‘PaperRater’ is a virtual editor that checks your spelling and grammar – for free


Did you ever wish you could have a professional editor check your work before turning it in? Are you familiar with the concept and use of a spell checker but still worried about grammar mistakes? Well worry no more, and put that wallet down! PaperRater is a free web service that uses advanced programming and rules to check your given text for spelling and grammar mistakes, with features to provide style tips as well as a plagiarism scanner, and all for free!

If you’re a student, or anyone at all that has to write ‘papers’ for your school or job then you have undoubtedly struggled with the rules of grammar and style that can seem very elusive and hard to understand if you’re not an English major. For that matter, even English majors have trouble with some of the trickier rules and issues, so it’s a wonderful thing to learn that there is a free service on the net that will help you get the best grade possible for your paper.

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It’s called, appropriately, PaperRater and it is loaded with features and tools to help you get the absolute most out of your paper. There’s nothing to download or install, since it’s all run on the web. Best of all, of course, it costs absolutely nothing to use so it’s ideal for students.

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The process is easy, as any good freeware will be. You’ll need your completed paper (the program doesn’t work too well with fragments or papers that are too short) as well as your bibliography. The three major features offered by the program are: Spell checker, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker, but there are other features bundled in when you have gotten beyond the first part. Just copy and paste the full text of your paper into the box provided on the web page. Do the same with your bibliography or sources sited. Next, you’ll select the level of education for the paper (from grade school to post graduate work) as well as the type of paper it is (essay or book report, for instance) and agree to the terms of service and that’s it. Once you’ve done that, the rest is just gathering data given to you by the program as results.

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The results page is full of other options that can make the difference between one letter grade and another, including a module that will actually tell you what grade you might reasonably expect for this particular paper. There are also modules to give you suggestions on your grammar and spelling, of course, and they are complimented by things like ‘style’ suggestions as well as vocabulary building information and even a section to give you miscellaneous ‘alerts’ that don’t fit into any other category.

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All in all, PaperRater impressed me very much with its simplicity, effectiveness and price tag. Personally, I would recommend it to absolutely anyone of any age that needs to get a paper turned in and get the best grade possible. Spelling and grammar mistakes will become a thing of the past if we all start using something like this, but until then you can be one of the first to put them into history by using PaperRater. Until next time, my friends!

  • Get started with PaperRater here.

  • From you I found out of Ginger which can be installed in Word, but why not verify twice.

  • Jonathan

    Nice site! I just put 2 of the papers I wrote last semester for my English course and it graded me better than the professor did! 🙂

    • Professor Reply

      Better or higher, Jonathan? Better implies that the grade is more accurate. To Ted, there is an expectation in college that a student SHOULD be able to spell and form complete sentences. Of course, this is often not the case. I can’t imagine a professor marking every single error in a student’s paper. It’s a time waster for the professor (students will change the words to what you tell them without understanding why or having practice locating other errors) and can be demoralizing for the student. Again, I ask, did it grade better or higher?

      • Ted West

        Prof… teaching must be very demoralizing nowadays if you know your subject. With regard to English, reading comments anywhere results in abject frustration, and I actually have a hobby collecting examples of when two simple words should be combined to form one, still simple, word. Elsewhere, for example, I just came across “loop hole.” Often, the mistakes are hilarious, sometimes, the (ignorant) split renders the intended meaning incomprehensible, and I’m always left wondering how the writer could be so oblivious and lazy. After all, he’s likely seen the actual word written correctly any number of times in his short life.

        I had a friend who taught high school English, and he was grading papers one day and laughing dejectedly. Then he handed me the stack and I read a bunch of essays. “You’re going to fail all these people, right,” I asked? Absolutely not. In fact, he taught the more advanced students…

  • Ted West

    I did a simple test based on a pet peeve of mine – and a serious weakness for a lot of people, and the result rendered PaperRater utterly unreliable. I entered: “He did it for Mary and I.” The grammar report said there were no errors. I shudder to think of the education the guy above is getting if this site did a better job than his professor.