Lookup the meaning of words on webpages instantly with Multiple Dictionary Lookup for Firefox


If you’ve ever needed to lookup the meaning of a word on a webpage, we’ve got good news: ‘Multiple Dictionary Lookup’ can make this as easy as right clicking the word in Firefox. What’s even better, it gives you multiple dictionary options to choose from.

As the name suggests, the add-on allow users to search for a word in multiple online dictionaries.

Once installed, you can select from three online dictionaries: The Free Dictionary, Urban Dictionary and Bee Dictionary.All you have to do is highlight the word and right click on it.

A small popup will appear which will show you the meaning of the word. To see the complete definition of the word, click on the dictionary website hyperlink and it will display the complete definition in a new tab.

If you use Firefox and and want to save time, Multiple Dictionary Lookup can be quite handy addon to have.

Download Multiple Dictionary Lookup (Firefox).

  • Toni

    Since english is not my native language, I regularly look up a word in an online dictionary, by opening another tab and copy/paste the word. This add-on looks like a real timesaver.

  • Good extension but not quite sure about the saving time part I mean just how often are you going to be looking up a word?

  • Toni

    Maybe not so much a timesaver but very covenient, because you don’t have to open another tab all the time and copy/paste what you want to look up. I guess millions of internet users, like me, don’t have english as their mother language, so for us translation-sites come in very handy.
    The last time I looked something up was yesterday, in a dictionary on internet slang. I read: “F2P MMO” right here on Freewaregenius. Huh?! WTF is F2P MMO? ROFL!

  • Dictionary Everywhere

    If you want a dictionary working with everything; mark a word anywhere, in any browser, in any document (txt, pdf, doc etc) or a file name on your desktop. Press Ctrl + Shift + d, and you get an instant result from Longman English Dictionary Online. It’s using Longman only and has a fixed key shortcut, but is fast and working perfectly. Small and portable. Have never needed to look elsewhere since I found it a couple of years ago. Recommended!
    Get it here: http://michaeluno.jp/en

  • Nolon

    This is what I want to happen with ebooks. I don’t want to be taken away. As I read I keep coming up with ideas. That I can’t understand why it hasn’t been implemented in Nooks, or Kindle. Especially this. Although at this time I can’t remember all my thoughts but surely this. Maybe a pronunciation tool which I’d assume would be useful for major words.