PDF2JPG: convert PDF to JPG or other image formats quickly and easily


PDF2JPG is a small, free program that can quickly convert PDF’s to JPG or various other image formats (TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF).

There are many instances where you might want to convert PDF to JPG; e.g. to break up a scanned document or ebook into its constituent images in order to fix or enhance them, to ensure that a document cannot be easily converted back into editable format, or perhaps for easier publishing on the net or embedding within other documents, etc.

Although I’ve written about converting a PDF to Word and JPGs to PDFs, I recently needed to convert pages of a PDF document to JPG images. This free program is able to do this quickly, in batch, according to user-specified DPI resolution.

PDF to JPG screenshot2PDF to JPG screenshot1

Here are some PROS and CONS:


  • Easy to use: drag and drop your PDFs onto the interface.
  • Fast: conversions happen very quickly.
  • Supports many formats: namely JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, and GIF
  • Lets you specify DPI: but use this option carefully; higher DPI’s can mean unyieldingly large image file sizes; experiment for the best results.
  • Convert in batch: will process a queue of documents according to desired settings


  • Installs to “c:\PDFToJPG” by default, which I find strange, although not a big deal. Had no problem changing the install location to “Program files” though, during the installation process. (Note: program 100% clean as confirmed by its VirusTotal Profile).

The verdict: normally, I would use convert PDF to image by either using the PDF to JPG conversion feature in PDF-XChange Viewer, or the print-to-image feature in the PDFCreator virtual printer. This may be a better option, however because it can do it in batch, in multiple formats, lets you specify DPI, and (most notably) is very fast. It’s also easier to point people to a single program that does exactly what they want.

Version Tested: 2

Compatibility: WinAll

[Update Jun 2011] Since this review the program seems to have gone shareware; however, you can get the last freeware version by visiting this link (approx 2.14 megs). You can also visit the program home page to but e mindful that the version offered there will ask for registration.

  • Mushaf

    A smaller alternative for this program would be ImagePrinter Free [http://code-industry.net/imageprinter.php]. Not only PDF, it can convert any printable document to JPG and other image formats.

  • tombones

    THANK YOU. Because of all the file conversion trashware flooding the internet, finding a functional freeware PDF to image conversion app is damn near impossible to google. Now I finally have one that works 😀

    I had been using the Imageprinter application Mushaf mentions, but it has some quirks that make it kind of a pain in some circumstances. This looks to be a lot more straightforward.

    You’d think such a crucial (and relatively simple) function would be built into most PDF readers by now…

  • Often you find pdf documents that are basicly just one image per page (no text). The problem with this program is that it will re-write images, altering the dpi and possibly loosing quality. I want to extract the raw image data instead (it’s just jpegs inside the pdf anyway). So far I have only found one application that can do that (PDF Image Extraction Wizard), but it’s not freeware… 🙁

  • Samer

    @ Mushaf: thanks for pointing that virtual printer out. There is another one that does the same thing that I mentioned in the review above (PDFCreator), but I am interested in trying the one you mentioned as well.

    @ tombones: I’m glad you like this one. This functionality does in fact exist in the PDF viewer that I use (PDF-XChange Viewer).

    @ Biggles: a PDF image extractor is different from what is being offered here. I believe I have seen multiple freeware programs that do this, but none come to mind at the moment; I will have to investigate more and get back to you 😉

  • Todd

    I needed to do something like this recently, only I wanted to convert PDFs to PNG, and do it from the command line (actually called from a Python script).

    After trying a few unsatisfactory programs, I found that good old IrfanView can do it! And I already had it installed!

    It doesn’t have the cute modern interface that this one has, but then I didn’t need that. I also looked briefly at ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick (later fork) and both can do this conversion, and have command line and programming language capabilities, but I think they also need to have GhostScript installed separately.

    Anyway, neat tool Samer, I just wanted to toss in a reminder about an old favorite.

  • Brousse.ouillisse

    Dear Samer,

    The excellent” Pdf Xchange Pdf Viewer” is natively able to export pages into image files with many options.
    This is one of the reasons to adopt it…Also exists in portable version (which I prefer to use via the Liberkey portable freeware suite).

    Thanks for your site, often featuring freebies absolutely new to me (and not featured elsewhere). I am big fan.


    • Samer

      @ Brouse: yes PDF XChange does a good job. I use it myself and actually mention it in the article. But for those who don’t want to get a new PDF Reader and just want the job done, PDF2JPG is a great option (and is extremely fast).

  • PShrimp

    PDF To JPG is NOT freeware. It is sold for 29.95 (Click on the “Register” link on their website).
    Snapfiles also lists it as shareware.

  • Samer

    @ PShrimp: you’re right. I just downloaded the program off of their homepage and, sure enough, there’s a little registration option in it. The previous version that I reviewed here did NOT have that option.

    This ‘bait and switch’ happens from time to time. I guess I am just going to have to link to “the latest freeware version” from here. Coming soon.

  • Andre Sid

    I use PDF-XChange Viewer too. It can export pdfs to different graphic format. This Viewer is very versatile. It has many little details that makes my work pleasant and differs efficiently from others.

  • Tom

    FM PDF To JPG Converter Free: http://www.fm-pdf.com/pdf-to-jpg-free.html
    It’s really freeware for all.

  • Sam

    Didn’t work for me. The images were overlapped and distorted. Thanks for the PDF XChange recommendation though, that worked perfect.

  • Mac

    I guess there’s a much easier way to convert a PDF to JPG image format than the method you have mentioned above. Here’s how you can do it using Zamzar.com.

    Go to ZamZar.com, browse for your file and choose jpg format for the format to convert, that is done without any software required to install.

  • Lars

    I using this excellent PDF to JPG image converter. It supports many standard image formats BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, JPG, TIFF etc and any other special output formats, such as PDF flip book, DHTML image slideshow, animated GIF, multi-page TIFF.
    Also a “How to convert a PDF to JPG” tutorial available http://www.pdf-to-jpg.net/

  • H M Zahidul Basher.

    Dear Sir,
    Hi.I would like to registration code for pdf2jpg soft.Pls send me my e-mail address immidietly.
    All the best.

  • Maybe it is worth it to suggest also some free online converters.
    Try this one 😉

  • There are free, online PDF to JPG converters which do the job just as well.

  • Anonymous

    Worked for me. Lovely piece of software, works with range of qualities, output types and supports batch processing.

  • Alena

    I would suggest to have a look also at http://convert-my-image.com for type of conversions with JPG (images) and PDF

  • Matt

    Also have a look at http://extract.smallpdf.com/ – it extracts all your images in their original format and quality. And it’s entirely free.

  • Majjood

    Thanks very much .. This was very helpful

  • rehan mustafa

    You can convert PDF to image format including JPG and vice versa with Aspose.PDF for .NET:


  • Guest

    Thanks for the great tips, very helpful. 🙂 You can also try converting PDF to JPG with this guide below:

  • Veronica

    Recommend you a useful pdf to image online converter which helps convert PDF to JPG and vice versa: http://multi-convert.com/pdf-to-image