Nemus Launcher close up

Nemus Launcher: an Android launcher that can organize icons in ‘Fences’ style compartments

If you’re looking for a novel Android launcher with a bit of a twist then read on. Nemus Launcher can provide a compartmentalized look and feel similar to Windows desktop organization app ‘Fences’. It is probably one of the best launchers to keep your many apps organized, if that is something that you’re after. The

Robomind Screenshot1

Teach children basic programming concepts, with RoboMind

Give kids a playful environment that they can interact with freely, and a cute Robot that they can control via simple instructions, and … just like that, they will start learning basic programming concepts and logic. This, at least, is what RoboMind is designed to do; and it works; I’ve seen it first hand, demonstrated

Hunch Screenshot6

Hunch wants to be your all-in-one recommendation engine for everything

By now we’re used to music discovery and recommendation engines, but what if I told you that there’s a site that learns your tastes and makes recommendations on everything: music, movies, books, websites, restaurants, and everything else. Two interesting things are: (1) that the items in the Hunch database are submitted by the users themselves,


More excellent free Android games: ‘Super Stickman Golf 2’ and ‘Start The Rockets’

Despite the fact that the iOS gets a lot more games releases, Android games are not only on the rise, but the quality of free games is up as well. This post is the latest in our continuing series of ‘Free Android Games’ articles; two great games this time around: ‘Super Stickman Golf 2’ and

Micropolis ScreenShot00285

Micropolis brings the original ‘Sim City’ back to life – for free!

Are you a fan of the original SimCity or just city building/management games in general? If so, you will want to check out Micropolis, a great classic gaming experience, actually based on the original SimCity code and concept. It offers hours upon hours of city planning and production, and best of all, of course, it


‘Social Media Image Maker’ makes it easy to create profile and cover images for Facebook and other social networks

Facebook cover photos (i.e. the large image that you open a Facebook profile) have become popular lately. If you’ve tried to add one you know that they have to be of specific sizes for the cover photos to look good. And if you try to make one yourself, you will realize that its not as


Instabridge: a WIFI sharing app for Android that could change the world

Let’s say that (a) your Android device was connected to a WIFI network, (b) that both you and a friend or friends have ‘Instabridge’ installed on your Androids, and (c) that you wanted to share WIFI access with your friend(s). Instead of handing out the password, you could simply ‘give’ him/her access via Instabridge, using


Will ‘The Minuum Keyboard’ live up to the hype?

It’s a simple concept: take the three rows of letters that constitute the QWERTY keyboard and consolidate them into one, then touch-type as you normally would.The software will then guess your intent, so you don’t actually have to hit the right letters. It apparently works, and it saves a lot of on-screen real estate. But


Analyze choices and make better decisions with ‘Odesys’

All of us have important decisions we need to make, but can a piece of software help us make better ones? Odesys, a free online web app, wants to be exactly such a tool. Created by self described ‘decision theory researches’, Odesys takes you through a step-by-step process where you can lay down the different

Omea Pro Screenshot

Omea Reader: may be the only RSS aggregator which lets you attach tags and notes to RSS posts

Now that Google Reader users are looking for a replacement, we wanted to highlight Omea, a desktop-based reader and organizer for RSS and newsfeeds that has some unique features that are not typically available in other RSS aggregators. It was designed to organize every bit of information that comes across your desktop, including emails, bookmarks,

three rss aggregators you should know about (illustration)

Three awesome online RSS aggregators that you (probably) didn’t know about

Now that everyone is looking for an RSS aggregator to replace the outgoing Google Reader, there’s been a host of articles published on the best services that you can migrate to. Aside from the usual suspects that everyone is talking about (Feedly, The Old Reader, and Newsblur), we wanted to showcase three lesser known alternatives:


Three Reasons why Google Reader shutting down may not be such a bad thing

You may have heard that Google Reader is being phased out, and will be out of commission by July 1st. And although I like Google Reader and was disappointed to hear the news, there may be a silver lining. Here are three reasons why Google Reader’s imminent demise is not necessarily a bad thing. 1. Small