Png2swf: convert PNG images to flash SWF files


Png2swf is a free program that can convert PNG files into an animated flash SWF file.

It can process a number of PNG images serially into a SWF file or otherwise batch-create SWF files out of individual PNGs.

If you need to convert PNG images to flash animations or if you need a simple, quick way to create flash SWF animations or banners this program can be extremely useful.

Here are some notes on this program:

  • png2swf screenshot2Input: can use PNG images as input, preserving their transparency. You can use a single image or multiple images that will be displayed in succession within the resulting SWF.
  • Transparency: the transparency in the original PNG (if any) is preserved in the SWF.
  • Quality: reducing the quality factor can significantly reduce file size; this operates in a similar manner to what you would expect from JPG compression.
  • Delay: when using multiple images in succession it is possible to set delay between them either through the delay field in the program dialog (in seconds) or the FPS field (frame per seconds). The program seems to respond to whichever value you entered in the two boxes that is the largest. Also note that it seems to readily accept fractions of a second if that is what you want.
  • Batch operations: it is possible to create a SWF from each PNG in the list rather than a single animated SWF.
  • Control SWF: the program allows you to load what it terms a “control” SWF; I couldn’t find info on what this is on the site, but it seems to be a way of appending a PNG to an already existing SWF.
  • Console version: note that you can download a console version that provides the ability to perform PNG to SWF conversions through the command line Syntax is: png2swf_console input*.png output.swf [delay] [quality] [control].
  • Downloading: you will need to register on the site to get access to the download links, which involves providing a valid email address (or at least one where you could receive and confirm an email).

The verdict: this program provides a great way to convert PNG images to SWF (and, by extension, convert to flash SWF any image files that once you convert these to PNG). If you work with flash it can be potentially extremely useful in many different ways.

Version Tested: 1.2

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the Png2Swf page to download the latest version (approx 1.22 megs).

  • Hi, nice to find this freeware.
    I’d like to translate your article (lazy to write my own review).
    need your permission.

    ps. maybe you’d like to know UnFREEz, which turn gifs to animated gif——just like this one done with png to swf——but much smaller (<100KB).

  • Curt@dk

    Png2Swf Known issue in version 1.2:
    PNG files created from IrfanView cannot be converted.

  • Fred Thompson

    Grrr…author has mandatory registration before the download. Stupid, arrogant, …

  • JV

    BugMeNot login now available to bypass inane registration process.

  • Catboy85
  • wls508

    Hmmm…is this app ready for primetime? My PNG files (exported from PowerPoint) are getting cropped when I import them. Moreover, the resulting SWF file stalls out after just a few images.

  • nice tool
    swfmill is better, but this tool is useful 😉

  • Larry

    Nice tool!

    … and hey: registration is more than fair – you get the software for free !

  • i need to change one image file to flash file.

  • n3rd


  • swampCat

    It seems like it does not work at all ??
    not only IrfanView’s pngs cannot be converted
    I tried several programs including Adobe CS2.

    Who can give an example of a program which saves png accepted by png2swf?


  • ruceb

    I was also not able to convert at least a single PNG-24 file, saved in Photoshop CS3 (“save for web”).

  • w2john

    Just did “save to web” in Photoshop CS3 with both 8-bits and 32-bit PNGs …

    Result: Png2swf converts files perfectly!

    Okay, so i tried Photoshop CS4 … also both 8 and 24 bits …

    Result: Png2swf converts files without any problem!

    No idea what u guys have been doing, but it works perfectly 4 me.

    Maybe you should try images in 72 dpi for web, not print sizes ?

  • cvele

    you must specify name in output dir like this:


    must add .swf

  • FAXE

    I cannot see a blooming thing. The google ads are covering the fields and text.

  • Just released a (free) AIR application to convert SWF files to PNG sequences, has option to keep transparency too.


  • Hey thanks! Im just learning about SWF files !

  • dudematters

    Nice software, I get an error though “PNG reader initialisation failed”
    What can I do about this?

  • pissed off

    where is the fucking download? All I get is bullshit adds fuck you guys