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DNS Jumper: easy DNS switcher with IPv6 support

Want to switch your DNS on your PC quickly and Easily? How about Switching from IPv4 and IPv6 interchangeably, and being able to backup and restore DNS settings (and categorize them in groups), and checking multiple response times to find the fastest DNS IPs, or even flushing the DNS cache? DNS Jumper is a small

Mpq Builder Screenshot - example screensaver

Make and share your very own ‘text + images’ screensaver, with MPQ Builder

Does the idea of building your very own screensaver using your very own text and visuals sound appealing to you? If so, then check out MPQ Builder, a program that will let you combine images and text and package them in a setup file as an installable screensaver for Windows. ‘MPQ Builder’ is free for

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Three FREE alternatives to ‘Google Alerts’

Imagine if you got an email every time the name of your business, brand, your own name, or a keyword or phrase you were interested in were mentioned on the internet, and you have a pretty good idea what an email alert is. While Google has not discontinued ‘Google Alerts’ yet, there is a lot

Google SEO Auditor

‘SEO Auditor’: new Google tool helps you boost your site search ranking

You may have heard about a number of Google products being discontinued recently (Google Reader, Google Alerts); the good news, however, is that Google is releasing a number of new services including the Evernote-beating ‘Google Keep’ and now ‘Google SEO Auditor’, due to be released on May 27th. ‘Google SEO Auditor’ is unusual in that

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Zools: new cloud storage service offers 100 gig FREE for the first million sign-ups

Proof that free free cloud backup large enough for all of your files will soon become a reality, new Dropbox-like cloud storage service ‘Zools’ is offering the first 1 million users 100 gigs of cloud storage space, absolutely free. The service is not yet operational, but you can reserve your place in line by following


Learn to make games with ‘Construct 2’– Free online course offered Apr 6–27

The way things are headed, it may be that making games will one day become as central to kids’ education as reading, writing and math. Or not — but if you’ve always fancied making games yet can’t see yourself learning to code, you may want to consider using a game creation engine like Construct2 (which

YoWindow Screenshot Seattle

Free Giveaway: ‘YoWindow Unlimited’ weather app and screensaver

We’ve featured a number of giveaways on Freewaregenius in the past, but this one is by far the most exciting to date. You may remember YoWindow, a desktop-based weather app for Windows and Mac featuring a very nice visual twist: the weather conditions and time of day are represented through atmospheric on-screen visuals. And while

PointoFix Screenshot

Pointofix: annotate your screen when giving presentations – easily and for free!

Whether you need to give presentations for business, education, or any other purpose; you know that the best presentations have a large performance or even theatrical component. And no matter how well prepared you are in advance, there is often the need to explain things on the fly, to outline points and figures, and do


iPhone has largest share of mobile security vulnerabilities, study finds

A new study entitled “25 Years of Vulnerabilities” by security firm Sourcefire released in March attributes 81% of instances of mobile malware to the iPhone and iOS, compared to 9% for Android, 6% for Windows phones, and 4% for Blackberry. It draws on two sources: the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) as well as Common Vulnerabilities

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Three sites that seek to cultivate your OPINIONS and convert them to user generated content

Opinions – everyone has them. And although they  have somewhat of a negative connotation on the internet, where they can be easily conflated with ‘facts’, having ‘something to say’ largely means marrying educated opinions with facts. Opinion is the new black, apparently, which is why it is not surprising to see a slew of new

Right Click Illustration5

Enhance your Right Click Context Menu with Another 10 Great Utilities

If you’ve been following this site, you might know that we are big fans of the Windows right click context menu, and believe it to be one of the best (yet underrated) interface elements in Windows. We’ve published a series of articles around the theme: interesting functions in the Windows right click menu. In this