Make your PC faster for games or demanding applications, with Jetboost

Consider the PC that you are using right this minute. Chances are there are apps, services, and processes that are running in the background that you do not need right now, that you seldom ever really need, or that you do not really need at all.

Jetboost is NOT intended to help you identify these, and will not try to optimize your system in the long term; rather, this free app is designed to be launched on-demand, in an ad hoc basis when you need it.

It will automatically select a number of services and processes that you are unlikely to be using, let you edit and/or change these, and then shut them down, with the aim of speeding up your system so you can run that game or demanding program with full power and griding your PC to a halt. Jetboost will later revert your PC to its previous state.

Jetboost Screenshot1

How to use this program: run it, then select one of the two profiles (‘For Game’ or ‘For Work’), and click on ‘Start the boost’ button. Before you do so you can inspect the processes and services that it will deactivate, and recheck them or add more to the disabled list. You can even create your own custom profile that you can easily access again later on.

Jetboost Screenshot2

What kind of processes or services will it disable? The program will display these in a list, and you can get information on each right from the program interface. These include, for example, services that enable you to access another computer remotely, services that enable Windows Media Player to connect to other computers on the network, and others that you may not need right then and there.

Is it easily reversible? Yes, at the click of a button.

Jetboost before and afterDoes it work? the answer to this important question is: we are not sure. Since it was designed for gaming, we tested the default ‘gaming’ profile using a graphics benchmarking tool “Heaven DX11 Benchmark”. There was an improvement in minimum FPS from 2.9 per second to 3.7 (see screenshot to the right), but we only had access to a very powerful machine, and variations would have probably been larger if the machine was challenged to begin with. We do not know the extent to which this outcome is significant (sorry). On a subjective level, the computer seems a lot zippier and faster, but of course that doesn’t really mean anything.

The verdict: a single click optimizing engine. I love that the (a) this software automatically suggests services and processes to disable, (b) that it lets you create custom profiles, and (c) that it is reversible at will.

What I recommend to you is this: if you have games or apps that are grinding your computer to a halt, try this software and see if it makes a difference, and let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

Version tested: 1.1.0

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Developer Preview), including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Go to the program home page to download (~2.89 megs).

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  • Womble

    For the geeky types out there you can do much of what this application does with “net start [service]” and “net stop [service]” in a batch file.

    For those that have a life just use this 🙂

  • Think I’ve got a minor grammar error. Please just delete this comment once its updated or if I’ve got it wrong:

    In the 1st paragraph “every” should be “ever”. I would also write it as: “Chances are there are apps, services, and processes that are running in the background that you seldom, if ever, really need.”

    Anyhow, great idea — look forward to testing this program out.

    • Samer

      @ webfork: thanks for the correction. Fixed.

      @ monserinneed: what I would like to do is compare the two, if I could find a resource challenged PC to do it on. Any others similar apps that you know?

  • monsterinneed

    How is different from gamebooster?

  • Mystique

    Another one would be Game fire which is reminiscent of Gamebooster v1 prior to it becoming bloated.

    Last I recall Game fire was open source (at a price funny that) for those that care.

  • seba1976

    You can predict the effect of this, actually. If your PC can’t run a particular game because you have installed and running too many things you don’t really need to be running, this program could make a difference.

    If you can’t play the game because you don’t have the enough hardware, then don’t waste your time trying this kind of tools.

    In other words, this particular flavor of ‘game booster’, will let you run the game with your system in the way it should be all the time, if you know what you are doing with your PC. It will not do any significant optimization beyond the point of a fresh OS install.