sharks, its like having your hands and feet tied together THEN being thrown to the sharks!’ There was no way to recover nor catch up. We had fallen behind and missed the opportunity to earn a game-changing unit.
    I investigated Kixeyes complaint figures and over 90% regarded connection issues! I also learned that Kixeyes online gaming profits had sky-rocketed by over 1200% (that’s twelve HUNDRED percent!).
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that ‘technical issues’ could generate a significant surge of revenue from ‘coiners’ desperate to compensate for the games ‘glitches’ (the only way to overcome losses incurred by disconnections is to spend MONEY to repair quickly!). .
    I had to stop playing. I don’t play with cheats.

  • Forklift

    I personally know a few people who have tossed thousands into WC and one who has admitted to 30k and is a disabled vet and another who won the lottery and has spent a reported 100k+ on it! I even thought about applying for a job with them, but Im sure they would cheat me out of that as well

  • justanotherbraindeadPirate107

    Good grief. OK look folks. It’s not rampant cheating that’s the problem. The problem is rampant lack of morals and upbringing. You have a world full of people that think honor, pride, doing the right thing, and having integrity is stupid. They are a bunch of pirates and proud of it even. Well, then you have a bunch of backstabbing, honor-less, greedy, double-crossing putzes playing games and doing everything else since they are the :”Moral Majority” now, (dang, that’s even funny to read twice). Well enjoy yourselves folks. You are only beginning to reap what you sow. Just wait till harvest time when ya’ll thought it would be good to all be thieves till you figured out no one wanted to be the farmer with all pirates and thieves around, and no one planted any food to steal. Uh oh. Bummer. Go smoke some more pot and wait till you are all really hungry and start eating each other. Wow. You go generation x,y,z so pathetically! Sure are smarter than we were lol. PS-I am really glad you all are so rough and tough and action oriented and like to take charge. Someone has to beat back the foreign powers that are going to want to stomp us once they figure out it’s a nation full of lazy thieves with no skills, not even teamwork! running america now. I am GLAD I will not be around to see the end of this mess LOL!!!

    • T S

      While we have our problems in the US, by far the biggest number of hackers I have seen are from places like Turkey and other parts of the middle east.

  • Samuel

    Good article

  • Hrafn

    Excellent article. I also play this game and have seen the cheats happening. I also agree with “Adam” that Kixeye do little about the cheaters as they spawn revenue. Personally I refuse to pay Kixeye and the cheaters are part of my decision.

    Also, in your screenshot where the cheater has multiples of a certain unit.. you miscounted as they have 2 more on base making their visible total of 14.

  • hessy

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  • toooot

    he has 14 visible vipers in that picture, look at the defending toon

  • Eric Anderson

    My style of play make cheaters moot.

    Ive actively played almost every day for 3 years. I’m lvl 35 and have been bubbled a few times.

    I started playing WC years ago very casually. I got no where at first. I didnt care about hackers and they didnt care about me. I was a nobody. I didn’t attack a single unit or buy any gold for over a year. I wasnt able to take any depots. they were all taken. I didn’t get a single thor depot until lvl 30. To this day I have attacked a player twice and that was only because I was supposedly helping my clan. Im not sure I helped that much.

    Then I purchased 50$ in coin to see what I could do and it made a difference. But I still couldn’t take a thor down. Large and medium were always gone by the time I found them and only giants presented themselves so I made the plunge. I purchased 200$ in gold at lvl 30 and upgraded my thunderbolts. Now I attack giants with just them. Im impatient and dont want to sit there for an hour trying to carefully whittle away a base. It was costing me ~50 coin to do that. Then Kixeye introduced the new AI and my flyover cost went up to 110 coin.

    Now Ive spent 850$ and have calculated Ill need several more 200$ purchases to max my base. I don t have a titan, specter, or any of those special units. Not a single one, but I still play.

    Is the game fun? Well yeah it is, even in this half-ass casual sort of
    way, but that is the game Kixeye has given me. I wont compete with
    hackers. Im playing a long game and they are not.

    My style is to lay low under the radar and progress. I dont hit anyone. I just slowly build. I keep my thor resources at zero, if they pop i take a few and spend it right away. Ill play the events and spend some gold if my target special item is in reach if it isnt I get as far as can and stop and wait for the next event.

    This is how I defeat cheaters. There is nothing to get from me. And its a game. Cheating in a game makes you feel worse about your achievement not better.

    Ill keep playing casually, and with each successive change that Kixeye implements that makes their game more costly to play simply causees me to adjust my style to accomodate. e.g.: I play less.

  • Slash_and_Burn

    I’d like to complain that it took Kixeye 12 minutes to ban my level 1 account which had 15 titans in a squad. I wiped out a load of level 40 bases before they banned me. They need to be more proactive. It took them 15 minutes to ban my second level account and by then no level 40 was not in a bubble from my level 1 account.

  • James O’Meara

    ppl cheat all the time they will find a way to cheat because they are too lazy to play the game by the rules of the game

  • greg

    I cheated on War commander. I will be totally honest with you. I logged int the game pretty much everyday for almost 3 years. I wouldn’t spend hours sitting there but I would spend 20 minutes to an hour or two each day and sometimes twice a day just to bank my resources and upgrade something new so I would be that much better the next time I logged in. I joined and became an admin of an alliance and we had alot of fun playing. Up until about 6 months ago it seemed I was getting better then all of a sudden each operation I would get worse and worse because they kept getting harder even though I had better equipment than the last time. I think it is all done by Kix trying to get you to spend money for the next big thing. Also I started getting attacked by people that were at my level or slightly lower/higher that had much better equipment than what I had and seemed like they never had to repair anything. Then on occasion I started getting hit by people with equipment that hadn’t even come out yet. I got leveled by someone a few levels lower than me with a fully upgraded titan 2 days before the first raid with it even started. Since I was getting further behind despite playing for 3 years of my life I was pretty much tired of the way things were going on the game so said what the heck. I’m gonna cheat like the rest of them. I used a cheat engine and found the codes and started using it to repair my plats in 10 seconds or less and costed me no res. Then I used it to upgrade my equipment and to help me in the ops that came out each month. Then I used the equipment to help defend my base but never used it to try and piss people off or to destroy bases. I think I hit 1 or 2 bases over about a 3 month period of cheating and I quit playing it altogether about a week or 2 ago. I did get caught somehow and was flagged and lost some of my upgrades on the equipment but didn’t care because I was already tired of playing. I think if Kix would stop coming out with so much new stuff to give noncheaters a chance to get,build, and upgrade what they already have then the game would be better. I also think that Kix needs to lower some of the build times and repair times on war commander and battle pirates. With all the new stuff they come out with it only makes the cheaters and coiners that much better than everyone else and they lose alot of players because of it. Just my 2 cents

  • Sammy

    nice article, thnx for all the info 🙂

  • Phil Merrill

    I have spent thousands on this game and I am so frustrated that cheaters get the advantage over me I am now quitting and hope more will. Kixeye has ruined the game!

  • Paula Malloch

    i loved this article, its not just happening on the MMORG games its happening right through applications on Facebook and no they do nothing about it, no where to report an app to Facebook either it will just direct you back to the developer, who turns a blind eye.. Awesome Facebook keep up the good work your soon be gone !!

  • Chucky DR

    We play Warcommander and a team called AAF is ruining the game.they cheat like mad. Takes over a week for kixeye to read complaint and longer to take action. Ive been an honest player for over 4 years and now think its time to end playing. The cheats win.

  • marti

    I’ve been playing this game for 5 years and I’ve seen a lot of cheaters , all you can do is report it to kixeye , which every time I’ve reported someone they have been ban so kixeye is tring but it must be hard and they have to have multiple complaints so keep sending in those tickets cheating to play a free game is kinda sick and I feel sorry for the type of people that feel this is what they have to do .Because what dose it say about a person in real life .

  • Mike

    I quit the game for such reasons.. 🙂

  • Colin Churm

    although a few years old this article is still spot on except for one thing its got worse with not just the players cheating but kixeye its self by constantly adding time on ship builds and or anything building mainly ships although its not been a issue lately to myself personally but another thing was fleets that you started repairring before you log off for the night only to find out day after tht nothing has repaired and when you send in a ticket about anything about any ingame issue they responed with its always your computer or your internet or the best is latency for which they dont compensate for its not just the issues with time every aspect of the game (battle pirates) that in my eyes needs investigating which is what i sent in a ticket and have been banned from sending now the support tickets in the game you can get crews qhich give bonuses to ya fleets yeah now thts set to NOT give out crews you use ie i haveonly impulse and missile fleets no mortar fleets not 1 mortar have i built yet it constantly offers me mortarheads crew or hellfire hethans and kixeyes responce to a ticket i sent in asking how can crews be offered in a randum way its completely randum so ok what are the odds of it offering me mortarheads 5 times in a row one after another and kixeyes response was to move tht ticket into the very first ticket i sent unanswered noris it answerable and always by a guy called grayson i so much wish i lived in the us because id have them investigaed by the us gaming authority and another thing is unless like you said spend thousands of dollars which the vast majorty of dont have you cannot get anything from the raids and heres my answer to all those who say game have running costs do what everyother gaming company tht does free games put a little advert inthe cornor just like what battle pirates used to have when i started 5 years ago

  • Colin Churm

    they also again competely changed the raids format to a format only 2% of players will do okish with as for the rest of us wellill put it this way my last raid even though kixeye gave each player who started the raid on day1 4 million points now if they hadnt of done tht i would of got nothing which is basically what i got because in its wisdon kixeye made the game so tht once you reach lvl60 everything gets IMPOSSIBLE TO DO WITHOUT COINING IMPOSSIBLE now can anyone tell me where i can find a game like battle pirates ie tht plays like battle pirates and not world of warships where you control a group of ships not just one because i refuse to now pay 6 dollars £3.59 just to repair 1 5 ship fleet since the economic down turn most gaming companys have halfed the cost not kixeye tht greed pregnant fish has doubled its cost not just tht but sacks 25% of staff reduces the number severs by half gaming giant dont make laugh gaming giant joke ill have so can anyone please point me in another games direction plz

  • david

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  • samer, i am not using my real profile but there is further issues that need bringing to the public eye. for starters i had a maxed account that is now “missing – persumed kidnaped” and have been testing games since before facebook gaming was even an idea in desires. the code for kixeye and many other games are only unstable due to them being rebrands of others work and needs to be settled. as for behaviour of staff of kixeye they are not following the law as they are known to hire dishonorable hackers to force genuine players to spend more money to continue playing a free to play game, and paid moderators are told to refuse reports of any kind to further force coining. your research is only the tip of the iceburge and it gets more sinister than just bully coining and hackers stealing accounts for player numbers. as they say this is the rabbithole and the truth is within. – Morphius on friends account!

  • Kimberly Villagomez

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