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Wikibrains lets you peek into the thoughts of others

Wikibrain is a web service for shared brainstorms, which is similar to the stream of consciousness free association method that psychologists sometimes use to do their job. A quick example: quick, what do you think of when you think about Apple? (Or how about Samsung, Bitcoin, Microsoft, or anything else). No matter what your responses

Five Audio Players which you never heard of

Five AWESOME free audio players that you never heard of

Are you looking for a good, interesting free audio player?, or maybe you’re interested in checking out audio players that are built around an interesting feature or concept? Either way, you should check out some of the audio players featured below. The list of titles featured here: GOM Audio Player, Tomahawk, Meson Player, Winyl, and

Freewaregenius Blink Theme3

New theme design for Freewaregenius

As you can see all around, we’ve changed the design of the site. The reason: I wanted something simply cooler and more attractive, and something that can showcase the content that we put up in a better way. Although I liked our old theme, which was a slightly modified version of the Genesis News theme,I

Bitcoin Illustration

A quick critique of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new digital currency that is as of this writing worth around $100 or so, up from mere pennies when it was first launched (and was previously at a high of over $200). It can be bought at currency exchanges across the internet and used to pay for purchases at a number of


‘RPG Solo’ is a great free tool to create and run your own Roleplaying games

Are you one who still enjoys aspects of pen and paper roleplaying? Do you need a better game master, or just need better tools as one? RPG Solo offers you a great free way to make those decisions about the adventure that have to be made either on the fly or in advance creation of

Keyscrambler Personal Screenshot

‘Keyscrambler Personal’ protects your browser activity from keyloggers

If you feel paranoid that someone may be looking at what you type by means of a keylogger, I have threefold good news: #1 don’t feel bad about about being suspicious, it’s an evolutionary strategy that is still with us because it has served us well at times, #2 having said that, they probably aren’t

AppWereRabbit featured image

AppWereRabbit: backs up Android apps to SD when they’re installed or updated

This app is a kind of FREE Swiss army knife of tools for app management. Supported functions include backing up and restoring your app APK’s, exporting and importing a list of apps (which you can use to re-install apps from later on), app cache cleaner, and others. But the one real interesting function I have

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EagleGet: an impressive download manager and video downloader in one

Download managers seem to have gone out of fashion, for reasons that I cannot put my finger on, while ‘video downloaders’ have became commonplace. Enter ‘EagleGet’, a FREE download manager that combines both functions. It promises to (a) greatly increase your download speed, and (b) to let you to download videos from ANY video sharing

Themefuse Giveaway (wide)

Free Giveaway: THEMEFUSE premium WordPress themes

If you use WordPress then here’s your chance to win three premium THEMEFUSE themes of your choice. This is the first WordPress theme giveaway on Freewaregenius and frankly we didn’t think WordPress themes were the best fit for the site and were a bit reluctant to publish it –- until we took a look at

fix missing thumbnail previews featured image

How to fix missing thumbnail previews for image files in Windows

This happened to me: I installed a new image-related freeware to test it, and all of my image thumbnail previews disappeared, to be replaced by icons. If this happens to you you know it can be quite frustrating, especially if you are unsure as to what might have caused it in the first place. The

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Jolidrive is an all-in-one aggregator for all your Cloud accounts

Now that you have accounts on Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Flickr, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram etc. etc., you may be feeling that your files, videos, and pictures that you’ve uploaded are too scattered and out of control. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access everything from a single screen, have it all in one

Ten free games with awesome game design

10 AWESOME free games with unique game designs

Not only is game design evolving at a an astonishingly rapid pace, but games are increasingly becoming legitimate avenues for artistic expression. This week, we want to launch a new series of posts which showcases FREE games that either (a) feature innovate game design or game dynamics, or (b) have an interesting artistic aspect or