Noteworthy Shareware turned Freeware in April 2011


As if to prove this site’s slogan (“Someday all software will be free”), every month I feature software that used to be shareware but turned freeware (check out the first and second installments of these). This month, four programs:

Vectorian Giotto, Shortcircuit 2, PC Login Now, and AbpMon.

Note 1: the “star” program here which you have to check out is without a doubt “Vectorian Giotto”, a flash (SWF) creation tool.

Note2: these are not mini reviews of the software presented here and in many cases I have not tested these on my machine.

shareware turned freeware Apr2011-resized

Vectorian Giotto Screenshot21. Vectorian Giotto: this is a free flash animation creation tool. This software is a timeline-based visual editor with dozens of pre-built animated effects and a wide range of tools. It is designed to approximate other, well known flash design software to allow for a quick transition to using Vectorian Giotto without re-inventing the wheel or undergoing a steep learning curve. Those who are new to creating flash animation can get started using Giotto after watching a few tutorials that cover some of the main functions.

This software is for “designers, not coders”, in that it emphasizes the creation of elements via simple tools without the need for complex coding (even as it has full support for ActionScript2).

shortcircuit screenshot2. Shortcircuit 2: a software for audio sampling that, unlike others in the genre, regarded a sampler as “a musical instrument in it’s own right”.

I am no expert on sampling or music software, but after little foray/investigation that I made looking into this software I came out with the impression that at some point this software had had quite the impact. And is now available for free!

PCLoginNow Screenshot3. PC Login Now: is a software allows you to gain access to a Windows computer where you have lost or forgotten the administrator password, without having to reinstall Windows. It can reset Window’s local account login passwords for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows7, as well as lock/disable accounts, change accounts to administrator level, and even set passwords to never expire. (It can even bypass the Window’s SysKey mechanism, which was designed to prevent such password resetting activity).

This software bypasses Windows altogether; to use it, download the ISO file from this location then burn it to CD (say for example using ImgBurn); next, boot into your system using the PC Login Now CD and you should be able to do what is needed.

abpmon_small4. AbpMon: is a system monitoring software that graphically displays various PC metrics in real time, and that is resizable and dockable. Reminds me of many a similar freeware program that was written up on this blog (e.g. FreeMeter, Hexagora Performance Monitor, and Prism HUD).

Still, with the ability to customize both the displayed metrics and the color scheme, as well as set up automatic alerts, this software seems to have lots of appeal.

That’s it for now. Please email me any tips you might have of software that is recently flipped and become freeware!.

  • Hey, did you know that there’s a shareware named “Noteworthy”? Every time I see your monthly post, I think that Noteworthy has turned freeware from shareware :D.

  • Anon

    None of these software are noteworthy. Even if they’re shareware.

    • Samer

      @ Bar: I just looked up that software; didn’t know it previously. I believe I came across a free or open source equivalent at some point.

      @ Anon: I think Vectorian Giotto is VERY noteworthy; I’ve been playing with it for a possible review. However, let me agree on the larger point in general. The first posting from this “Shareware turned freeware” was kind of strong, and I wanted to keep it up; however, it’s kind of hard to fund truly “noteworthy” programs turned freeware every month (especially as many shareware turns freeware precisely because its forgettable).

      In fact, it is not easy to find these shareware turned freeware and the research involved is time consuming. Also, there is probably more noteworthy freeware being released every month than payware turned freeware, most of which doesn’t make it on these pages simply because I don’t have the bandwidth and time.

      So therefore, I think I might start being more selective, and maybe skip a month or months where the software selection isn’t that interesting.

  • Zâmbi

    Hi, Samer:

    Maybe Flax and Clipyard are worth a review. Look here: (Click on Flax afterward so as to get to know about it.)


  • Guy

    I’m a little surprised that the developers of Giotto decided to release it for free. It is a very capable application. I think it covers about 70% of Adobe Flash’s functionality. I recommended this app to many people getting starting in online animation. It was much cheaper than Flash (now it’s free) and should they grow beyond its capabilities most of their skills will easily transitions to Flash.

  • Noteworthy is awesome.

  • Josh

    Where is number 5?

  • Egman

    yep, number 5…

  • Samer

    @ Josh, Egman: I skipped number 5, because it wasn’t (ahem) noteworthy 😉
    I just forgot to change “five” to “four” (which I just did!).

  • Futureboy

    @Samer – In the first paragraph, the links to the “first” and “second” installment both go to the same page: Noteworthy Shareware Turned Freeware in March 2011.

    Also, just wanted to mention, this site is awesome. I’ve found a ton of useful software here. Thanks!

    • Samer

      @ Futureboy: fixed. Thanks for letting me know and glad you enjoy the site!

  • PA

    Precision for Shortcircuit: prefer version 1.1.2 (IIRC), NOT 2.0, an unstable alpha. 1.1.2 is probably the best freeware sampler. More info on forums, with detailed tutorials.

    Nice site, very valuable ressource: congrats!