Looking for the absolute easiest way to root your Android? Check out ‘Framaroot’


After holding off for a long time, I recently decided to root my Android (a Galaxy Note I). Having had experience in jailbreaking my iPhone in the past I expected the rooting process to be somewhat complicated and annoying, involving a whole lot of careful reading of instructions, finding and downloading exactly the correct version and variation of ROM to suit my particular device, booting the device into special modes in order to flash the ROM(s), etc.  But then I stumbled on what may be the simplest and easiest way to do it: a simple, FREE app that can root your device in seconds.

The app is called Framaroot, and aside from the fact that it does not require or need a PC to perform the root, and does not involve any downloading or flashing of ROMs, it is also a one-size-fits-all solution that supports a wide variety of Android devices. It is likely work on yours, unless your device is relatively new or possibly if you have some sort of esoteric non mainstream device.<!–more–>

Before you start: you should know that rooting will likely invalidate your warranty. Also note that any Android system update pushed onto your device will take away the rooting with it. For any other questions check out the FAQ page on the XDNA Developer’s Framaroot page (link below).

A step by step rooting guide for the absolute beginner:

Step 1: download the Framaroot APK from this link

Scroll down and get the latest version. You can download straight into your device if you like, without involving a PC in the process.

Step 2:  Enable app installation from sources other than the Google Play store

Android by default restricts installs to apps that come from the Google Play; however, this can be easily changed. Go to settings/security and then check the box next to ‘unknown sources’ (see screenshots below).

Allow install of unknown APKs step 1Allow install of unknown APKs step 2

Step 3:  install the app

Either click on the downloaded app entry in the status bar, or use a file manager to browse to your download folder and click on the Framaroot APK file, then agree to/accept the installation prompts.

Step 4:  launch the app / find out if it will work on your device

You will see a single ‘install SuperSU’ dropdown, and a list of ‘exploits’ underneath. Go ahead and click on them in succession. If ‘Framaroot’ can root your device, one of them will work (it worked on the third try – ‘Aragorn’ when I used it on my Galaxy Note 1). If you do get a ‘success’ screen then you are almost done. Reboot your device and enjoy root ‘superuser’ access.  If none work then your device is unsupported.

Frameroot Screenshot 1 - main interfaceFrameroot Screenshot 2 -failedFrameroot Screenshot 3 -success

What happens if all exploits do not work? Will it cause any damage? No, it will not. Nothing, will happen except that your device will not be tooted. I tried to use ‘Framaroot’ to root my Nexus 7 unsuccessfully and moved on without changes to my device.

Once rooted (and rebooted) you will find a new ‘SuperSU’ app icon (see screenshot bottom left). This will manage any ‘Superuser’ privileges that you grant to any apps (which is a fancy term for being able to access the root folder and other root functions) . This is mainly done automatically: many apps will detect that your device is rooted and request Superuser privileges, or will do so when you try to access functions that require root. You can manage these Superuser privileges from the SuperSU app (see screenshot bottom right).

Frameroot Screenshot 4 -new iconsFrameroot Screenshot 5 -apps with superuser access

Step 5:  access your root folder

You can access your root folder using our favorite FREE file management app ‘ES File Explorer’, but you will have to configure it for root access as detailed below.

First, click on the ‘Fast Access’ icon in the top right to expand the left sidebar. Next, scroll down the sidebar until you see ‘Root Explorer’ and switch that to ‘ON’. Finally, your device will display a ‘superuser request’ for ES File Explorer, which you should grant.

ES File Explorer root access step 1ES File Explorer root access step 2ES File Explorer root access step 3

That’s it, enjoy your rooted Android!

  • Graham Anthony Rusk

    “Nothing, will happen except that your device will not be tooted.” Hahaha Love the idea of my Android being tooted! What an amazing typo! Love it. I vote for it officially being changed from rooted to tooted.

    • SamerKurdi

      Hmm. I’ve never been in this position before, where II don’t know whether to correct the typo or leave it alone! I guess I will default to being lazy for now.

  • hfxmike

    Do I have to root my phone before unlocking it? Are there any easy ways to unlock…besides paying someone to do it?

  • astral_cyborg

    Cool. I have also standing by another software called Kingo Root, which is freeware too and it is supposed to be universal for all Android devices, but I haven’t tried it yet.

    • Slingblae

      Hopefully you didn’t use that. Major major security issues with that method & it apparently causes information from your phone to be sent to a server in China for some unknown reason & it’s absolutely not necessary, nor is it ok.

      • astral_cyborg

        Yes, you are right. I’ve discovered that after some time. The latest versions are supposed to be “fixed” from that issue, but no-one can be really sure about that.
        Anyway, I did try to use it a few weeks ago on an old LG E510 phone. It didn’t work. I’ve also tried MoboGenie and SRS One Click Root, but with no success either. I’ll try to use the FramaRoot, but I think that all these apps may use the same methods, so I’m not sure if it will work.
        Thanks for the info though about Kingo, it’s good to be known about that security issue.

        • TheSpaceOctopus

          The bummer is my phone can only be rooted by the Kingo

          root method, so I’m still stuck with a locked-down bullshit Note 3 & it really sucks. I expected someone to have figured out a good method for my version of the Note 3 by now, but as far as I know, no dice. 🙁 (btw I’m Slingblade, but using my twitter account now)

  • X

    I was having the thought of rooting my old Galaxy Note I but after reading your post; I am having second thoughts. What’s preventing me from rooting in the first place were (1) the tedious process and (2) possibility of bricking it. I am a technically savvy individual but to put it simply, the risk is far greater than the benefit in this instance. Thanks for your valuable comments

    • Slingblade

      It is worth rooting. I don’t really think any of what he said was true, although I do agree most people don’t NEED to root their phone & it would be silly to do so. Other than that, having a rooted phone does NOT really require dealing with a bunch of crap, especially technical-wise. That being said, you said you’re technically savvy, therefore I find no reason why you would have any problems as long as you follow the correct rooting method for your phone. I don’t recommend these kind of methods in this article, but rather DO recommend using the best known method to root your specific device, which you will likely find through google. There are TONS of people willing to help on forums, too.

      The benefits are worth it & I absolutely LOATHE not being able to root my Galaxy Note 3 yet (no real or security-safe method exists for my version yet…fucking samsung are dicks & they also locked the bootloader & use a knox trip)…I miss everything about it, but mostly I miss titanium backup. I’d say if anything, people who root their phones & have no technical knowledge, they should just stay away from flashing roms & so on. Only do it for using apps that only work with root or for customizing it’s appearance.

      • Spoonman

        Agreed. If you’re savvy enough to know what rooting is, and have made the decision to do so, needing to go through arcane steps just to “prove yourself worthy” is absurd. Certainly, rooting carries some risks, but I believe most are greatly exaggerated.

  • apcrcom
  • Frankie Andreu

    Wouldnt work with my device… any other suggestions, I have a samsung galaxy exhibit sth-t599. help?

  • Chin ho sun

    bro I followed instructions two an t and did not work. Please Mr fix I’m need this ty. I used the xdeveop methids as instead 2 x plaesplz root

  • does not work for Galaxy S4

  • Ankit

    Is there any app that works on Micromax A62 instead of unlock root, root master, bin4ry and framaroot??????

  • Tanjot Badhan

    can this software root my panasonic T21 ? @SamerKurdi:disqus

    • jamboree jamboree Indian

      No it comes with the parsing error really depressed that there are no articles for Panasonic t21

  • Franco

    Once is rooted how can I UNLOCK it? App or in what settings?

  • Do Better Everyday

    How do you unlock it or if theres an app once is rooted

  • Savio Simoes

    is it really rooted

  • Ashu

    how can i root SPICE MI 530 (ICS)

  • Tyler

    When i go to install the app it says the app will use my camera to take pictures and videos, whats this for?

  • DannyBoyJr

    Is Framaroot safe? I scanned the apk in Virustotal and 30 search engines flagged it as malware.

    • SamerKurdi

      Well, insofar as this is a software intended to take advantage of known exploits in devices in order to give the user control of the operating system of the device, the scanners are correct. All I can say is (a) I used it successfully without incident, and (b) use it at your own responsibility. Sorry I cannot provide anything more than this 🙂

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  • I use the one click root tool to root my phone and I like it. It is very easy to use.

  • It dosen’t work with all android phones
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