Online presentations service becomes “”, adds PRO accounts, a personal favorite of mine, as been rebranded as the much more logical and user friendly ‘’. What it is is an online presentation engine that lets you create sophisticated, Powerpoint-style presentations in the browser, including uploaded images and media, and then view (or share) them via a single link. I first experienced

Launcher 8 featured image3

Launcher 8: brings the Windows Phone metro interface to Android

I know someone, a sophisticated designer type who was given Nokia Lumia Windows phone to test and try out, and loves it. His take on the Windows 8 metro interface? That it is brilliantly designed, that the interface is excellent, user friendly, and easy to get to grips with. I trust this guy not just

Android US Market2

How to access the US Google Play Android app market from outside the US

If you’ve ever found that an app you were interested in was only available in the US or some other countries but not your own, or if you’re disappointed with the tired ‘local’ apps that are forced on you every time you open Google Play, then read on; this post will show you how to

Dragdis Screenshot

Dragdis: a read (or watch) it later service that you should check out

Dragdis is a web-clipping tool of sorts that can save browser items (clips, bookmarks, images, and videos) and organize them in virtual folders. It is a familiar concept that we’ve seen before in many guises, and Dragdis has some formidable, well known competitors (Pocket, Instapaper, Springpad, Evernote, Kippt, and others) but it deserves a look

SmartDeblur Featured Image

Fix blurry photos with SmartDeblur

Your smartphone has more technology per square inch than anything humans have ever created, so why do 3 out of 10 pictures you take still come out blurry and unusable? If you have blurry pictures that you would like to fix and be able to use, then check out free software SmartDeblur, a one-click fix

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition Screenshot2

Free Giveaway: AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition

If asked, I would recommend Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition as my freeware Partition Manager of choice. But why settle for the free edition when you can get the full PRO edition for free right now, courtesy of Aomei and Freewaregenius? We offer the latest version 5.2 of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition, which has

Viber Desktop

Viber comes to Windows and Mac, allows free calls and texts from the desktop

Watch out Skype, for Viber just might eat your lunch. Viber’s simple innovation was to combine VOIP with your contact list on your mobile, letting you make calls and SMS’s for free over WIFI (or a data connection). The obvious next step: a Skype style desktop client that can connect you with your mobile contacts

Instapoll featured image

Create and publish your own personal polls, with InstaPoll for iPhone

Which is it: Android or iOS? Barca or Real? Coke or Pepsi? Blue or Red? If you’d like to design your very own such dichotomous poll and send it out for people to answer via SMS or email (and to iPhone users who have installed a certain FREE app), then read on. InstaPoll is a

ZeZebra Screenshot1

zeZebra: right-click to share extremely large files on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android

Two things we love: powerful functions in the Windows right click menu, and easy ways to transfer large files. ZeZebra is free software that combines both, but it is not your typical file file hosting ‘upload’ service; rather, it installs as a desktop client and lets you connect with other ZeZebra users directly without uploading


Dungeon Party is madcap free MMO action that will make you smile

Do you enjoy MMOs? Do you love games that have an off the wall sense of humor? If so you’re going to love Dungeon Party, a free action MMO available on the Steam game network. It’s full of well rendered, goofy characters, nonstop action and tons of special effects and eye candy and as a


BitTorrent Sync: synchronize folders on multiple PCs securely without uploading to a cloud server

While Dropbox and other cloud services have made syncing folders on multiple devices ubiquitous, there is a way to do the same thing without uploading your files to the cloud, from one device to another straight while cutting out the middleman. This, at least, is what free ‘BitTorrent Sync’ does, directly, automatically, and securely, using


Get that ‘retro’ image look on your desktop, iOS, or Android, with XnRetro

If you want that ‘Instagram’ retro photograph look for some of the many images on your destkop, then check out XnRetro, a free program available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, as well as mobile desktop apps for Android and iOS. XnRetro is as as simple as can be: load up your picture, then choose from