Orbit Downloader


Orbit Downloader is a download manager and accelerator that can download files from any remote server via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RTSP, MMS and Metalink protocols.

It will detect and download flash files (including FLV video files) from any site, including YouTube.

Used with its Grab++ module, it can download streaming media of any kind, including MP3s from sites such as Pandora, Myspace, Imeem, or Hypemachine, etc.

Here is a quick summary of what this program can do for you:
  • Accelerate download speeds: Speed increases will vary, depending on the source(s) from which you are downloading, your internet registry settings, and the program settings.
  • Pause and resume downloads: this feature can be a godsend when you are downloading a large file or downloading from an unreliable source (or both).
  • Detects and downloads flash video: simply mousing over a flash video or flash file (FLV or SWF) will display a small download button for instant video downloads. Really cool, but the button can be a bit of a nuisance if you don’t want to use it (although you can dismiss it fairly easily)
  • Detects and downloads streaming media: the Grab++ module will scan for anything that is being played in your browser, whether it is an audio, video, or flash, and autodetect the download link (only caveat: Grab++ has to be run before the media file is played). This is (a) unbelievably cool, and (b) reason enough for me to switch from Flashget, hitherto my favorite downloader, to Orbit Downloader. Will download WMV and RM streaming video.
  • Can download from file upload sites such as Rapidshare: you will have to manually enter the security code that these sites requrire, but Orbit Downloader will automatically detect and download the URL. (Services mentioned in the documentation: Rapdishare, Megaupload, Yousendit, and SendSpace).
  • Download scheduling: if you have a lot of files to download, you can use Orbit Downloader to grab all the URLs and download them at an appropriate time. I’ve never personally used this but I can imagine it can be useful if you have dialup or a slow connection.

Orbit Downloader download flash videoMore info on this program:

  • “Light and resource friendly”, according to the official website, with a footprint of less than 3 megs of memory. The Grab++ module adds another 11 megs though, but I suppose it can be only launched when needed.
  • The Flashget connection: Orbit looks like Flashget and copies a number of elements, including the optional clipboard and browser monitoring and optional drop zone. Thankfully, it doesn’t foray into Torrent downloading, as Flashget did (a good thing since these programs in general cannot hold a candle to some of the powerful Torrent programs out there such as uTorrent, Azureus, and others).

The Verdict: I love this program. It came out of nowhere to become my download manager of choice. I will also say that the Grab++ module is a must. Highly recommended


Version tested: 1.5.7, Grab++ beta 3

Compatibility: Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista

Go to the download page to get the latest version (approx 1.72 megs). Download Grab++ module (approx 832K). Also visit the program home page.

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  • y0himba

    This is incredible! Super nice program. Only one complaint: How does one use the Grab++ module? Is it run separately or is it an addon that is run by Orbit? I can find no install or use instructions anywhere…

  • Samer

    Grab++ is installed and run seperately. You can shut Grab++ down if you dont need it while Orbit Downloader is still running.

  • y0himba

    What is your opinion on the P2P portion of the program? Orbitnet.exe

  • Paco

    It’s a great download manager but its task scheduler doesn’t work fine. May be in the next release…

  • Fire

    its an awsome download manager…..

    its that what i need….

  • Anonymous

    i just downloaded the orbit downloader but i couldnt download any video from youtube, i went to orbit help page, followed their instructions on how to do it but the one thing i cant find is that when you play the video in youtube and you put the cursor in the streaming video the “get it” click tab suppose to show but it didnt. got any ideas what im doing wrong? please help.

  • jimbo

    try using grab module – should appear in it’s window

  • where do you download the program?i really wanna download some songs..

  • BagLady

    The best download program I’ve found after downloading, trying, then uninstalling more of them than I care to remember. Very versatile little program, too. I’m more than happy and pleased with it.

  • How can I play the file once I have grabbed it? What program will I need to download?

  • JamiMarie3

    Just go to My Computer>C-Drive>Downloads and open the file. Sometimes you’ll need to convert the files into another “type” before playing them. Then you can use iTunes, Media Player, etc.

    My Question: is this activity trackable? People who use p2p sites have been sued since the beginning of time (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… but you get my point). Can the same thing happen with Orbit?

  • Anonymous

    Grab is included with Orbit Downloader. When a download from a Rich Media Flash Player/File or Video content is found on any of the compatible browser.

    To use it, go to any website (Example: Vidiac.com), right-click anywhere to open up Grab (Select open Grab ). Then go to your video, download the FLV file, convert it, watch it!

  • O. Lamoree

    Sure is FAST! But… so fast that it hogs ALL of my bandwidth (ADSL) and I can’t even read my mail when Orbit is DLing! Is there a way to slow this baby down so I can do something else during a DL? Thanks.

  • Pandu E Poluan

    @O. Lamoree:

    Sure you can. Open Orbit, click the Preferences button, click on Limit. Uncheck “No Speed Limit”, and set the limit to approximately 50%~75% your bandwidth.

  • I am missing how to download this program.Where is the D/l icon??on the home page of Orbit.

  • Steven

    Love this program. Have been using it for a few months now and it is easily the best download manager I have used. I have gotten download speeds up to 3 MB/S using it. This is a must have!

  • bravo

    what the best website to download music from ,,,Quality and qty? using orbit……

  • Huey

    when I DL movies off youtube or such, I never has any sound…anyone know how to fix this?

  • Anonymous

    Huey, what media player are you using?
    maybe needs a plugin?
    try a different player?
    use Gspot to check source of sound?

  • ram

    What about “free download manager”? I am using it.
    I have not yet used orbit

  • DSMC

    I liked the program, but now every time I try to open my browser(s)they will open flick once and close. I have to can’t use the program with IE 7 or firefox anymore anyone know why this is happening?

  • good

  • qq

    after i install the orbit and grab movie at youtube but the ‘get it ‘button is not blue colour and even i click the ‘grab the video with orbit ‘ also come out download failure. can some one tell me what problem is that and how to fix it. thank you

  • Roy

    This is a multifunctional download manager and the best of its class and whats incredible is it s free!
    never had problems downloading any files from videos,music, files, streaming videos etc. But it does not support torrent downloads.
    For more about two years I never had problem with orbit, there fore this is the best choice for the anybody…

  • Aggelos

    Guys it’s such a pitty that you can’t download torrent files… Why they haven’t worked out on a compatible version with torrents? Looks like as torrents are the most useful and usual type of download files to deal with. And damn’t my internet connection crashes down every time u torrent starts dling… Help community!

  • MattP

    This orbit is a great programme! so fast it’s unbeleiveably. pity they don’t have a file converter on board too, then it would be a serious darling of a programme. anyone know of a flv converter equal to the quality of orbit? had a few problems with some others, they can’t find the files that orbit has downloaded. With manual prompting they say that they cant read the file or pick it up, anyone have this problem too?

  • SieRoX

    I used orbit before. But now I have a new pc and after I installed Orbit, my Internet Connection fails… I cant surf the net anymore … ???

  • Capt Om

    I had an experience similar to SieRoX. As soon as I installed Orbit, my IE7 lost access to the Internet, though Firefox and my email continued to work fine. As soon as I uninstalled Orbit, my Internet access with IE7 returned.

    Don’t have time to fool with it now, so I’m leaving Orbit uninstalled.

  • Anonymous

    Rubish. My IE7 lost access to the Internet. Have to uninstall.

  • Shiela

    UHmm. This May be A Stupid Question But I Downloaded A Video Using Orbit Downloader, What Player Do I Use?

  • OAlexander

    @ Shiela

    Probably you should try The “KMPlayer”. (http://www.freewaregenius.com/?p=1981). It plays basically everything!

  • Lisa

    I love Orbit but lately, it’s been acting wacky. I checked the website, and it seems like I’m not the only one having issues with it. Despite the issues, it’s still one of the best programs of this type that I have used.

  • My IE7 also loses access to the internet with Orbit installed. Firefox works fine and email still syncs up. Very weird….

  • Kapil Khandelwal

    Orbit is an excellent downloader. Generally all video sites use .flv video. so use FLV player or VLC player.

  • giridhar

    pls tell me
    is it working for rapidshare,sendspace etc downloads

  • Anonymous

    Can orbit download from rapidshare

  • albert

    Why the f**k does orbit leave a flashing blue grid stripe down the middle of the file?

  • I

    Is it not possible to download from imeem using this program?

  • Samer

    @ I: re Imeem downloads
    Yes Orbit Downloader will download from Imeem if you’re using IE with Orbit’s Grab Pro module.
    These programs will also download from Imeem:



  • derekaustralia

    please help. Does anyone know how to resume a broken download. I have a large file 1Gig and it stopped during the night. the portion i downloaded is still in my drive 700mb . if i try to resume it orbit will completely start the download again. there must be a way for orbit to find the original file in downloads and reume from 700mb.even if i start the download again it should find it? I am downloading a youload server. error is data does nt match on log. Got exams coming. and im sick of downloads breaking. please help

  • stasik

    Orbit is the fastest download manager i’ve tried. i can download from rapidshare, youtube, pause/resume downlads even after restart of PC, etc, etc. only the Grab++ is not pulling any info. hope in next release will fix that. very happy with Orbit !!) Orbit + FlashGOT rocks!
    running on vista + KIS 8.

  • john

    Hi All,

    Orbit is functioning great for me too except ‘Resuming’ broken downloads. I don’t know why it just keeps on saying ‘wait for retry (5s)” and never resumes. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Too complicated. I really do not have time to look for options that should by much simpler.

  • Moja Paranoia

    Everytime I start up grab ++, my internet closes. Why is this? Should I re-install?

  • Neil from Beachwood Ohio USA

    There is a lot to like about Orbit. Unfortunately, when it comes to downloading FLV’s, which is supposed to be Orbit’s specialty, it falls short. GetGo often succeeds where Orbit fails.

  • bankshot

    i need major help,,wen i try downloading ,the orbit sign comes up,then i click on it,but it says no url found,why is that,,n i can garb it ,but ,that only sumtimes works,i jus wanna no why its sayin no url,,,please help

  • dipset

    i hav the same problem,,wen i click on the icon it says no url found,,i can gab it ,,but it doesnt download everyting i want ,,i had dis program b4,and it was great,,but now it says no url found,please help..

  • Linette Petersen

    Hey I’ve just download Orbit. It’s a fantastic program, but I can’t get my songs from Orbit to Itunes. Anyone who knows what I’m doing wrong??

  • Greg Tilden

    I’m now one of those who can use my internet browser after “attempting” to use Orbit. It shut down my browser and will no longer allow me to open it. I’m currently using a public computer as a result. Yeah, great program! Sure!

  • Sushma Reddy

    For everyone who is wondering why you get no url found! when trying to download an you tube video here is the answer:
    follow these steps when you want to download you tube videos:

    1) Open the grab.exe file which is usually located at c:/program files(86x)/Orbit Downloader/Grab.exe (or) Tools -> Grab++ in orbit

    2) Now a new window gets displayed with title Grab++

    3) Click on ‘video’

    4) Go to web page and play the video you want to download. In few seconds your video file gets displayed in the grab++ window.

    5) Select the video and Click on the download button. Here we go….. its all done. You can see the download progress in the orbit window… 🙂

  • Eldon

    Well I went to the Grab++ window, clicked on Video, then went to the YouTube video and watched all 7 minutes of it….and nothing was every displayed in the Grab ++ window. The strange thing is that my lap top works fine with getting videos with both the Grab It and the Grab ++ . I’m running windows with both it and the offending Desktop. I even installed Firefox but was only able to open my home page with it…..couldn’t move to any other sites with Firefox until I uninstalled Orbit. I have not clue what’s going on.

  • eldon

    This all started about 3 or 4 days ago. I had been using both the Grab-It and the Grab+++ for several years without a hitch and then suddenly, no URL found is poppint up on Grab-It and no URL are popping up in the Grab+++ window. Spent a good deal of time last night to no avail. Did a system restore to when it was working but without results. Have uninstalled and reinstalled both Windows and different editions of Orbit until I was blue in the face. Tried Firefox with Orbit, but that only froze me up on the home page.. I guess that I will just have to be satisfied with using Orbit on my lap top where both Grab-It and Grab+++ work fine with windows.

  • Eldon (or anyone with Orbit/Grab problems),
    I’ve got (what appears to be) the same problem. Orbit downloader and Grab++ were working fine until last night. I had a virus (some Backdoor virus) which Microsoft Security Essentials did eventually catch (with my help….i.e. rebooting the computer and going to Windows Task Manager to kill the exe for Backdoor before it took control of my computer). However, ever since then Orbit Downloader and Grab++ haven’t worked. Grab++ looks like it’s gone blind. It doesn’t show that its monitoring anything! I did a successful Restore, but that didn’t help. I removed and reinstalled the same version of OrbDownloader and Grab that I had been working with, but that didn’t help. Did you get yours to work again?