Protect and encrypt your folders and data with A+ Folder Locker Free Edition


Keeping your data private can be a challenge.There is always a risk of getting ones PC hacked and various other security breaches. With A + Folder Locker Free edition you can protect your data at the right click of the Windows context menu.

A + Folder Locker Free edition is a handy tool that allows you to protect your files in a number of different ways, including creating secure file lockers with heavy password protection, locking files and folders, permanently deleting files/folders and even hiding files inside larger images or media files.

A  Folder Locker 1

After installing A + Folder Locker, you can go ahead and add files/folders to lockers, or hide them. All you need to do is to right click on a file/folder, you will see an option for A + Locker Free Edition and from there you can add it to a locker or hide it.

A  Folder Locker 2

When you use the ‘add to locker option you will be taken to a wizard. From there, you can choose whether to put the file/folder in an existing locker or make a new one.

A  Folder Locker 3

When you make a new, it has to be given a name, size, location and size of the locker. Make sure to select the compression level before proceeding.

Folder Locker

You also have the option to enable an “Anti-hacking protection” if the password is entered incorrectly a certain number of times. The user can also self-destruct the locker. Any lockers you create will be added as separate hard drive partitions, and likewise you can use the hide option to hide your lockers, files, and folders.

The verdict

A + Folder Locker Free Edition gives you good protection and privacy. It isn’t a burden on your computer and is a great free data protector. It is noteworthy in that it brings together a number of different encryption methods together within the same application (TrueCrypt-style data lockers, hiding files within larger media files, as well as safe data shredding).

If you are satisfied with the free version, you can buy the pro version which offers more advanced features, but if you ask me,  A+ Folder Locker Free Edition provides most users with solid encryption that meets their needs.

Share your experience below if you try it out!

Download A+ Folder Locker Free (Windows)

  • 101010

    According to their website, the free version does NOT encrypt files

  • Scott

    How does an app like this work with directories on an external drive that is used on multiple computers?

  • brian

    From the free edition:
    “Every locker you create is securely protected through advanced encryption algorithms and multilevel anti-hacking security, making your lockers virtually impossible to access without your permission.”

  • Krishna

    Just installed and tried. I was able to create lockers in an external storage drive and flash/pen drive sucessfully. It works. Time will tell how secure it is. A portable version is much needed. Thanks.

  • EJA

    I use safehouse the free edition

  • Cool program! Thanks for sharing. Previously I used a batch documents to Secure my documents. However, I’ll definitely give this a try.